Shoigu's reform will allow the Russian Armed Forces to move to a large-scale offensive in Ukraine

Shoigu's reform will allow the Russian Armed Forces to move to a large-scale offensive in Ukraine

The special military operation in Ukraine has become a serious test for the Russian army and the military-industrial complex of our country. Instead of a "small and victorious" after the intervention of the NATO bloc on the side of the Kyiv regime, we actually got a large-scale war with the use of heavy weapons and the corresponding painful losses. Immediately, certain problems of the RF Armed Forces surfaced, which now have to be solved literally on the go. In what direction will the Russian army develop further?

NWO experience

At the final collegium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, held the day before, with the participation of the head of the military department and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the following measures were announced to reform it. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed a whole range of steps to improve the combat capability of the RF Armed Forces:

At first, the size of the Russian army will be increased to 1,5 million people. This is the second major increase in a year. Last August, President Putin signed a decree to increase the number of servicemen in the RF Armed Forces to 1,15 million, out of a total of 2,04 million. Then there were suggestions that this could be due to the integration of the People's Militia of the LDNR into the Russian army, and the most daring hypotheses spoke of possible mobilization. As you can see, it was not possible to do without partial mobilization. The special operation showed that it is simply unrealistic to achieve its initially declared goals with small forces. It is now planned to increase the strength of the RF Armed Forces to 1,5 million by increasing the number of contract servicemen from 380 to 695 servicemen.

Secondly, an interesting innovation is the gradual increase in the lower limit of the military age from 18 to 21 years and the upper one - from 27 to 30 years. This confirms the desire of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to see in the ranks of the military personnel not green youths, but more serious young people, preferably with a secondary specialized education. At the same time, they will initially be offered a choice: to do military service or immediately go under the contract.

Thirdly, the decision to recreate the Leningrad and Moscow military districts was quite expected. After previously neutral Finland and Sweden joined the NATO bloc, it became necessary to provide the northern capital of Russia with reliable protection. A whole new army corps will be formed in Karelia. The threat of Ukrainian "retribution strikes" requires strengthening the defense capability of Moscow and the Moscow region. Recall that the Moscow and Leningrad military districts existed in our country before the infamous Serdyukov reforms.

Fourthly, the negative experience gained during the SVO in Ukraine, when there were many complaints about the weak interaction between the various branches of the military, has clearly influenced the current restructuring of the army structure. Combined arms and tank armies will now have mixed air divisions and army aviation brigades, each with 80-100 helicopters. At the same time, there is an obvious transition from a brigade to a divisional structure. Defense Minister Shoigu proposed transforming all seven existing motorized rifle brigades into divisions, as well as forming ten new ones: five artillery, two air assault and three motorized rifle.

Fifthly, the fact that Russia does not intend to sit in Ukraine exclusively on the defensive can be evidenced by the following events. Two of the three new motorized rifle divisions are supposed to be deployed in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. As part of the Airborne Forces, five additional airborne assault divisions should appear. In the coastal troops of the Russian Navy, on the basis of existing marine brigades, it is proposed to form five new divisions that will be able, if necessary, to operate in the Arctic, the Baltic and, more likely, in the Black Sea region. Artillery in strategic directions will be reinforced by five new artillery divisions of military districts and artillery brigades of high capacity. The identified problems in the use of Russian aviation led to the decision to create in the Russian Aerospace Forces three more air division directorates, one fighter and eight bomber air regiments, and six army aviation brigades.

Thus, the experience gained in the course of the military operations in Ukraine led to the most serious internal changes in the Russian army. There is a noticeable rollback from "Serdyukovism" back to the Soviet structure. The number and controllability of the RF Armed Forces should increase significantly, which in the future will make it possible to move from strategic defense to large-scale offensive operations in Ukraine.
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  1. Vladimir Pavlov_3 (Vladimir Pavlov) 22 December 2022 11: 12
    Doubts plague me..
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 22 December 2022 11: 37
      what helicopters? what kind Airy Landing troops?
      Are they mothballed there in 1960?

