What will be required to force the Dnieper by Russian troops

The abandonment by the Russian troops without a fight of Kherson, the only regional center of the former Nezalezhnaya liberated during the NWO, was not only a serious image blow to the Kremlin, but also raised a logical question of how, in fact, we will subsequently beat it back.

Yes, the answer to this painful question must be sought now. In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the entire Kherson region is part of the Russian Federation, and the Kyiv regime will definitely not return the territory it occupied to us in peace. Consequently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will somehow have to return to the Right Bank, which will also raise the question of the fate of Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Odessa, where the release of Ukrainian Nazis from power is no less expected than in Donetsk, no matter what anyone says on this occasion. But how to do this if the Russian troops faced the Dnieper, which is considered an insurmountable water barrier?

Battle of the Dnieper

Arguing on this topic, one cannot but take into account the experience of crossing the river during the Great Patriotic War in 1943. The battle for the Dnieper is rightfully considered one of the largest battles in world history, since about 4 million people were involved in it on both sides, and the fighting went on at the front of more than 750 kilometers. We ended up winning, but at what cost? The losses of the Red Army amounted to over 400 thousand people, the Nazis - 300 thousand.

The main reason for such high losses was that the offensive operation was carried out without proper preparation. This was later admitted by Georgy Zhukov himself:

For a thorough preparation of the offensive to the Dnieper, we did not have the opportunity. The troops of both fronts were feeling very tired from the continuous battles. There were some disruptions in logistics.

And the point is not at all that they fought in the USSR, “throwing corpses” of the enemy. On the contrary, the Headquarters tried to minimize their subsequent inevitable high losses when forcing the Dnieper. On its high and steep right bank, the Germans conceived the creation of the Eastern Wall, which, according to Hitler himself, was to become "a barrier protecting Europe from Bolshevism." The capture of such a defensive line would have cost the Red Army subsequently immeasurably large losses.

That is why, when the German troops, after the defeat in the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943, began to hastily roll back to the west, beyond the Dnieper, it was decided to launch a large-scale offensive in order to break through the river literally on the shoulders of the retreating enemy. The Soviet troops moved into motion just three days after the end of the battle on the Kursk Bulge. Tired Red Army soldiers walked along the territory scorched by the Nazis, from where everything that could help them was taken out or destroyed: food, livestock, boats, and so on. The stretched out units had to cross the Dnieper on the move, often having neither artillery and aviation support, nor boats and pontoons, right in the cold water. Machine guns and guns of the Germans were firing at them from the high right bank, aviation was working, and there was no way to hide from them in the steppe area.

One of the most dramatic pages in the history of the Battle of the Dnieper is an airborne assault attempt, which turned out to be extremely unsuccessful. According to the plan, more than 4 thousand paratroopers were to be dropped behind German lines, but due to pilot errors, some of them ended up in the waters of the river, where they drowned, while others landed right on the German positions, where they entered into an unequal battle and almost all died. Guards junior sergeant of the 3rd Guards Airborne Brigade Petr Nezhivenko recalled what happened as follows:

There were concentrated 6 divisions and two tank corps. And so they threw us at them ... We went from the sky into battle and died in the sky ... Everything burned there, the night turned into day ... The whole brigade was supposed to be parachuted within a radius of 7-10 kilometers, and the pilots scattered it for 100 kilometers, from Rzhishchev to Cherkassy ... And instead of brigade actions, we had to act in small detachments that are easy to destroy.

The surviving Soviet paratroopers fought their way out of the encirclement and joined the partisans. After this tragic failure during the Great Patriotic War, no new large-scale landing operations were undertaken by the Red Army. The Soviet units that managed to cross over to the right bank of the Dnieper found themselves under constant enemy fire and were forced to hold the occupied bridgeheads without heavy armored vehicles and a sufficient amount of ammunition.

All together, this determined the highest level of losses. Obviously, Russia simply cannot afford a repeat of such a scenario. Can this be avoided?

The battle for the Dnieper-2?

In fact, a repetition of the events of the 1943 model is simply impossible today for a number of reasons:

At first, the number of military contingents involved in the hostilities on both sides is inferior at times.

Secondly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already on the right bank and have all the possibilities for the construction of "Eastern Val - 2", in which they have long gotten their hands on it.

Thirdly, the reconnaissance network of the NATO bloc will make it impossible for any secret accumulation of large forces of the RF Armed Forces and their unexpected throw to the Dnieper with subsequent rapid forcing. They will definitely be waiting for us on the other side.

