Expert: US may send troops to Ukraine to confront Russia

Following the recent Ramstein 8 donor meeting in Germany, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley held a briefing where they promised a military defeat for Russia. Columnist Andre Damon informed the public about this in an article for the World Socialist Web Site

The author suggested that the United States and its allies could send their troops to Ukraine for a military confrontation with the Russian Federation. This is allegedly indicated by the results of the mentioned conference, in which more than 50 states took part.

Huge challenges will arise in the coming months with the new US strategy, and as the death toll of the Ukrainian military rises, there will inevitably be a need for the direct deployment of NATO troops.

- the author considers.

The expert expressed concern that for the first time there could be a direct clash between countries with huge nuclear capabilities. He recalled that in December 2022, US President Joe Biden said that Washington did not want to fight Moscow, since no one needs World War III. However, the actions of the United States tell a very different story.

The author drew attention to the fact that the weapons that Washington and its allies are going to transfer to Kyiv are not defensive, but offensive. This is a "180-degree turn" of all peace-loving statements of the US administration.

As in all wars, as the fighting progresses, the "who fired first" debate fades and the real, complex social forces driving the war come into view.

- noted the author.
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  1. Brother Fox_2 Offline Brother Fox_2
    Brother Fox_2 (Brother Fox) 22 January 2023 18: 10
    an expert is a stupid person, the Americans will never bring troops under attack by Russian artillery and rockets, coffins with Americans are now the last thing Biden needs
    and most importantly, the goals in 404 have been achieved, Europe is weakened, the industry is moving to the United States, the military-industrial complex of the Americans is loaded to the most I can’t
    you can take profit
    1. zloybond Offline zloybond
      zloybond (steppenwolf) 22 January 2023 19: 26
      Probe the soil. And in order not to even try to feel it, it is necessary to indiscriminately bomb the rights to return the bodies to their homeland from the western border. In addition, foreign planes fly, they carry guests. You just need to shoot down and not comment.
    2. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov 24 January 2023 09: 30
      The introduction of US troops means the beginning of a nuclear war. A preemptive strike against US command and control centers is inevitable. This is the complete elimination of the GPS satellite constellation and the massive use of "vanguards", "Poseidons", "daggers" and other "Sarmatians".
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 22 January 2023 18: 45
    Anything can be assumed. For example, I assume that Biden will die next week. Or the Martians will land. Moreover, the fact that the Martians will land is more likely.

    The Ukrainian army has been destroyed. Without Western support, it will not last even a week. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a problem not only with equipment, but also with personnel.

    The West cannot allow the defeat of Ukraine. Poland is especially rampant. Which is quite understandable. Such a fat piece of land before my eyes.
    Likely development of events: Zelensky appeals to Warsaw with a request to protect the civilian population of Western Ukraine. Two Polish divisions enter Western Ukraine. The father from Belarus will intervene. the next step will be the support of the Polish troops from the Baltics (Lithuania in the forefront) and American troops in Eastern Europe (primarily the "Frightened Chickens"). But nuclear war may not come to pass.

    In any case, we need a quick defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and access to the Dnieper, while Poland is not ready yet.
    1. legal Offline legal
      legal (Yasel) 22 January 2023 20: 49
      Poland can enter anything and anywhere. But!
      At the first clash with the Russian army, Poland should receive an ultimatum in 24 hours to remove the armed forces from Ukraine. If there are no strikes with tactical nuclear daggers at all military facilities in the country. Then 6 hours for complete and unconditional surrender. If there is no tactical nuclear weapons in the largest cities of the country. I am sure that after that NATO will not be detected by any radars in Europe.
      1. borisvt Offline borisvt
        borisvt (boris) 23 January 2023 00: 11
        I think that one strike on Rzeszow will be enough, at the same time making a land corridor to Kaliningradskaya and an ultimatum to staff members, so that the next strike on the pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, is immediately removed otherwise
  3. voznesensky Offline voznesensky
    voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich) 22 January 2023 19: 47
    The United States and its allies may send their troops to Ukraine

