Sladkov: Before the transformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the NATO army is still very far away

The West continues to generously supply Ukraine with money and weapons. Ukrainian officers are learning English, soldiers are taught by foreign instructors. However, a number of important elements for the transformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a NATO structure are still missing. Russian military commander Alexander Sladkov wrote about this in his telegram channel.

Along with the provision of new weapons, individual physical and psychological training of personnel, as well as a certain attitude of commanders towards subordinates, is of great importance. In this case, the saturation of units with military equipment and technique.

To create a high-class army of people with poor training, poor health and low motivation is simply inefficient.

- the military commander is sure.

Thus, the army of the North Atlantic Alliance differs significantly in recruitment methods - they do not use poorly trained and forcibly mobilized soldiers during the retreat. Therefore, even with the financial support of the West in Ukraine, instead of the NATO army, there is a "crowd of very different levels of combat units."

At the same time, Kyiv has less and less opportunities to attract additional manpower to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, a certain number of recruits ensures the closure of industrial enterprises and the attraction of women, but these measures do not give the desired result.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 6 March 2023 17: 07
    According to the most important NATO standard, they already fit ...

  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 6 March 2023 17: 22
    so coming out the army has long surpassed the couch NATO in terms of stupid self-sacrifice, for the interests of the US Zionists.
  3. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 6 March 2023 17: 24
    but it looks like NATO is trying to test the army model, where the training of soldiers is less and less necessary and the equipment and command staff will decide
  4. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 6 March 2023 17: 48
    What is the NATO army?

    said military commander Alexander Kots.
    “The other day a soldier came to our positions to shoot a cigarette. He was no different from the Wagnerites, he treated himself, lit a cigarette ... And then the enemy rolled over. Everyone rushed to repel the attack, and the guest also grabbed the machine gun, pointing it at the “enemies,” he said.
    Kots specified that the Ukrainian military liquidated seven fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After repelling the attack, he realized that he went into the wrong trench and repulsed the offensive not of Russian military personnel, but of his colleagues, the military commander said. According to him, the Ukrainian military was praised, and they also promised to present him for an award for such performance. Kots added that as a result, the fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sent to other prisoners of war.

    It was friendly fire.
  5. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 6 March 2023 19: 53
    Whatever you call them, a mankurt will remain a mankurt. No mind, no soul, no heart. Machine for destruction.
  6. moran Offline moran
    moran (Andrei) 6 March 2023 20: 51
    with such a pace of developments, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have plenty of time to turn into a NATO army. It's so beautiful and noble ...... and in between times you can cut the budget on military orders .....
  7. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 7 March 2023 09: 03
    Having betrayed the Russian in themselves, Ukrainians will never become Anglo-Saxons.
    A sheep will not take root in a pack of wolves.
    But when do they realize it?
    And therein lies the tragedy.
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine will never become a NATO army. At best, his penal battalion, pre-designated for cannon fodder.