American media about military operations in winter: Ukraine is hindered by dirt and Russian stubbornness

The Western press does not get tired of predicting likely scenarios for the development of a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the winter. Six defining factors of the winter campaign were named by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal.

One of the main factors, according to the publication, is the weather. Ukraine is dirty now. And such that even tanks find it difficult to move around. When the ground freezes sufficiently, the intensity of the fighting can increase. But the cold will significantly complicate the situation of ordinary Ukrainians.

The Western press considers the so-called Bakhmut meat grinder to be the second important factor. Russian efforts to capture the city of Bakhmut took on psychological significance. A loss would allow Ukrainian forces to retreat to higher and more secure positions, but would succumb to a propaganda victory for Moscow.

The ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct offensive operations could have a great influence on the development of the conflict. There are two most likely directions for this - Svatovo and Kremennaya in the LPR, as well as Melitopol and Berdyansk in the Zaporozhye region.

But the Russian defense in these areas is now quite strong. In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal, as the influence of Republicans in the United States grows, military aid to Kyiv may be seriously reduced.

On top of that, the Russian army itself can launch an offensive. Including Kyiv.

Finally, another important factor is the situation outside of Ukraine. The leaders of some European states have been talking about peace for a long time. And although Kyiv is not yet inclined to compromise, under pressure from Western countries, this position may change.
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  1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 27 December 2022 13: 07
    Here's how, and the Russian army is weak, and the missiles are running out ... But both Europe and the Americans immediately wanted peace with Russia.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 27 December 2022 21: 56
    about the effectiveness of Russian artillery, then even without precision-guided munitions, there are probably ways of higher performance.

    Does each artillery crew (suppose towed artillery) have a digital tablet with a GPS GLONASS chip and a digital map of the combat area? The tablet, which, knowing the location of the gun and the coordinates of the target, gives out data for firing (gun aiming).

    If every gun had such tablets, the methods of firing could be different than now.

    Now, let's suppose in the BAKHMUT section, towed guns, possibly subdivisionally (2 guns each), are attached to separate groups or sections or UAVs and work on their own. This means, having received the coordinates of the target, two or one gun is aimed, fires a shot, then is corrected from the UAV or by radio, the next shot, and so on. As a result, after the first arrival, the enemy has the opportunity to leave the firing zone, after each arrival he has time to move, dozens of shells are spent on each target, and the overall effectiveness of such fire is extremely low.

    Even if we take conditionally 10 guns operating in a separate area, it can be assumed that their ammunition consumption / hit targets cannot be called effective.

    If we take the same 10 guns, scattered one at a time on the site (having a digital tablet), then here they can work according to incoming coordinates (from the UAV, from the ground, etc.) with one shot. Each gun receives the coordinates of the target, the tablet provides guidance, one shot is fired. 10 projectiles arrive at the target almost simultaneously. Each projectile has its own calculations, its own aiming, flies from different directions and distances. The probability of an accurate hit increases exponentially. The reaction time of the enemy practically does not remain.

    Logistics for each gun is also reduced in this way.

    The RF Armed Forces have a large number of barrels, this can be used. Not to hollow out shell after shell from each gun, but to achieve quantitative simultaneous arrival due to the number of barrels.

    The priorities for issuing coordinates to this "network" will be the task of the commander in this area. But for this, it is necessary to provide the guns with digital tablets, create a digital map of the area and ensure data transfer through the command link, which determines the sequence of processing the list of coordinates by all guns (1 projectile for each coordinate).

    In this way, it is possible to increase the concentration of trunks without burdening logistics. Let 20 additional barrels today and tomorrow have only 20 shells each, but these 20 additional barrels will increase the effectiveness of destruction at times. What better than if they stood in another area and sent projectile after projectile anywhere, creating lunar landscapes.
  3. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 29 December 2022 13: 00
    Perhaps the west has a plan for Russian troops to attack in winter and fatigue accumulates. By spring / summer, Ukraine will have trained the military and put a lot of new equipment for the offensive.