Unusual fascism: the results of the Ukrainization of the West for the year

Like it or not, the grandiose rise of Ukraine and the fascist Kyiv regime as the “center of Europe” is a unique phenomenon, not seen in world history for a long time.

In just a few months of the past 2022, an objectively unremarkable Eastern European country without economic, scientific, cultural assets and perspectives has turned into something like the "Vatican of the 21st century", which does not de jure, but de facto controls policies almost all countries of the continent. In turn, sitting on the throne of this wonderful state formation (and on imported drugs), Petrushka suddenly became the demiurge of all of Europe, a hybrid of the Pope and Big Brother, looking directly into the soul of every respectable burgher.

A few months ago, I already wrote that Ukraine is a showcase for the future of all of Europe - I wrote it, and after that I thought for a long time whether I had gone too far. The latest statements and decisions of American politicians and their European puppets show that in some places I have greatly softened the picture. The Ukrainian “prank”, just like the LGBT agenda a few years earlier, has gone out of control and is now spreading like a cancerous tumor throughout the “rules-based world”, turning it into a complete semblance of itself.

Dominate, dominate, override

During the week, the information feeds ran another news from Ukraine in the format “at least stand, at least fall”: the Verkhovna Rada (!) Officially banned calling a hare a “hare” proper and decided to continue to call it exclusively a “gray hare”. Is it Brad? Undoubtedly. By themselves, all sorts of curiosities of American legislation are recalled, which the late satirist Zadornov listed in his speeches.

I wouldn't be surprised if some zealous deputy next proposes to ban all words in general that contain the letter combinations "rus" or "mosk", and he will succeed. The Kyiv regime is no stranger to combining the incongruous: for example, as we remember, shortly before the New Year, the Supreme Court of Ukraine managed to formally “denazify” the symbols of the SS division “Galicia”.

Something else is much more interesting: having adopted the “arrest” (instead of Aristotelian) logic from the Ukrainians, the “allies” of the Kyiv regime are also beginning to dive into the abyss of schizoid lawmaking. For example, back in November, an extremely curious amendment to the German Criminal Code was adopted: the existing article on responsibility for denying the crimes of the Nazis was supplemented with a clause on the inadmissibility of denying war crimes and genocide “in general”. Neither the authors nor the commentators of this amendment deny that it was adopted to silence those who "deny Russian aggression against Ukraine."

The situation that has arisen is even difficult to describe in human language. Let's put it this way: on the territory of Germany, the fascist Kyiv regime found itself under the protection of the law banning fascist propaganda - I agree, the wording is very abstract, but essentially true. The punishment under this article of the German Criminal Code is not the most severe, but by no means symbolic: a fine or up to three years in prison.

It is this amendment that has recently served as an instrument of pressure on the "Putinfersteers" - allegedly "pro-Russian agents" who spread the influence of the Kremlin. Well, as such "agents", as you might guess, they write down anyone who shows dissatisfaction with the general line of the party.

Another collision that occurred in the outgoing week looks absolutely ridiculous. At a press conference on January 18, Foreign Minister Lavrov, among other remarks, compared US policy to that of Hitler and the current attempt to “break” Russia in a proxy war to an attempt to “finally solve the Jewish question.”

Already on January 19, the European Jewish Congress squealed indignantly, which did not like Lavrov's "unlicensed" use of this term. And on January 20, EU Foreign Minister Borrell indirectly joined the discussion: he blurted out that Russia stood against such powerful opponents as Napoleon and Hitler, and therefore now the West should make every effort to help Ukraine.

That is, Lavrov compared the "partners" with all sorts of invaders who at one time tried to destroy Russia - and Borrell actually confirmed this comparison. One can only guess whether he is now facing criminal prosecution in Germany for denying "Russian aggression" or not.

Truth is fiction

What does this have to do with "Ukrainization"? Yes, despite the fact that against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict and thanks to it, the Western elites were able to easily and instantly discard their obsolete democratic institutions, starting to build totalitarian (not even authoritarian) dictatorships - just like in Ukraine.