Taken together, this means that if the crossing of the Dnieper by the Russian army in the course of the NMD does take place, then it will not happen soon enough and only after comprehensive preparation.

First of all, it is necessary to achieve full-fledged combat coordination of the units of the RF Armed Forces reinforced by mobilization and equip them with adequately protected means of communication so that the troops are really well controlled. Otherwise, any large-scale offensive either through the Dnieper or from the territory of Belarus runs the risk of simply choking due to banal disorganization, turning into a "bloodbath".

Before crossing the river barrier, Russian aviation will need to ensure full air supremacy. This has not been done so far due to the enemy's air defense systems, so you should bet on unmanned tactical aircraft and the use of adjustable bombs. UAVs of Iranian origin, if purchased in the required quantity, can conduct aerial reconnaissance, adjust artillery fire and strike independently with anti-tank missiles and adjustable bombs. Also, Iranian planning bombs can be effectively used by manned aircraft without entering the enemy's air defense coverage area.

That is, on the right bank for the success of the offensive operation of the RF Armed Forces, it must become dark from Russian aviation, unmanned and manned, which will have to drive the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the ground. Only after this is it possible to repeat the landing operation to seize the bridgehead on the opposite bank of the Dnieper, but without dropping the VDVs from parachutes, but delivering them by helicopters at low altitudes with the support of attack troops. It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recently decided to significantly increase the number of airborne troops and marines. And only after that, engineering troops will have to enter into action, which will lead the crossing with the help of the PP-2005 pontoon park. Thanks to it, it is possible to quickly equip bridge crossings for loads of 60 tons and ferry crossings for loads of 720 tons. In other words, Russian soldiers will no longer have to swim across the Dnieper.

Finally, it is highly desirable to liberate the entire left bank before the start of the offensive in order to be able to create several bridgeheads in advance along a wide front line along the river, so that the enemy does not know which is false and which is real.

Thus, the operation to force the Dnieper in our days is still possible and may not be as bloody as in 1943, but its implementation requires significant training and rearmament of the RF Armed Forces and Aerospace Forces.
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  1. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 28 December 2022 12: 30
    Surovikin said that we cannot (or rather do not want to) supply troops across the Dnieper, even if there is a well-protected bridgehead and a relatively "live" bridge.
    The reality is that our troops have been fighting for months for some cowshed or forest plantation, and an advance of 300 meters in some village of Khitrozhopovka is being passed off as a success, which is reported on federal channels. Neither the Ukrainians, nor we, are yet capable of serious offensive actions.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 28 December 2022 12: 58
      for the success of the offensive operation, the RF Armed Forces must become dark from Russian aviation, unmanned and manned, which will have to drive the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the ground.

      I agree.
      It remains to build 100 UAVs (not to be confused with expendable flying projectiles), which will require a haze of electronic components.
      These components are not produced and sold to us. Equipment for the production of electronic components is not produced and sold to us.

      Quote from Muscool
      Neither the Ukrainians, nor we, are yet capable of serious offensive actions.

      It would seem that the US could give Ukraine as many drones/missiles as it needs, they have no problem with the production of electronic components.
      It is this threat that party organizers and patriots of the imperials endlessly frighten, saying that Ukraine has been preparing for 30 years as a springboard for a military invasion of Russia ...
      Well, here is the year of the so-called. NWO, if the goal would be an invasion, then summer would be the time to start it. However, no invasion, no serious weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with a completely rational explanation for such caution.
      With great difficulty, after several months of bombardment of the energy structure, they seemed to have given the heels of the "Patriots" - which, of course, will not allow the Russian Aerospace Forces to throw free-falling cast iron, but they will not save them from missile strikes.
      Another aspect is that, in addition to the understandable reluctance to escalate, the US / West still has problems with the mass production of weapons. The same is obtained little, expensive and buggy.
      1. Nelton Offline Nelton
        Nelton (Oleg) 28 December 2022 13: 09
        Quote from Nelton.
        These components are not produced and sold to us.

        However, in August Ruselectronics cheerfully reported:

        Rostec has created small-sized radio modems for civilian drones, robotic systems and aviation. They provide high-speed, noise-free radio communication at a distance of up to 300 km and can transmit video in up to 4K format in real time.

