The USA wants to chop off 1800 km of territory from Russia

Due to the increase in global average temperature, the polar ice began to melt, but the Arctic is freed from its cover faster than the Antarctic. The reason for this is the peculiarities of the Arctic Ocean, which is a semi-enclosed body of water, where the land surrounding it does not give full power to the cosmic cold. In addition to the many troubles that warming will bring, the melting of the Arctic ice will create new opportunities for the polar countries.

It is about the possibility of developing colossal hydrocarbon reserves stored on the continental shelf of the Arctic, as well as the transformation of the Northern Sea Route into a real alternative to the Suez Canal. So, from Asia to Europe by sea, cargo can be delivered in Suez in 35 days, and by NSR - in 19. As they say, feel the difference.

Who has the right to bite off his piece of this cold cake?

Arctic countries, except Russia, include Canada, the USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. But of all of them, only our country has the longest coastline in the Arctic and the largest icebreaking fleet in the world, which has 40 ships. Also in Russia, a program for the construction of new ultramodern icebreakers has been adopted. So, have we already won the race for the Arctic?

Yes and no. The legal status of this unique region is determined by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. According to her, Russia owns an underwater Lomonosov ridge with an area of ​​1800 square kilometers. The scientific fact that this territory belongs to our country is confirmed by the Arctic 2007 expedition. But what are some “Conventions” for the United States when it comes to hydrocarbons? Washington would gladly take the Arctic to itself by force, which is not shy about speaking directly. The Trident Juncture 2018 exercise in Norway recently took place. The video of this preparatory action was titled: "The US Marines will take on the battle with Russia in the Arctic." As they say, comments are superfluous.

But the Americans are not so smooth. Their colossal war machine rests on the climatic features of the Arctic. Unlike Russia with its 40, the United States has only 2 icebreakers, which are able to navigate the Navy among the ice. According to preliminary estimates, the States will need 10 years each to build new icebreakers, and each such ship will cost at least a billion dollars. It turns out that our country has some head start, while Washington is not able to take and hold by force what it wants.

But the USA does not lose time in vain. While they are gaining strength to conquer the North, everything is being done to stall Russia's capabilities to develop its territories. To this end, the Americans set on our country their vassals from Canada and Europe. Thus, the European Council on Foreign Relations complains:

Russia simply can begin to exploit the Lomonosov Ridge, creating a fait accompli, which only other major military powers can protest.

Denmark is trying to prove that the Lomonosov Ridge is a continuation of its Greenland. And Canada generally said that it was ready for a war with Russia if it encroached on the “Canadian” part of the Arctic. Serious in Moscow political pressure. She will either give in, giving what she wants to the West, or push back, but then after some time the guns will start shooting in the North.
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  1. vkras4 Offline vkras4
    vkras4 (Valery) 2 November 2018 11: 12
    What is the purpose of the author? Intimidate or annoy the reader? It is clear, after all, that we will not give up an inch.
    1. 97110 Offline 97110
      97110 (Nikolai) 2 November 2018 12: 50
      Quote: vkras4
      It’s clear, after all, that we won’t give up an inch

      And it is also clear that we will not solve this issue. There are special people in our well-maintained capitalist democracy who will not be allowed into paradise anyway. So they decide ...
    2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 2 November 2018 14: 29
      True? And who gave part of the Barents Sea to Norway?
      1. Sergey Minin_2 Offline Sergey Minin_2
        Sergey Minin_2 (Sergey Minin) 23 November 2018 19: 08
        Why star it! Nobody gave anything away. The demarcation of the Russian-Norwegian border took place in 2010. The disputed waters were equally divided between Russia and Norway.
    3. Sergey Minin_2 Offline Sergey Minin_2
      Sergey Minin_2 (Sergey Minin) 23 November 2018 19: 13
      This author has a fad about this. The previous article called how the United States deprived Russia of huge oil and gas reserves (not verbatim) by imposing sanctions on equipment supplies.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 November 2018 13: 59
    The Yankees are not accustomed, and not accustomed to the Arctic frosts, like their technique. They, in Alaska, have the lowest temperature of -10 Celsius in January, and we, on Novaya Zemlya, reach -40. You can’t get a lot of airplanes there, and ice piloting is troublesome and costly, and there’s nothing to do with one icebreaker, at least two are needed, and the risk is very high.
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 14 January 2019 10: 25
      They, in Alaska, have the lowest temperatures down to -10 Celsius ...

