Three Iranian drones that would be useful to the Russian army during the NWO

Three Iranian drones that would be useful to the Russian army during the NWO

A special military operation in Ukraine revealed one of the main problems of the Russian army - an acute shortage of UAVs of all types, from reconnaissance to strike. In fact, our country only approached the NMD with the nascent unmanned tactical aircraft, but we must fight here and now. What to do?

Unmanned arms race

The fact that Russia belatedly began to introduce unmanned aerial vehicles into its troops Technology, last summer recognized the relevant Deputy Prime Minister, who was then in charge of the defense sector, Yuri Borisov:

I think that we are belatedly engaged in the serious introduction of unmanned vehicles - this is objective. Although the Syrian conflict pushed us to this, we are dynamically developing in this direction and have almost all types of unmanned vehicles.

At the end of 2022, President Putin, at the expanded board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, set the task of providing drones of the types of units of the RF Armed Forces of different levels they needed:

The experience of a special military operation has shown that the use of drones has become almost universal, such an arsenal of means should be in combat squads, platoons, companies, battalions. The target should be detected as quickly as possible, and information should be transmitted to strike in real time.

The needs of the Russian army in unmanned tactical aviation are enormous, UAVs of all types are needed - reconnaissance, reconnaissance-strike, strike-reconnaissance and kamikaze drones. Our troops must be able to continuously conduct aerial reconnaissance, correct artillery fire, exercise operational control, launch missile and bomb strikes from UAVs, and so on.

At a certain stage of the NMD, a real sensation was created by literally “out of nowhere” “kamikaze” drones called “Geran-2”, in which Iranian drones of the “Shahid” family can be quite easily identified. Obrusev, those "Geraniums" made a lot of noise in Ukraine, but every action gives rise to opposition. "Western partners" began to help the Kyiv regime with the strengthening of the air defense system, and the effectiveness of the use of "turned Persians" objectively began to decline. At the same time, a new threat arose: with the help of the NATO bloc, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to assemble their own “kamikaze” drones, which began to strike already in the Russian rear. Three times Ukrainian "Swifts" somehow managed to fly to the air base of the Long-Range Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Engels, which is 700 kilometers from the border. In Kyiv, they threaten that they are about to receive drones that will be able to overcome the distance of both 1000 and 3300 kilometers.

The very logic of combat operations shows that more powerful and effective drones are now needed, as well as a means of countering their counterparts. What are the options?

Iranian "military"

"Kaman-22" (Kaman 22) - This is the first type of Iranian-made UAV that could be of interest to the Russian army. This is a wide-body unmanned aerial vehicle with maximum functionality, outwardly very reminiscent of the American MQ-1/RQ-1 Predator and MQ-9/RQ-9 Reaper. Its main purpose is electronic warfare and reconnaissance, but it is also an operational-tactical strike drone.

"Kaman-22" is assembled from composite materials and has a low EPR, which makes it inconspicuous for enemy radar. The Iranian UAV has seven suspension points: six points located under the wings accommodate various weapons: precision weapons (rockets and bombs), air launch UAVs, and the seventh point, under the fuselage, houses observation and visualization equipment (infrared and visible spectrum cameras). ), laser rangefinders and target designators, electronic warfare equipment, etc. The electronic-optical equipment of this UAV - Iranian-made MOES OGHAB 4D / 4H - is designed for reconnaissance, target designation and adjustment of artillery fire in real time.

At the seventh suspension point there is an ECM Pod X Band Jammer container, designed to create active radio interference to enemy satellite radio communication lines. If necessary, modules with other equipment can be placed there: a container with directional equipment for jamming and jamming enemy radars; an electronic countermeasures container designed to create interference and false signals in order to interfere with the operation of enemy radars; target identification and designation container for targeting precision-guided munitions, and so on. The Iranian-made Absar radar operates in all weather conditions, provides round-the-clock surveillance, and creates images of the terrain at a distance. Navigation and control of the UAV is carried out using satellite.

The combat load of "Kaman-22" is 300 kilograms. A whole line of intelligent munitions has been developed specifically for it: air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles, hybrid aircraft, high-precision laser-guided drop glide bombs, conventional drop bombs, as well as small diameter bombs .

In general, a very serious device. If the Iranians are ready to sell a certain number of these in the export version, they must be taken.

"Shahed-161 Saiga" (Shahed-161 Saeghe) и "Shahed-141 Saiga" - this is another illegitimate child of the American and Iranian aviation industry. This family of drones was created based on the technologies of the captured US Air Force RQ-170 Sentinel, which the Persians got near Kandahar.

They studied the interior of a secret American reconnaissance UAV, created according to the “flying wing” scheme, and created several smaller variations - the Shahed-161 Saiga with a jet engine and the Shahed-161 Saiga with a propeller. The armament of drones of this type is up to two Sadid-141 guided aerial bombs (KAB) or Sadid-345 anti-tank guided missiles, placed on a suspension under the hull.

The hull, made of composite materials and hardly noticeable to the enemy radar, can allow the RF Armed Forces to use such strike-reconnaissance UAVs in the depths of the front. Thing!