      Everything that flies in the area of ​​\u5b\uXNUMXbthe air defense system is wreckage / the dead without XNUMX minutes.
      Only UAVs, which are consumables ....

      Artillery in strategic directions will be strengthened by five new artillery divisions

      And then we did not have enough artillery ...
      Not enough precision, yes. UAVs, thermal imaging matrices, satellites and a general strengthening of the electronic component base are needed.

      And they think meat zazergovat?
      1. Muscool Offline Muscool
        Muscool (Glory) 22 December 2022 12: 18
        They are completely incompetent, impenetrable stupid people. Again they want to rivet paratroopers (who will not fly anywhere, they will be shot down) with light weapons and aluminum infantry fighting vehicles, who are not able to independently conduct combined arms combat, where artillery, mortars, tanks and drones are beating. For that, they jump beautifully with parachutes on a video camera for a TV. These degenerates weren’t told what happened to the military equipment near Kyiv ?! There, after the mortar shelling, only the wheels from the bmd lay and the corpses were charred.
        UAV? What for, this is a UAV, pfft, what toys, these computers are yours, toy planes are all from the evil one!
        For those who are interested, listen to Yuriy Yeevich on YouTube about the Airborne Forces
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 22 December 2022 21: 01
          Why the Airborne Forces, but because their training is better today and their combat effectiveness is higher. Apply quality training to any troops above today's bar, and like in the Airborne Forces, all troops will become elite. The problem is in the lower command staff, which has been reduced to irresponsible bureaucracy by the Serdyukovshchina. Today, the main problem is the lower and middle command staff, recruited on the principle of servility and irresponsibility. Further, the problem with the sergeant's main backbone of the army can be solved - it is possible for contract soldiers with sufficient material support .. There are many problems in the construction of the army, but only firefighters will not solve them.
          1. Muscool Offline Muscool
            Muscool (Glory) 23 December 2022 08: 27
            That's right, the best guys get into the Airborne Forces. But their potential cannot be revealed due to the structure of their unit. No matter how much a soldier is trained and motivated, you can’t help against artillery and heavy equipment with small arms and a hand grenade launcher.
          2. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
            Accidentally 23 December 2022 10: 06
            a fireman who cannot put out a fire is a complete incompetent
            1. vladivan Online vladivan
              vladivan (Vladimir) 23 December 2022 14: 32
              This tent hid all the fake modernization and theft of Shoigu's deputies. And it seems to me that all state bodies from the press to the State Duma, the Presidential Administration, were engaged in this against their own population and not for free. Manturov, Borisov, Chemezov-O Menzhinsky, A Nazarov, Shoigu-Krivoruchenko, Tsalikov, D. Bulgakov, T Ivanov, State Duma Defense Committee Shamanov- An. Krasov, A. Sherin Vik. Shamanov and his deputies watched for years? Almost all EPs. Was he engaged in pensions alone? Or was everything done for the sake of the airborne forces, looking around everything, and it all turned out to be useless in his own
          3. archer 13 Offline archer 13
            archer 13 (Alexander Strelnikov) 23 December 2022 11: 52
            Yes, enough to nod at Serdyukov, who prevented Shoigu from canceling everything in the 10 years that he was a minister, so no, he was engaged in a big top called army games.
        2. vladivan Online vladivan
          vladivan (Vladimir) 23 December 2022 14: 51
          From the airborne forces they artificially created the elite of the troops! If they jump from parachutes, then the elite! And those who do not jump are recruits. Here are the fighters from Donetsk and Lugonsk, Wagnerians, musicians, Somalia, the Cossack Legion, I don’t remember the name exactly! they were not airmen, but became elite professional warriors, Artillerymen were not an elite either! but now they are one of the main ones. Also, air defense-air defense systems. And where are all those elite airborne troops in their own, that they told us for so long, from Afghanistan and with GDP? And they showed a lot about the elite of the air force at the holidays! There was nothing but the glued term "elite" "elite" or anything elite
          1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 12: 27
            Vladivan, when I served (in training in Birobidzhan), the case brought me and three of my colleagues to one unit of the Airborne Forces. So that we simply wouldn’t eat bread there, we were *attached* to one platoon. In short, we went through everything that the Airborne Forces do from getting up to ... completing the task. I was not a weakling, but after a week I realized that there was nothing for people like me and my colleagues to do here. The guys there are special, I would say the breed ... three-core or something. In my unit, I was the company’s physical organizer because, having already arrived at the unit, I pulled myself up a hundred times. In the part of the Airborne Forces, for just a hundred pull-ups, one could get an outfit. They have a norm of 150-200 pull-ups. I no longer take the press, cross, shooting, wrestling and much more. So the Airborne Forces are really the Elite of the RF Armed Forces.
        3. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
          Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 23 December 2022 21: 51
          The Airborne Forces are not intended for front-line breakthroughs and the assault on cities. They are designed to capture key points behind enemy lines, which they did in Gostomel. At the same time, they heroically held out until the army took a liking to them. It is clear that there were losses, but BMPs can never withstand serious firepower.
          1. Muscool Offline Muscool
            Muscool (Glory) 24 December 2022 21: 15
            If you do not distinguish a cow from a dog, then please do not write anything else. There are airmobile units that fly by helicopter, land, occupy a key point and fight, and there are military + air forces, this is a whole structure, a branch of the military, under which the military-industrial complex adapts, develops weapons, armored vehicles, tactics of use, These are huge funds, human resources and a lot of time. And now we see that that concept does not work, from the word at all. It is not possible now to fly out with 30 silts and throw off several brigades of paratroopers in the center of an enemy country, respectively, the very concept and expediency in maintaining this kind of troops, exactly the type of troops for which weapons will be developed, etc. not appropriate.
            It will be enough to save several airmobile brigades with the strength of the current situation.
      2. EMMM Offline EMMM
        EMMM 22 December 2022 19: 04
        Did you read somewhere in the article about the composition, tasks, weapons, equipment of new formations?
        Well, yes, to argue, we are all much.
        And the decision that was made to abandon the NATO brigade organization, designed to fight the banana republics, to a military structure: division - army - front.
        The jokes are over!
      3. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 23 December 2022 19: 59
        ... what Airborne Troops?

