The situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk has become critical


The situation for the units of the Ukrainian army located in Artemovsk has noticeably worsened over the past week. According to reports from the field, Russian attack aircraft have made significant progress in the eastern part of the city and may soon complete the operational encirclement of the settlement.

The epicenter of the fighting in the eastern part of Artemovsk is now the area of ​​the meat processing plant, as well as the industrial zone. It is reported that the level of resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has dropped noticeably here. Experts suggest that the Ukrainian army has begun withdrawing its units from the city.

In the northern part of Artemovsk, fighters of the Russian PMC "Wagner" after forcing the Bakhmutka River managed to gain a foothold in the bridgehead and threaten to block the city from the north. And on the southern sector of the Artemovsky front, fighting is already taking place one and a half kilometers from the Artemovsk-Chasov Yar-Konstantinovka highway. It is reported that in the near future the assault on the settlements of Krasnoe and Chasov Yar may begin.

According to experts, the main hopes of the Russian troops here are connected with the congestion of the Ukrainian operational command in the area and possible chaos during the retreat from Artemovsk and the creation of a new line of defense.

At the same time, the RF Armed Forces continue the assault on Ugledar. The Ukrainian command does not lose hope to keep the city. It is known about the transfer to this settlement of several units from the 35th Marine Brigade, the 1st Tank, and the 80th Brigade.

According to military experts, the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ugledar could seriously worsen the capture of Maryinka by Russian troops. But so far, heavy fighting continues for this settlement.
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  1. 0
    3 February 2023 09: 28
    I always considered those who, on the wave of patriotism, stand up for the return of Soviet (Bolshevik) names as provocateurs. The President put it bluntly - history cannot be rewritten, and if it is returned, then the old names are the first. No, we need Stalingrad, Artemovsk ... And all so that later the whole world can point a finger at us and say - Look, they shout that history cannot be rewritten, but they themselves rewrite it in their own convenient way at this political moment. This is double standards in Russia. These are provocations of specially trained people with the introduction of a split in us on a patriotic wave.
    1. 0
      3 February 2023 16: 23
      Stalingrad is a symbol of a turning point in the war. And this name has more historical meaning than Volgograd. And the point here is not in Stalin, but in the city. It’s just that the first name Tsaritsyn is not sonorous at all. And I agree about Bakhmut, it is historical and it’s not in Ukraine or Russia, this is its original name. Maybe there is a shadow of Artyomovsk champagne, quite famous at one time.
  2. 0
    3 February 2023 18: 20
    Why does our Defense Ministry not destroy the retreating on the march, but gives them a chance to fortify themselves in new positions? I was sick of this chirical SVO, the war is going on in our territories, and this is CTO and all Baderites are terrorists, and this is at least for life!