In the West, they called the size of the daily losses of the Russian Federation from the introduced ceiling on oil prices

The Helsinki Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA), based on unverified data, estimates Russia's losses from the introduction of a price ceiling by EU countries at 160 million euros per day.

According to CREA analysts, anti-Russian measures in the field of energy resources have led to a reduction in oil exports from the Russian Federation by 12% and a reduction in prices by 23%. However, the agency regretfully estimates the volume of sales of Russian black gold in foreign markets at 640 million euros daily. CREA hopes that with the introduction of price restrictions on refined oil and petroleum products, Moscow will lose another 120 million euros of daily income.

In a press release, CREA clarified that since the date of the introduction of the price ceiling for oil, the Russian Federation has sold raw materials worth 3,1 billion euros, which were transported on tankers of countries that did not support the EU decision on prices for Russian fuel. The Center for Energy Research calls for a reduction in the marginal cost of a barrel of black gold from the Russian Federation to $25-30, as well as restrictions on pipeline oil.

It should be noted that statistics on prices and sales volumes of Russian raw materials from CREA have no real grounds. The more respected pricing agency Argus gives completely different figures, which do not confirm the significant losses of the Russian Federation from the price cap.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 11 January 2023 19: 34
    If Russia thinks more about how and where to send the products of processing (and preferably deep processing) of oil, then more plants will begin to appear in Russia related to the production of gasoline, oils, plastics, etc.... Then we will be able to slowly crush the refineries and other productions in Europe.
    And by the fact that we are constantly pushing ourselves into the commodity sector, we only exacerbate the future.
    Why was the Far Eastern refinery project closed??? Because we think Mr. "siluanov and co" only about Russia as a raw material appendage of Geyropa.
    Why is the processing industry not developing, but stubbornly pushing raw materials? because there is a lobby that stands for the support of pants in the West, for jobs by Europeans who are waging an unprincipled war against Russia.
    Why do officials advocate only the sale of oil, and not the products of its processing????
    Let's think that by selling oil, Russia supports many industries in Europe and does not develop its own! The diligent pushing of raw materials (oil and gas) is a betrayal of Russia's long-term interests!
    1. go to Offline go to
      go to (ira) 12 January 2023 18: 36
      nothing is developing here and will not develop with this power. Isn't it clear. Nothing for 20 years.
    2. Nelton Online Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 12 January 2023 18: 57
      Why do officials advocate only the sale of oil, and not the products of its processing????

      Diesel fuel in 2021 was exported in volumes of 49 million tons, + gasoline 4,4 million tons.
      (no statistics published for 2022)

      Quote: zloybond
      Why the processing industry is not developing

      The industry is developing.
      Moreover, mechanical engineering also pulls along with it.
      but you are not interested in news in the style of:

      December 29 2022
      The Syzran Refinery, which is part of the Rosneft refinery, has completed the installation of reactors, receivers and a gas afterburner at the elemental sulfur production unit. New equipment manufactured by Russian enterprises

      22th of December 2022

      The Volgograd Oil Refinery (a 100% subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL) has completed a large-scale reconstruction project for the CDU-AVT-5 primary oil refining unit with a capacity of 3,5 million tons per year and a selective oil refining unit with a capacity of 300 tons per year.

      More than 230 units of the main equipment were installed, technologically obsolete facilities were decommissioned, the share of domestic components exceeded 70%. The building area was 34 thousand m2, the volume of investments in the project was more than 12 billion rubles.

      December 16 2022
      Large-capacity equipment was delivered to the production site of the Ryazan Oil Refining Company (part of Rosneft) - two reactors for a gasoline catalytic reformer. The reactors are 6,5 and 7,5 meters high, respectively, and weigh 30,7 and 39,1 tons. The reactors were delivered to the plant by specialized vehicles. The equipment is designed and manufactured at a Russian enterprise.

      November 05, 2022
      13 units of domestic equipment were delivered to the Moscow Oil Refinery for the construction of a deep oil refining complex as part of it.
      After the launch of the complex, the efficiency of oil refining will reach almost 100%