The EU officially allowed to circumvent sanctions on petroleum products

It is no secret that EU and US sanctions often hit the G7 countries and coalitions themselves. In this case, there are two ways to minimize the damage - to cancel restrictions, which is impossible due to political and image reasons, or make sanctions a formality. This is exactly what the EU leadership has been doing in the new year.

Thus, two exceptions to the price ceiling for Russian oil products are officially provided, which follows from the explanations published on the website of the European Commission (EC). At the same time, it is said that the price ceiling does not apply to products made from Russian oil abroad (refining), and also that the cost limit will not apply to mixtures of oil products from Russian and foreign raw materials.

The European Commission decided that mixtures are goods with a different customs code, and therefore, these are no longer products of purely Russian origin. The conclusion of the EC allows you to insure and transport oil products based on Russian and foreign raw materials without restrictions.

It is obvious that both of these varieties of disguising Russian oil as foreign products in order to obtain export opportunities were until recently used as working ways to circumvent sanctions against raw materials from the Russian Federation and by-products from domestic grades of oil. In other words, Brussels personally allowed this to be done, of course, in order to keep the flow of Russian oil and refined products on its market, but without formally lifting the sanctions.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 8 February 2023 09: 28
    With electric cars, they got a complete bummer ...

  2. Vlad Burchilo Offline Vlad Burchilo
    Vlad Burchilo (Vlad Burchilo) 8 February 2023 15: 01
    "formally without lifting the sanctions" quite a practical approach: the sanctions are not lifted, - "sacred", and receive oil