Carrar (Karrar) - This is one of the most curious Iranian-made strike and reconnaissance drones. The Toloue-4 turbojet engine allows it to cover a maximum distance of 1000 kilometers in the reconnaissance version, but in the shock version, with the suspension of unguided or adjustable bombs, it is reduced to 400 kilometers. The practical height reaches 9 km.

At the same time, Karrar can be used not only for reconnaissance or air strikes against ground targets, but also for air battles. Incredibly, the Iranians were able to equip the jet drone with a six-barreled 7,62 mm Akhgar machine gun, a clone of the American M134 Minigun, and Azarakhsh air-to-air missiles with an infrared homing head, which are a copy of the American AIM-9 Sidewinder. Thanks to this, the UAV can be effectively used as a destroyer of enemy drones, helicopters and even some types of aircraft.
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  1. +1
    7 January 2023 14: 36
    When will an algorithm for the development of military technologies be developed, regardless of the actions of the idiots who steer the process. The Serdyukovs, Khrushchevs, Gorbachevs and other ignoramuses, with their clumsy actions, bring harm to the country comparable to a fascist invasion. As a result, we have to pay with the blood of our soldiers. And there are already terribly few of us left on the entire territory of Russia. The lack of transparency in punishing the guilty only exacerbates the problem.
  2. 0
    7 January 2023 15: 23
    There is a question. If Iran sells drones? In the Russian Federation, the comprador authorities have destroyed the industry, so a complex drone can only be made if there are imported components. The best option is to buy a finished product from Iran.
  3. 0
    7 January 2023 20: 38
    Paradoxically, one small quadcopter drone with a grenade can hit more than a battery of howitzers or hailstones.
  4. 0
    8 January 2023 00: 12
    Nothing wrong. There is safety in numbers. It's like in life - you have to find smart friends who need you and who are ready to help you. Americans also do not do everything themselves. In essence, all their military equipment is cooperation with NATO allies. In this sense, they are more vulnerable than Russia.
    So you shouldn't be upset. And the article is sensible. Thanks to the author. Russia does not need to abandon Iranian technology, but also do not forget to develop its own in parallel.
  5. 0
    8 January 2023 11: 01
    Well, who pulls the tongue, huh?! In general, I have a negative attitude towards articles where they talk about the tactical and technical characteristics of modern weapons - but what about military secrets? Maybe these are stories, but I read that interested Western departments received a lot of information from completely open Soviet publications, such as "Technology-Youth", "Science and Life", "Boats and Yachts", etc.! If desired, the information you need can be "fished out" from anything!
    I must say that ANY information can be used by the enemy, and IN NO EVENT SHOULD IT BE PUBLISHED !!! This goes without saying!
    I wonder: why now at the front every soldier has a smartphone? EVERYONE is a means of transmitting information! You can't follow everyone! On the contrary - THE ENEMY WILL KNOW ABOUT YOUR LOCATION! For example: our very recent war in Chechnya - everyone already had cell phones. When I was there - everyone had a "mobile" - but they DID NOT WORK there - it was clear that they were somehow jammed, and everyone called the same landline phone in Khankala ... During the Great Patriotic War, front-line soldiers, due to reasons of secrecy, were forbidden EVEN DIARY NEWS! I remember one story I read - in some work by K. Simonov (it seems - in the story "Ryndin and Inozemtsev") there was a monologue:

    Here you - newsmen - sometimes throw such information to the enemy ... For example: "Fleeing from the enemy's depth charges, our submarine lay at such a depth that the bombs exploded safely overhead"! The Germans are not fools, they read our newspapers - now the bombs are no longer exploding over their heads!

    I remember: in the perestroika and "holy 90s" they ridiculed in every possible way, they simply GRILLED at the Soviet "spy mania"! And the result? USSR collapsed! And with "spy mania" EVEN DURING THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR, I don’t remember anything more or less major sabotage in our deep rear, although I read a lot on this topic, and I know that they were prepared by the Germans MASSIVELY, but EVERYONE ran into exactly that , over which they laughed during all sorts of "freedoms"!
  6. 0
    8 January 2023 21: 30
    Substantial resources and Kudrin's budget rule allow us to assert
    about the mental inferiority of the ruling elites who privatized the oil and gas raw materials sector of Russia.
  7. 0
    23 January 2023 12: 46
    A special military operation in Ukraine revealed one of the main problems of the Russian army - an acute shortage of UAVs of all types, from reconnaissance to strike.

    Thanks to Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, because he appointed the furniture maker Serdyukov as Minister of Defense! I still remember Serdyukov's statement about UAVs in 2008. “We don’t need them, Russia has something to answer for.” After these words, the emphasis was placed on the purchase of old Israeli models. And production and development in Russia itself gradually began to curtail. It turned out like with Boeings and Airbuses, they turned off their aircraft industry, and now they are left with nothing.
  8. 0
    14 February 2023 00: 01
    What did Borisov do for 10 years. I wonder how long he would have lasted under Comrade. Stalin.
    And such things are ashamed to read -

    In general, a very serious device. If the Iranians are ready to sell a certain number of these in the export version, they must be taken.

    Where to take ( fellow ), the Persians were under sanctions for 20 years and riveted a bunch of UAVs, and we had no time for drones during trips to Courchevel and Sharm al-Sheikh. We have to listen to "we were deceived", "we fell behind." For strategic failures in ensuring the country's defense capability, it is necessary to shoot.