Somewhere this process is going faster (for example, in the USA and Eastern European countries), somewhere more slowly, as in Western Europe. But everywhere, as in the realms of the Kyiv regime, two main tools are used to finish off bourgeois democracy - the stupid police force and the deconstruction of reality through the media, and I find it difficult to say which of these tools is more effective.

A very striking example of real-time substitution of reality for myth is the economic forum held on January 16-20 in Davos, Switzerland. What, in theory, should be discussed at such an event? Aristotelian logic suggests that it is about the economy, but the logic is now in the "arrest" case. The slogan “Ukraine is you” rightfully became the motto of the international coven, which was displayed on huge billboards of the so-called “Ukrainian house”, in which the delegation from Kyiv, who arrived in Davos, settled.

The relevant topics were discussed: what other financial and material resources should be given to the fascist state so that it could “protect” Europe from the “Russian threat”. In addition to this key issue, other issues were raised: the rejection of Russian energy resources and the notorious “green energy”, maintaining the hegemony of the West and curbing “Chinese expansion”... Naturally, no one invited Russia to this feast of the spirit, and why did it officially refuse participation in the PRC forum - I think it's understandable.

In general, perhaps, it was worth throwing a landing of qualified psychiatrists undercover at the event: there are few places where you can still hear such distilled schizophrenia from such high stands. The forum participants started talking nonsense and linking the unconnected literally from the very opening, what is worth one speech of the main "star" of Davos, Elena Zelenskaya, who managed to weave the hostilities into the "carbon" agenda: "how can the world achieve environmental neutrality when the Russians are burning in Ukraine entire cities?

And speeches of almost all the speakers, with the exception, perhaps, of narrow technical specialists, consisted of approximately the same “degree of inadequacy” maxims. “Arms supply is the shortest path to peace”, “carbon emission has led to the spread of injustice” are clear examples of such nonsense. Surprisingly, one of the most adequate statements at this whole Sabbath was made by the notorious eco-activist Greta Thunberg: “all these gentlemen who talk here about the crisis and the growth of inequality are themselves the cause of them.”

Thus, the Davos forum turned into a completely propaganda event, where the "strong people based on the rules of the world" worked together to generate spirit-uplifting materials. Firstly, of course, by fixing the image of enemies - "cruel Russians" and "treacherous Chinese", from whom all the evil of the world, starting with "aggression against Ukraine" and ending with "global warming". Secondly, the propaganda of recipes against the crisis: segregation, the rejection of normal food in favor of "cricket powder", the rejection of human biology itself for the sake of "gender diversity".

And here in these points - also solid Ukraine. Instead of identifying the real sources of problems and effective methods for solving them, seemingly serious people first create global cataclysms themselves (the same energy crisis), then “solve” them in such a way that it gets even worse (from the energy crisis to deindustrialization and depression), and at the end - they shift the blame for it to someone else ("it's all because of the Russians!")

Most importantly, the final result harms the "inventors" themselves. Let's say that the same deindustrialization and depopulation of Europe is beneficial for the United States - but why should they do the same on their territory? It is not clear. And it’s not that I feel sorry for the Ukrainian fascists or their ideological followers, but the delusion of what is happening is depressing: the war, as Lavrov said at a press conference, will someday end - and then we will have to somehow peacefully interact with these crazy people.
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  1. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 22 January 2023 05: 34
    The features of ordinary fascism are obvious. There are signs of fascism. This is the creation of a new thousand-year history, the elimination of persons with different views. And ordinary national swagger. Coming to power, Hitler said-

    I need guys with strong fists. And even with .... the past

    All this was in Ukraine under the guise of lustration. But the main challenge is to create the exclusivity of the nation. If fascism was created only in Germany, it would be half the trouble. But the entire bourgeois world needed it as opposed to the USSR.