        But the US has just deployed the 101st Airborne Division in Romania.
        Of course, as soon as your menacing cry is read, they will immediately disband it. We were just waiting for your instructions. They don't have a mind...
        And Shoigu spoke about the airborne assault divisions.
        And about

        UAVs, thermal imaging matrices, satellites and general strengthening of the electronic component base

        Without you, of course, no one would have guessed. Your instructions were awaited.
      4. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
        VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 25 December 2022 18: 36
        what helicopters? what airborne troops?
        Are they mothballed there in 1960?
        Everything that flies in the area of ​​\u5b\uXNUMXbthe air defense system is wreckage / dead without XNUMX minutes

        Oh yes, I remember how in 14 militia MANPADS they destroyed half of the entire helicopter fleet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2 weeks
    2. Maxim A Offline Maxim A
      Maxim A (Maksim) 23 December 2022 11: 20
      The expression "the immediate future" pleased. There is only one perspective - it will become bad in any way. The head of the fish is rotten. The carcass still stinks.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 22 December 2022 12: 26
    Shoigu's proposals are not a reform of the RF Armed Forces, but only intentions, Wishlist. We need laws.
    The actions of the SVO in Ukraine do not provide for the participation of conscripts of the military service of the RF Armed Forces in hostilities. Legal grounds are needed to include all RF Armed Forces in combat operations. For example, Russia needs to legislate that the entire territory of Ukraine, seized by separatists with the help of NATO, is an integral part of Russia. Assigning the status of the territory of Ukraine, that this is the territory of Russia, will transfer the NMD into a counter-terrorist operation (CTO), i.e. all military actions will take place within the state of the Russian Federation, and this is another legal basis, the Federal Law "On Countering Terrorism" dated March 06.03.2006, 35 N XNUMX-FZ.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 20: 39
      Vlad, let's issue a Decree that Alaska is the territory of Russia and announce who is against the United States. And then military operations will take place inside the state of the Russian Federation. Delov then!
  4. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 22 December 2022 12: 31
    it can be seen that until the political leadership changes, there will be no changes in the army that meet modern requirements
  5. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 22 December 2022 12: 38
    According to these statements, it is obvious that m.o. has not yet woken up, has not realized, has not understood ... All this resembles useless fuss and "fake" reporting.
  6. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 12: 53
    In short, all reforms come down to an increase in the number of manpower of the Russian military. With the advent of a new grouping in the northwest, the question arises: "Why did they give us the red lines?" Here is this bodya?
  7. kr33sania_2 Offline kr33sania_2
    kr33sania_2 (Alex Kraus) 22 December 2022 14: 01
    Although there is a hint of optimism, yes, there is some logic. Believe me, if...
  8. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 22 December 2022 14: 01
    Understanding, but ignoring most of the inappropriate and immature comments on this article, I will say that conclusions have finally been drawn, and with consequences in the form of decisions. This means that money has been planned and allocated for the next year for the activities indicated in the article. Money and resources for the possibility of a clash with precisely the enemy who claims to crush us, pierce us deeper, bleed us - by proxy.