        But how ready are they for print runs of tens of thousands?
      2. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
        Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 30 December 2022 09: 16
        the task of the United States is to grind the Slavic population. they do not need the victory of Ukraine. they need a long conflict with a large number of victims and depopulation of territories ... they give Ukraine as much as it needs to keep Ukrainians and advance somewhere, but without decisive success
  2. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 28 December 2022 12: 35
    the operation to cross the Dnieper is still possible today, and it may not be as bloody as in 1943, but its implementation requires significant training and rearmament of the RF Armed Forces and the RF Aerospace Forces

    excellent, when is the rearmament planned according to the new plan? by 2030? will we live???
  3. garryteeth5gmail.com (harry T) 28 December 2022 14: 54
    Rave. What forcing can we talk about if we cannot take Bakhmut for half a year.
    1. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
      Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 29 December 2022 19: 16
      And throw crests away from Donetsk!
  4. Retvizan1974 Offline Retvizan1974
    Retvizan1974 (Alexander) 28 December 2022 18: 20
    No one will "return" anything! God forbid to reach the borders of the LDNR ... And Zaporozhye and Kherson ...
  5. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 28 December 2022 18: 27
    If there was a threat of flooding of the lower reaches of the Dnieper near Kherson by breaking the dam, then there is a threat of draining this part of the Dnieper by closing the gates. It is clear that for this it is necessary to control the concrete dam, which is currently controlled by Russia. If you drop five meters of the level of the reservoir, then in order to fill these meters, it will take about a month at an average current. Even a volley discharge of upper reservoirs will not allow you to fill the bowl instantly. So: draining - throwing a cobra and advancing - repairing bridges and building pontoons and .... everything is possible. The main competent offensive and a large preponderance of forces.
  6. Vasya 225 Offline Vasya 225
    Vasya 225 (Vyacheslav) 28 December 2022 22: 36
    It would be nice, it would be nice for us to catch a big bream. Well, why uselessly wash what is unrealizable.
  7. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 28 December 2022 23: 18
    What is needed??? The desire of the Kremlin to return the Russian land to its true owner - the Russian people. It's sad, but desire, something is not visible. But it is clear how the "elite" of the Russian Federation is looking for any opportunity to crawl into the golden billion. So far, fortunately for the Russian people, the West does not let her go there.
  8. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 29 December 2022 00: 44
    I am personally sure that no one is going to overcome the Dnieper as a kind of Eastern Wall. A failed landing during the war is only a lesson for today's aviation and landing. Modern landing troops and delivery vehicles are completely different. By that time, the landing areas will be strengthened by air defense systems.
  9. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 29 December 2022 00: 44
    Watching some of the footage of the fighting, there is growing concern about a possible war with NATO. If the commander of the assault unit answers a question on the radio, I’m near the point, we were pinned down by fire from the left, a house with tiles, a white pipe and a poker sticking out ... while they figure out what kind of house this is, while the gunners receive this data, while they calculate ballistics and aim a gun ... in general, all this is sad ....

    There is no need for something network-centric, simple solutions are enough - perhaps someone in Russia will be able to implement this at the level of a separate battlefield, for example, Bakhmut.

    Simple commercial tablets with a GPS or GLONASS chip and their own digital map of the site. Own map in order to be able to transmit coordinates in plain text on the radio, because these coordinates will be in the form of, for example, numbers with letters.

    As an example, the commander of the assault squad, when asked where he is, looks at his tablet and transmits his position on the radio "2345a55666r" as an example. Everyone who needs to enter this coordinate code into their tablet and see where it is on the map. Also, this commander, looking at the map, finds the house where the fire is being fired from, presses on it with a pencil and receives the code for the coordinates of this house. He also transmits this code simply by radio, including to artillerymen. Which, by entering it into their tablets, immediately receive data on the aiming of their guns (for example, D20), because. their tablets know the location of the gun and, having received the coordinates of the target, instantly give out data for firing.

    Before the battle, on all participating tablets, you can set up a common encoding of coordinates (converting them to a series of numbers), so that the enemy, if he managed to get such a tablet, could not enter the coordinates on a digital map that are transmitted via radio.

    There is no need for data transfer, no need for network centric, everything is as usual on a walkie-talkie, to which there is trust.

    The tablet can be handled by a separate person who will enter the coordinates of the detected targets and the enemy. For example, they spotted an enemy group, looked on the tablet on the map where it was, received the coordinate code and broadcast it on the radio. Who needs to enter this into his tablet and get a marker for finding the enemy group with a time report.

