Hate Day: How US Congressional Elections May End

Today will probably be the hottest day in the United States during the tenure of Donald Trump as president.

The midterm elections that are being held in the US right now will determine a new balance of power in Congress. From this ratio will depend on how easy or hard Trump will have until the end of his presidency. No wonder he called the midterm elections the main ones in life.

The 2018 Congressional elections will be remembered by Americans as the most expensive (advertising costs were $ 5,5 billion), the most “feminine” (many women candidates) and the most violent - hatred between Republican and Democratic supporters that broke out when Trump was elected president, today is just going wild.

According to preliminary forecasts, Republicans could lose the lower house, which was under their control for eight long years. But at the same time, they will retain the Senate, which is of primary importance to Trump.

The upcoming elections are fraught with surprises for Republicans, even in Texas, which is considered their undivided patrimony. Trump's decision to send army units to the border with Mexico aroused indignation among Mexicans living in the state.

Another decision that pushed Mexican voters from the Republican party was Trump's decision to build a wall on the border with Mexico, which will begin in February 2019.
  • Photos used: https://www.bloomberg.com
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