Belgium: where did the money from Gaddafi's accounts disappear?

Almost eight years have passed since the United States and Europe brought “democracy” to Libya, which turned the country into a battlefield between semi-gangs and provided ground for various financial frauds.

European media have reported that Belgium launched an investigation into the loss of several billion euros from frozen accounts belonging to Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed by rebels.

The accounts of the Libyan leader in a number of Belgian banks were frozen back in 2011. However, as it turned out during the investigation, no restrictive measures were taken to interest and dividends from these accounts. Since 2012, unidentified persons withdrew from banks about 3-5 billion euros.

The investigation will have to figure out how, when freezing accounts, a similar “gap” appeared, which allowed the withdrawal of money, as well as who and for what purposes used these funds.

Presumably, we are talking about the sovereign fund “Libyan Investment Authority”, which was highlighted in one of the UN reports and the long-term financing of the civil war in Libya, which became one of the causes of the migration crisis, the consequences of which Europe is reaping.
In addition, Libya has become one of the centers for smuggling weapons and drugs.

In addition to law enforcement agencies, federal deputies became interested in the disappearance of money from the accounts, who promised to monitor the progress of the investigation.
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