Poland will get access to the latest space intelligence system

Airbus Defense and Space announces the signing of a contract between the company and the Armaments Agency of the Polish Ministry of Defense for the supply of a space reconnaissance system that allows receiving high-resolution data from s950 optical satellites.

These satellites will be part of the existing Pléiades Neo system, to which Warsaw will also be granted access. Airbus Corporation's Space Systems Division will not only sell the two new reconnaissance satellites, but also launch them into orbit from the spaceport in French Guiana and then connect them to ground-based data processing systems. French specialists will also train Polish specialists.

According to the manufacturer, the new satellites will make it possible to receive within 40 minutes data on the situation on the Earth's surface with a detail of up to 30 centimeters. At the same time, the Polish military will be able to use intelligence completely autonomously, regardless of other countries.

Thanks to this contract, Poland will receive one of the most advanced Earth observation satellite systems in the world. This strengthens Europe and gives the Poles truly sovereign space capabilities.

Jean-Marc Nasr, head of the Airbus space systems division, said.

Thus, Poland will receive prompt access to high-precision intelligence, and their use against Russia is not ruled out.
  • Photos Used: Airbus
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 6 January 2023 12: 42
    Another argument to the fact that Poland is being prepared for the upcoming war with Russia.
    Together with Ukraine or after Ukraine, does it really matter?
  2. kr33sania_2 Offline kr33sania_2
    kr33sania_2 (Alex Kraus) 8 January 2023 07: 36
    Poland is an ardent opponent of Russia, pumped up with the latest Western weapons, with a trained strong army. Therefore, in the event of a conflict with Russia, it must be deprived of the main component - satellite support. I hope that THIS has already been thought out and then the head of our generals will not hurt from the satellite constellation over Poland.