    With regard to the United States, such a development of events is unlikely, but anything can be expected from Poland. And, of course, it is absolutely realistic that in the very near future we will be dealing with a flow of heavy weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine across the western border of Ukraine, if once again we confine ourselves to the usual talk about some "red lines" that exist in the imagination of our leadership. According to the situation, there is a conviction that the time has come for us to take immediate action to be ahead of the curve. In my opinion, everything is ready for this. But even if not quite, then all the same, it is no longer possible to delay the offensive. In this case, the most promising for me is an offensive from western Belarus to Volyn, then Lutsk - Lvov with the formation of the Western Front along the entire Ukrainian-Polish border: firstly, the issue of preventing the supply of weapons to Ukraine in the most convenient direction for the West, secondly, this eliminates the need for very costly efforts to destroy railway bridges, which, moreover, in the course of further military operations we will need ourselves; Volyn, thus filling the rear space of the RF Armed Forces and providing police functions in the liberated territory, fourthly, the success of the operation will be facilitated by the serious circumstance that in Western Ukraine there are no systems of defensive structures similar to those created by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, just as there are none water barriers comparable to the Dnieper and its numerous reservoirs, and finally, as evidence According to history, one should not expect that the Zapadensky Selyuks will put up worthy resistance to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: they are not warriors who will bravely die for their land, their usual destiny was to rob and kill the defenseless. Something like that.
    1. Nelton Online Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 22 January 2023 19: 59
      for me, the most promising is the offensive from western Belarus to Volyn, then

      The adversary has been preparing for this maneuver for 6 months. So the pace of progress will be like near Donetsk, 1 entrance per week.

      there are no systems of defensive structures similar to those created by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass

      March 22 may not have happened... but enough time has passed since then.
      1. voznesensky Offline voznesensky
        voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich) 22 January 2023 20: 41
        No red carpet will be laid for the RF Armed Forces in any of the possible directions for the offensive. This, as they say, is clear and a no brainer. It won't be easy in any direction. As, however, there will be no "promotion as near Donetsk, 1 entrance per week." We are talking about the most, in my opinion, PERSPECTIVE direction of the general offensive of our troops. And, of course, perhaps the most important task in this area will be, not mentioned by me, but implied, preventing a possible invasion of Ukraine by the regular armed forces of Poland. There is no other way to solve this problem.
        1. Nelton Online Nelton
          Nelton (Oleg) 22 January 2023 20: 50
          Quote from voznesensky
          No red carpet will be laid for the RF Armed Forces in any of the possible directions for the offensive. This, as they say, is clear and a no brainer.


          prevention of a possible invasion of Ukraine by the regular armed forces of Poland.
          There is no other way to solve this problem

          There will be further "standing on the Ugra" - Poland has no reason to lose its guys somewhere in the Donbas.
        2. borisvt Offline borisvt
          borisvt (boris) 23 January 2023 00: 13
          no, let them invade, we need a land route to Kaliningrad, albeit through Belarus
    2. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 22 January 2023 21: 13
      I have heard so many proposals for a strike from Belarus along the western border of Ukraine ...

      First. Such a strike is possible only with the active involvement of Belarus in the war. Lukashenka has stated many times that for Minsk, the red line will be the entry of Polish troops into Volyn. As long as this is not the case, then there is no point in talking about it.
      The blow from Belarus rests on the Pripyat swamps. Of course, now is not 1941, but there are still few roads there.
      You can see the study of the German General Filippi "Pripyat problem". There until the end of the summer (that is, the whole Soviet army of the 5th operated for three months).

      Second. I don't even want to talk about nuclear strikes. The Russian leadership is doing its best to prevent this. A 100% air defense system does not exist. And if the air defense shoots down 99% of the missiles, then one warhead can cause unacceptable damage. What will Russia benefit from if Washington burns down, but there will be a thermonuclear pit in the place of Moscow? Can this be called a victory?