    For a long time, I was for the fact that it's time to smack around Rzeszow. Our cautious, let's say, commander-in-chief, obviously believes that it is too early and additional training is needed. I am sure that they will also prepare, but Armageddon knows better. God bless
  9. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 22 December 2022 14: 06
    The army will be reformed.
    And in the military-industrial complex - everything is fine - nothing needs to be changed?
    And the demographic problem is no longer relevant?
  10. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 December 2022 14: 07
    Well, judging by the comments, we all know everyone better than Shoigu, who did not serve, but was the secretary of the CPSU (but how else).
    And the logic seems to be simple. Calling people is relatively cheap. Poverty, unemployment, imperialism. 15-30 million extra people (Mayor of Moscow). Naturally, mobile troops are better. and older, so that they could immediately protect the elite ...
    And to build aircraft / ships - a developed economy is needed. Power and money ... Difficult.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 20: 45
      Yes, Sergey, and protect the elite too! Who are you without the elite at all? A simple slave force that is without jobs that the elite gives, just an unemployed mass of parasites!
    2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 12: 45
      Sergey, what do you have against Shoigu? Can you read his biography? I am sure that ten lives will not be enough for you to achieve what he achieved.
  11. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 22 December 2022 14: 51
    Quote from Nelton.
    Not enough precision, yes. UAVs, thermal imaging matrices, satellites and a general strengthening of the electronic component base are needed.

    I think that they all understand perfectly well, the SVO has already opened the eyes of many to the events taking place, and it is unlikely that our top military leadership does not understand the need for the urgent re-equipment of our army with the most modern and effective types and types of weapons and military equipment, as well as equipping it with modern uniforms and military equipment, in no way inferior to Western ones, otherwise the price of such reforms is worthless, which will not take into account all the numerous mistakes and miscalculations that were identified in the NWO.
    1. maiman61 Offline maiman61
      maiman61 (Yuri) 22 December 2022 15: 51
      they all understand

      - doubts take. We supply the whole world with gas, but I live in Siberia and chop wood, chisel coal, heat the stove in the morning and evening, and on TV they have already gasified all of Russia. This is the style of work.
    2. go to Offline go to
      go to (ira) 30 December 2022 21: 58
      mistakes are not allowed. This is someone's life.
  12. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2022 15: 57
    The number and controllability of the RF Armed Forces should increase significantly, which in the future will make it possible to move from strategic defense to large-scale offensive operations in Ukraine.

    What about the goal? What is the purpose of these operations? Climb deeper into a working meat grinder?
    Exposing yourself to destruction by the NATO countries that stand ready?
    In a few months, under the control of the same comprador power, will we restore the former greatness of our power? Let's do what Stalin, with the forces of the whole people, has been striving for more than 20 years?
    Do not make me laugh. This power has had more than 20 years at its disposal, and everything that it is capable of has ALREADY shown. A new credit of trust to her is a credit for new sacrifices in order to delay the solution of the main issue - ABOUT HERSELF.
    After all it is she who closes the way for Russia to force the US and Great Britain to retreat, which is possible only as a result of the threat of their destruction. This is the only way out, not only for us, but for the whole world.
    1. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 16: 56
      Quote: Alexey Davydov
      What about the goal? What is the purpose of these operations?

