Poroshenko said the "danger" of cheap gas: the reaction of Ukrainians

Given the sharp increase in gas prices for the Ukrainian population, Petro Poroshenko made another “proud” statement. He called Russia a "cage," and compared cheap Russian gas to "cheese in a mousetrap." However, it seems that the voters of the Ukrainian president did not appreciate too much this worthless posturing against the background of lowering their living standards.

Poroshenko said the "danger" of cheap gas: the reaction of Ukrainians

Here is what Poroshenko wrote on his Facebook page:

Cheap cheese is only in mousetraps. Cheap gas is in the Russian cage. Unless luring Ukraine into this cage, you can fulfill a fantastic promise to reduce gas tariffs by half, three or five times

Commentators under this post do not share this mood. One of them noted that there is no cheap gas, but there is cheap labor, and the lives of citizens are not valued. Others asked why the price of gas is European and salaries are not European at all. Still others recalled that only a year ago Poroshenko himself promised to lower prices by fighting corruption.

Those who recalled when Ukraine had cheap gas were also noted: the last time it was in 2014 (just before the victory of EuroMaidan).

Social network users also pointed out that Kiev is still buying Russian gas, even if it takes it from Slovakia. It is not the same country that produces so much gas that it has enough, and still remains for export. And one of the Ukrainians clearly stated that it was time for the Ukrainian leader to go to the trash.

Poroshenko’s “arrogant” posture is especially ridiculous if one recalls why gas prices for the population were increased. This happened because of the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, which otherwise would cease to give loans to Ukraine.
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  1. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 7 November 2018 12: 56
    And Ukrainians are so happy! they don’t need gas or heat, they even refuse hot water, just enjoy the rapprochement with Europe. They can even stop eating for this.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 7 November 2018 16: 38
    In fact, Pedro didn’t even really learn a Russian proverb (his “funny recitation” of a verse about “unwashed Russia”, against the background of even the capital city of Kiev, like the rest of Ukraine, left by the “Maidan authorities” without hot water washing, which became insanely expensive for the majority of Ukrainian workers, looked like a frank demonstration of complete isolation from the life of the "pereichny hulks", as a "completely stupid" mockery of them), since everyone knows that "in a mousetrap" cheese is FREE (the most witty add, after a sad pause, "for second mouse ")! smile
    And who makes him sell Russian gas to Ukrainians, if the volume of natural gas extracted from Ukrainian fields, at a much lower cost, is enough to cover the reduced household needs of the local population that has significantly decreased over the years of destructive "independence" ?!
    After all, there was a time when not only Ukrainian "communists" and "socialists", but also the nationalists "independents" themselves, from all tribunes broadcast that cheaper "Ukrainian gas" should be directed at an "affordable price" - "to the needs of the Ukrainian population ", and the more expensive Russian one should be resold abroad and used in industry ?!
    By the way, these statements about "harmful cheap gas" are not Pedrina's inventions, he only repeats the "visions" of his "orange godfather" - Dioxin, when the Americans, unconstitutionally "Maidan-three-round", pushed him into power and he was one of his first anti-popular steps "to tell people" he broke the long-term Russian-Ukrainian gas agreement with the price of 1000 cubic meters at $ 50 each, seeking "stinking gas schemes" at a much higher price of Russian gas for Ukrainian consumers and, accordingly, much higher "interest" for intermediaries!
    In this case, unfortunately (I think that not only mine request ), this very "cynical Bandera" broadcasts not from the "Russian cage", but from the "cage of the IMF", in which the current gas tariffs, which are beyond the power of most of his working fellow citizens (which drag up the prices of all vital Ukrainian population products, goods and services!), most likely, will not stand still!
    And not at all fantastic, but quite real - soon, in spite of all Bandera's "promises", the population will still "double, triple, or five times" ?!