      A good book (there was also a movie), but I like the book better. "Security Guarantee"
      B. Eugene "Safety Guarantee"
  4. Yuras Offline Yuras
    Yuras (Yuras) 22 January 2023 20: 12
    So let's see what kind of pain they will experience, which they have not experienced in their entire history.
  5. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 22 January 2023 20: 37
    Recent events show that the Russian Federation is sorely lacking in the number of motivated troops for broad offensive operations. And to be honest, it seems that the leadership of the Russian Federation does not have the political will to wage a real war, which could entail hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of victims. The situation has come to a point where decisive steps must be taken. This decisive step is considered by many to be a large-scale offensive from Belarus or Zaporozhye. Most likely, both will choke without fundamental success. There are too few troops to control such a huge area with a fairly unfriendly (now) population. And how can you fight when the all-seeing and all-hearing eyes and ears of "sworn partners" are above you. Most likely, it is necessary to start not on the ground, but in space, clearing it of an enemy constellation of satellites without regard to the fact that similar measures will be taken against Russian satellites. Then the need to place air defense systems on the roofs of houses will automatically disappear. Well, if there were not enough brains for so many years to implement fighter satellites in orbit, if Peresvet turned out to be another bullshit, then this should be done in the old Soviet way - by blowing up special satellites in the orbits of rotation nuclear weapons, the main damaging factors of which are an electromagnetic pulse and a neutron flux. This is the minimum that can "reason" NATO without great sacrifices. And if such a war in space does not help, then only a global preventive thermonuclear strike can save Russia. Otherwise, Russia will inevitably receive it. Those of you who believe that human civilization is run by "loot" are, to put it mildly, naive people. The question is, in fact, it stands like this - either the United States or Russia. Both of these countries cannot coexist peacefully, who must die. I recently saw the movie "Best in Hell". Well, it’s really “hellish madness” when 50 selected special forces soldiers were killed for some kind of wreck (a shop of the Azovstal plant) in a dagger shooting battle, but in the end they didn’t really achieve anything. Yes, it was necessary to burn these ruins with napalm and thermobaric ammunition or destroy the enemy with a poisonous substance, nuclear ammunition - or anything, but not lose a single invaluable fighter in "foppish operations." These people are needed for a big war with the main strategic enemy, and not with his Avatar in the person of Ukraine, so we need to stop losing our people in shooting battles in the Donbas. It's time to remember why the generations of our people "gave away their last shirt" in order to have a nuclear shield and a sword. And it's time to use this sword. But we must start from space.
  6. Maxim Rv Offline Maxim Rv
    Maxim Rv (Maxim Rv) 22 January 2023 23: 03
    Quote: Bakht
    Two Polish divisions enter Western Ukraine. The father from Belarus will intervene. the next step will be the support of the Polish troops from the Baltic states (Lithuania is in the forefront)

    Zhirinovsky's prophecy came to mind - And Warsaw will be bombed. And Vilnius will be bombed.
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 23 January 2023 00: 56
      Here is the correct comment. What to immediately grab onto the Big Club?
  7. alik2 Offline alik2
    alik2 23 January 2023 18: 20
    Forward to nuclear armageddon. A dagger strike on a nuclear plant in Romania or Poland will bring these idiots to their senses. Zaporizhzhya NPP could be hammered, so why shouldn't we find fault. This is a good warning. Let them fight in the infected territory. The main thing is that Russia did not actually use nuclear weapons. But prepared to kick in the teeth.
  8. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 23 January 2023 22: 22
    They can bring in troops, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to withdraw, if only in zinc (I’m afraid there won’t be enough metal, I’ll have to buy it in the Russian Federation ...)
  9. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 24 January 2023 07: 13
    What would attack Russia need a powerful fist. Any large concentration of troops and equipment will instantly be known to the enemy. I do not think that Russia will sit and wait for NATO to concentrate large parts of its troops at its borders. Yes, and to fight against a country that has 7000 nuclear land mines, which has hypersonic missiles, deep-diving nuclear torpedoes in the ocean ... this is madness. The calculation that Russia will be afraid to use nuclear weapons is real stupidity.