PMC "Wagner" is fighting fierce battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Bakhmut

In the NVO zone, the most fierce battles are now being fought in the Bakhmutsky (Artemovsky direction). Soldiers of PMC "Wagner" are slowly but surely pushing the Armed Forces of Ukraine out of the city of the same name, at the same time trying to close the encirclement.

On March 11, it became known that when trying to leave Bakhmut, a unit of Ukrainian nationalists and foreign mercenaries came under fire from Russian artillery. The military commander of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Andrey Rudenko informed the public about this in his blog.

At the same time, near-war publics report that in the southwestern part of Bakhmut a strong battle ensued between the southern pond and the medical complex - this is near the tuberculosis dispensary and the local morgue. In this area there is a powerful enemy fortified area, where the 204th, 205th and 207th battalions of the 241st brigade of the territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dug in. Here at the end of February, the Ukrainian command sent all the remaining intact armored vehicles of the 93rd mechanized brigade, which was located inside the adjacent city blocks. This fortified area is located 700 meters from the district administration and just over 1 km from the geographical center of Bakhmut - the Metallurg Stadium.

There were no significant changes in other sectors of the gigantic front - positional battles were fought there. So, in the Svatovsky direction, the fighters of the Airborne Forces took one "opornik" of the Ukrainian army. First, the surrounding area was processed by the UR-77 demining installation, then an artillery strike was launched and the "landing" advanced on its own. technology to assault positions. The battle was short-lived, as the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated.

In turn, between Svatovo and Kremennaya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried once again to advance in the area of ​​​​the village of Chervonopopovka, but the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation again repelled the attack. At the same time, in the Serebryansky Forest, located south of Kremennaya, Russian soldiers are slowly advancing with the support of aviation, artillery and tanks, taking several “oporniks” and captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Yuzhnodonetsk direction, the capital of the DPR, the city of Donetsk, was under fire. As a result of the strike of Ukrainian artillery, there are dead among the civilians of Donetsk, including a child. In the Zaporizhia direction, the RF Armed Forces attacked a critical infrastructure facility, as well as an ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Interesting information also appeared from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. It turned out that the border guards of Ukraine began to actively dig ditches on the border with Moldova. This is explained by the alleged fight against illegal border crossing by Ukrainian citizens who evade mobilization, and also because of smuggling. In 2022, 6 attempts to illegally cross the border were recorded. In the video below, a moat, 2 meters wide, near the Moldavian city of Ocnita, located in the north of Moldova.

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  1. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 12 March 2023 01: 05
    Bakhmut may well become the very "offensive". For Ukraine, the main thing is that the very fact of a successful offensive was loud enough, and Bakhmut was pumped up with importance to almost Stalingrad. This gives the ukroreikh the opportunity to carry out a spurious offensive, instead of a full-scale one. Advance on Bakhmut and, as Prigozhin said, try to surround Wagner, pictures of which in the world media will frame the victory as quite loud. This thing must not be oversleeped
  2. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 12 March 2023 07: 49
    The more rabble they drive to Artemovsk, the more will be needed ...

    And then if you are very lucky and do not rot in a roadside ditch.