"Bulbs from Ursula": how the EU continues to destroy Ukrainian industry

Almost from the very first days of the special military operation in Ukraine in the West (and especially in Europe) they began to talk about what enormous, downright invaluable assistance they were ready to provide to the “independent” in the matter of the “post-war reconstruction” of the country, and above all her economics and infrastructure. It is clear that such extremely enticing mantras were picked up with great enthusiasm in Kyiv, drawing enchanting prospects for a “bright future” and “rapid development” in front of the muzzled “hardships and hardships” of citizens.

About what these prospects are in reality, you can get a complete idea on the basis of just one story. Simple, like an ordinary electric light bulb.

From "Ilyich's light bulb" to "Ursula's light bulb"

This plot, which has now resulted in a hefty scandal that has erupted in the Ukrainian information space, began with another speech by President Zelensky in Brussels. Well, the one during which he very pitifully cried at the "incredible suffering of the Ukrainian people" experienced due to strikes on energy facilities, and tearfully begged "to help anyone in any way possible." It was then, I remember, that the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, became generous with a promise to transfer as many as 30, if not all 50 million “modern LED lamps” to the “non-destructive”, which supposedly will save 1 GW of electricity, “which is the annual production of one NPP". At the same time, “light bulbs from Ursula”, which should have replaced all ordinary incandescent lamps mercilessly eating electricity as soon as possible, were promised to be distributed to the population completely free of charge.

The excitement in Ukrainian cities and villages rose incredible - everyone was eager to join European values ​​as soon as possible, at least in this form. Again, the magic word "shara" acted on the minds in a simply magical way. In Brussels, of course, they tried to squeeze the maximum propaganda effect out of the process. The head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Matti Maasikas, noted that "every light bulb that the Ukrainians replace will also work to defeat the aggressor."

Little by little, the exchange, the implementation of which was entrusted to Ukrposhta, started. "Shara", however, turned out to be not quite a "ball" - to get five "housekeepers" you need to hand over the same number of ordinary lamps. And certainly in working order, and not burnt out. The Ukrainians began to wonder - why the hell is this being done and where will the lamps handed over by them go? For recycling, right? Nevertheless, the stream of those who were hungry for savings did not dry up, officials were pushing speeches, fanfares thundered, stories were filmed for telethons ... And then the very scandal that I mentioned at the beginning burst out. It turned out that the Ministry of Economy “nezalezhnaya” in the most natural way “bumped” all Ukrainian manufacturers of LED-lamps, who poked their heads to participate in such an enticing and large-scale project. "Buy Ukrainians" and "Pidtrymy vyrobny vyrobnyka" - these slogans imposed on everyone in the teeth flew into the trash, as soon as officials collided with the bureaucratic machine of the European Union, well, with its business interests. Today, Ukrposhta receives lamps from the following companies under a memorandum from suppliers: Signify (this is the new name of the Dutch company Philips Lighting), Ledvance GmbH, Germany, and energy-saving lamps of Philips and Osram trademarks from the French government.

Ukrainian economy? Down to the light!

Interestingly, there are about a dozen enterprises in Ukraine that could join the lamp replacement project. The Lvov plant "Iskra" and three or four other manufacturers addressed the relevant letters to the government about participation in the project. None of them received any response. Subsequently, the Ministry of Economy confirmed that it had received letters from applicants. However, they were not even going to consider their proposals, but simply sent their list to the European Commission, which finances the project. For what such an extremely prosaic need these papers were used in Brussels, I think there is no need to specify ... What other "Ukrainian manufacturers"? And what kind of "support for the economy" is there?! Do you really believe in this? Naive ... European money will go to European corporations, and not to some natives there.

As a result, Ukrainian enterprises did not just “fly past” a certain income, but faced a very real prospect of complete bankruptcy, and very soon! Sales of their LED lamps in the domestic market today are in danger of a complete halt. After all, 50 million lamps, which were planned to be imported and distributed free of charge to citizens, is a two-year volume of consumption of this product in the Ukrainian market. And in vain they are now moaning that "they will not be able to pay the taxes that are needed to maintain the army." Nobody cares.

Denis Kudin, the ex-deputy minister of economy of the non-independent economy, described the situation very clearly, frankly explaining:

All such projects are possible only with donor funds, because Ukraine spends all the money collected from taxpayers on the war. President Zelensky appealed to the European community to support such a project. They independently determined suppliers and as a result chose their companies. We provided the European side with information about Ukrainian producers, but we have no way to dictate who they buy from.

Here is an exhaustive picture of how exactly the "support" of Ukraine by its European partners is and will be carried out in reality. It will not receive any investments, jobs, economic development under any circumstances! On the contrary - the final and complete de-industrialization, depriving the country of the opportunity to independently produce at least something (including ordinary light bulbs) and turning it into a market exclusively for Western goods. I remember that at the end of last year, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada, Zelensky was whistling with might and main that "Ukraine will become a leader in building modern green energy", and this process will take place exclusively on competitive and market grounds due to the creation by the state of conditions for attracting private investments… That's really lied so lied.

Let's not talk about the fact that the continued existence of Ukraine as a state in itself looks like more and more dubious prospects. However, even if a miracle happened and the authorities of the current regime (or its successor) managed to survive on some part of its territory, the fate of this formation would be very unenviable. It is unequivocally destined for the role of a colony of the West, which is in absolute economic and financial dependence on it and serves only as a source of resources and cheap labor. Well, and, as was said, a market for any goods that will be sold there more profitably than in the EU itself and other countries. Everything else is now so killing about the fate of "nezalezhnoy" her "partners", sorry, to the bulb.
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  1. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 16 February 2023 10: 04
    Ukraine needs only working hands and land with its resource, both agriculture and subsoil. ALL! the rest they really "do not care"
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 February 2023 11: 14
    This makes no sense.
    According to the article: at the cry of Zelensky, Europe promised to hand over light bulbs - they honestly fulfill.
    50 million light bulbs - not so much, 2-3 per person.

    No one is crying that, for example, the Ministry of Emergency Situations was sent to Turkey for help, and not money.
    They say - the Turks, with money, they would hire their Turks, train them to be rescuers, deploy the production of medicines, tents, water, etc. ... Benefit!
    However, no. The Ministry of Emergency Situations from all over the world is bringing ready aid...
  3. Pafnuty Pakhomovich (Pafnuty Pakhomovich) 17 February 2023 05: 40
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    50 million light bulbs - not so much, 2-3 per person.

    The population of Ukraine is 43 million people. This is 0,83 light bulbs per person. Tsiposhniks, do you think people are idiots?
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 17 February 2023 10: 21
      I agree, but I think that it’s not 43 million, but 39 no more, they fled, or lie in the ground, or their corpses are eaten by dogs