    Combat and artillery management will increase significantly
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 29 December 2022 17: 51
      This can be easily silenced. floating muffler. You can easily drown out in any frequency range. While there is no such need, no one gives out what he has, what can be done. It turned out that transmission by wire is more secure, or by a finely tuned antenna. Everything has been and is since the 50s.
  10. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 29 December 2022 09: 48
    how, in fact, we will subsequently beat him back

    I have been waiting for our offensive since May. Now the situation suits everyone, especially the United States. The Russians are grinding each other, Western Ukraine is "dragging along". What are the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced there? Kherson, until June, no one will release. And they will take it from the other side. The grinding will continue.
  11. Tikhonov Alexander 29 December 2022 12: 21
    Perhaps it is easier to go from Belarus along the western part of the outskirts - take Odessa, Nikolaev, enclose Kyiv and crush the ukrofascists on both sides of the Dnieper. Deprived of the support of the West, after some time the Banderaites will be left without ammunition and without food ... And there will be no need to lose our soldiers, forcing the Dnieper ...
  12. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 29 December 2022 13: 28
    But you can’t go to the right bank from Belarus and from the Black Sea in Bessarabia, from two sides at once and from the third - Transnistria, to help ....? ...
  13. Sergeevich Offline Sergeevich
    Sergeevich (Vladimir) 29 December 2022 14: 19
    The command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation knows history no worse than the author of the article.
    There is no need for us to force the Dnieper. The Dnieper will be crossed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    Surovikin hangs fresh grouping on the northern border with Ukraine in the Bryansk region and in Belarus. Since August, the training of 230 thousand mobilized, deployed in the Leningrad, Pskov, Belgorod, Voronezh regions has continued.
    Along the entire border of the Russian Federation with Ukraine in the Bryansk, Kursk Belgorod and along the line of contact in the Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson regions, the construction of defensive fortifications has almost been completed (read publications from August of this year and see the map).
    Surovikin is waiting for what Washington decides and what command he will give to his Bandera sixes. And they have little choice. Or continue to remain in place and systematically exterminate in countless positional skirmishes with a shortage of replenishment of personnel, equipment and ammunition; or rush to the west and cross the Dnieper on a wide front under the fire of the Russian Aerospace Forces. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, both options are the end of the "strongest" army in Europe.
    And after that, the northern group, reinforced by mobilized and trained reservists, will move to Kyiv and along the western bank of the Dnieper to the south.
    Stupid Zaluzhny, clown Zelensky guessed that they were already in a trap. Morons Americans, too, all understood that the situation was a stalemate. In other words, you will go east, you will smash your forehead against a defense in depth. You will go west, you will not reach the Dnieper through the snow-covered plowed fields alive, but you will reach the Dnieper, and you will drown in it.
    Next in line is the next most powerful army in Europe - the Poles.
    1. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
      vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 29 December 2022 17: 47
      Here you should add that the economy of the NATO countries is 20 times larger than the economy of the Russian Federation. The military potential of NATO is 10 times larger than the Russian Federation. That now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed and supported by the NATO bloc. In fact, a war began between NATO and the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. For NATO, this is very convenient and painless, from the territory of Ukraine it is possible to deliver, for now, not nuclear strikes throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation has only one way out. Recognize that all of Ukraine is an integral part of the Russian Federation. Then all military operations will take place on the territory of the Russian Federation and the
      Federal Law "On Counteracting Terrorism" dated March 06.03.2006, 35 N XNUMX-FZ.
  14. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
    Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 29 December 2022 19: 13
    First of all, it will be necessary to completely interrupt the delivery of weapons from Poland and Romania, otherwise all attempts are doomed!
  15. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 29 December 2022 20: 36
    Sheer nonsense! The Yankees from satellites see holes in Putin's pockets, and a "troyak" lying around, and even at the front every cartridge is in full view! In general, it seems that Putin is playing war "for fun." Like children in computer games .Not commanders, but a complete misunderstanding. And they hope for a chance
  16. gosha smirnov_2 Offline gosha smirnov_2
    gosha smirnov_2 (gosha smirnov) 30 December 2022 00: 49
    Neither today nor tomorrow it will definitely not be relevant, therefore there is nothing to suck on the option about a grandmother who would be a grandfather if she had ...
  17. sap Offline sap
    sap (Alex) 30 December 2022 15: 19
    Well, what can I say? Another hot mess. How to comment on this? The author needs to calm down, and the people should not be disturbed in vain.
  18. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 4 January 2023 17: 56
    The Ukrainian people, without memory, are waiting for liberation from Ukrainian power and want Russian power. Is it not one hell of a horse who feeds it and keeps it under a roof. The main thing is that there is no cough and horseshoes are changed on time. That would not rub the clamp and not pull an unbearable load. You might think that the Ukrainian people are eager to translate conversations from Ukrainian into Russian. It reminds a little of the Adventures of a Sailor, who was changed in different countries, but it was best with the Wingums, when horses ruled the country. Poor Gullivers ruled by donkeys.