      What are you doing? crying
      Winter in Alaska -40 easily.
  3. Ivan Semenov Offline Ivan Semenov
    Ivan Semenov (Ivan Semenov) 2 November 2018 14: 20
    Why doesn't Russia proclaim something like the "Monroe Doctrine"? They say this section of the Arctic is ours and is not subject to discussion. It is necessary to periodically check these impudent Saxons "for weakness", so that the head is not dizzy and the legs do not come off the ground.
  4. DPN Offline DPN
    DPN (DPN) 2 November 2018 17: 01
    In not so distant times, Shevarnadze and Kozyrev managed to give part of the US maritime borders. So everything is possible, as in a joke I believe you, but for these you need an eye and an eye
  5. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 2 November 2018 18: 48
    So we need to strengthen the defense of our part of the Arctic from all sorts of bastards by all means. And we have already begun to do this, having created an icebreaking fleet, some bases on the islands and airfields.
  6. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex (Secret information) 2 November 2018 21: 20
    In general, we need to draw the RIGHT conclusions from our history - how many times (for the sake of the West and the desire of the local elite to become bourgeois or to get UNLIMITED power) have we already destroyed our country - twice in the XNUMXth century? Maybe good already? And it is enough to look back at all sorts of "world communities", making decisions that may come back to haunt us in the future - both positively and catastrophically (the example of the sale of our lands in California and Alaska - appeals to our blood!) ...
  7. riwas Offline riwas
    riwas (riwas) 3 November 2018 07: 26
    Will Russia "pull" the development of the Artik?
    Too much corruption and theft.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 4 November 2018 03: 07
      Name at least one country where there is no corruption and theft? Do not push - there are none.
      1. Andrey Secrets Offline Andrey Secrets
        Andrey Secrets (Andrey Secrets) April 3 2019 01: 37
        Theft is in all countries, only the scales are different .... somewhere they steal 10%, and somewhere 90% ...
        1. Dmitry Offline Dmitry
          Dmitry (Dmitriy) April 3 2019 15: 29
          And somewhere else, corruption is called corruption, and somewhere, by some kind of lobbying ... So different percentages are obtained.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. intervention Offline intervention
    intervention (ECUMENISM PROSELITISM) 3 November 2018 09: 31
    A few years ago, most of the Lomonosov Ridge was recognized as a continuation of our territory. This was proved by a lot of all kinds of studies: so even all these international commissions could not object and recognized this fact. But ......... apparently still itches. This Ridge is very rich in what everyone wants to get
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 4 November 2018 03: 06
      ... or along the ridge ...
  9. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 November 2018 18: 13
    The navel of the earth is not a man, it is cold, it is snow,
    this depth is great, but all this is not faceless.
    There bears and walruses live forever,
    and now at a depth (4300m.) there will be a flag of Russia-
    symbol of humanity is the flag of our country!

    Our Arctic, like the Crimea, and here you can’t give slack!
  10. Jimmi morello Offline Jimmi morello
    Jimmi morello (Jimmi Morello) 12 November 2018 07: 36
    Complete nonsense!
  11. Sergey Minin_2 Offline Sergey Minin_2
    Sergey Minin_2 (Sergey Minin) 23 November 2018 19: 17
    The author just needs to distinguish the statements of individual inadequate politicians and the far-fetched fantastic media articles (this example) from the real political state of affairs in the northern region.
  12. Evgeny Aristarkhov (Evgeny Aristarkhov) 25 November 2018 16: 10
    In Soviet times, all borders were clearly defined and no one dared to violate them or try to shift them in their favor. Now, seeing the Kremlin’s weakness, how it writes off to many countries, how it squanders territories — many have thirsted for themselves to grab a piece of land or water. We have no strong and courageous politicians in power. No them!
    1. Dmitry Offline Dmitry
      Dmitry (Dmitriy) April 3 2019 15: 37
      Do not stupid and do not confuse desires and actions. There was always a desire to snatch. But in fact, nobody, nobody, writes off and squanders anything, Putin for sure.
  13. Bobo Offline Bobo
    Bobo (BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine) 17 January 2019 00: 14
    and we are their uncle Kuzei in the face! Yes on the face!
  14. Tuareg72 Offline Tuareg72
    Tuareg72 (victor) 29 March 2019 23: 35
    Yeah! What guns ??? Farts there will explode near Canada, Amerasia and all their licking!
  15. I have the honor (I have the honor) 31 March 2019 13: 04
    Have our "friends" forgotten about "Kuz'kina's mother"? It will be necessary, we will show.
  16. Andrey Secrets Offline Andrey Secrets
    Andrey Secrets (Andrey Secrets) April 2 2019 23: 31
    Poor PLANET EARTH .. There is one place on the planet untouched by a human predator .. And they want to "tear it apart" .... The Earth is a living organism and it will soon be forced to defend itself .. For thousands of years, man lived in harmony with nature, and now for a hundred years, almost all the resources have been pumped out .... and they do not want to stop ... everyone wants more money. And what will happen in 100 years ????
  17. Dmitry Offline Dmitry
    Dmitry (Dmitriy) April 3 2019 15: 34
    Quote: riwas
    Will Russia "pull" the development of the Artik?
    Too much corruption and theft.

    Russia is already pulling the development of the Arctic ... The largest and most modern icebreaking fleet, the strengthening of the military contingent, including technically, the modernization of coastal infrastructure.
  18. As always and everywhere, a dull military force will decide the dispute! Let them just dunk - we’ll drown everyone from the shore!