      Demilitarization and denafification, however. So that all Ukrainians surrender their guns, become peaceful and love blacks.
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2022 17: 15
        This is Russia's entry into the war with NATO and the defeat in it. What the Anglo-Saxons, PARTNERS of our government, need from us
        1. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 17: 39
          Quote: Alexey Davydov
          This is Russia's entry into the war with NATO and the defeat in it.

          Not at war with NATO. They are completely satisfied with this situation. Bay Muscovites! Beat the panheads! Firewood will be thrown to the pan-heads, and we will pull ourselves up, and squeeze another stream onto the fire of war. As long as they don't burst from the strain.
          1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2022 17: 47
            They are completely satisfied with this situation.

            Who is "them"?
            The Anglo-Saxons are not satisfied with this.
            But what about domination over the world?, uncertainty with Europe in the face of a fight with China?, China itself?
            No, Vladimir, they need to put pressure on us, Europe and China, because the "clocks" themselves are ticking, and then - they have prepared everything for this. Why? To make the plan "rotten"? Will
            1. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
              Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 18: 10
              Quote: Alexey Davydov
              The Anglo-Saxons are not satisfied with this.

              It suits. While our forelocks are crackling, they are calm.

              Quote: Alexey Davydov
              What about world domination?

              And why is our mess preventing this?

              Quote: Alexey Davydov
              No, Vladimir, they need to put pressure on us, Europe and China, because the "clocks" themselves are ticking, and then - they have prepared everything for this.

              Here they are pushing us. Europe manual yet. China? Yes, this is a hemorrhoid in the United States, but it is not yet time for China.
    2. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 22 December 2022 19: 37
      Alexey Davydov, your assumptions, due to the limitations of their source, cause a smile. I do not know who dictated these questions to you, but I suspect that the circle of those who can answer them is limited. So it turns out that you either do not understand, or a stubborn provocateur. laughing
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 December 2022 19: 49
        The limited source of remarks does not cause a smile for me, rather sympathy, as it should be
        1. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) 22 December 2022 21: 21
          Alexey Davydov, this is a normal reaction, work hard. laughing
    3. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 20: 56
      Alexei is tired of you already with your threats of destruction and coercion. You live in some kind of your own world that does not exist in reality. Putin has already threatened enough, so what? or are you impatient to unleash a nuclear war? What kind of threat should be to coerce, huh? Give the West and America 24 hours and, if they don’t get scared and don’t retreat (where?), launch a nuclear strike so that they believe? Are you out of your mind?
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 23 December 2022 22: 06
        It was you Oleg who bothered you with your fake misunderstanding. How many times have I explained to you.
        In 1962, it was not just a threat, but nuclear deterrent technology. Simultaneously with the deployment of missiles in Cuba, the world's first "warning shot" of a nuclear weapon was fired at a test site on Novaya Zemlya - the Tulip exercise. The advanced division, located in Cuba, in direct line of sight to the US coast, received the right to make independent decisions on launches, including in the event of a threat to itself. We have created a situation with which the States simply couldn't live on. It led directly to their destruction. Of course, this destruction was mutual, but we deliberately went for it, because. the alternative was guaranteed the death of the USSR from a decapitating strike from Turkey and Italy, and from the subsequent main vigorous strike on a decapitated country.
        The parallels with today are clear - now, by the States, we guaranteed death in the war with NATO.
        And now, as then in 1962, it must be deterrence technology, which provides for "warning shots" and other practical actions on the brink of nuclear war with readiness and on it. We do not need forward divisions now, as long as there is no serious danger of a decapitation blow.
        Putin's timid "hints" that we have nuclear weapons, with simultaneous assurances that we will not allow a nuclear war, are not capable of scaring even a child and are intended for something completely different. They are made by him to calm the internal audience, but with the utmost care so as not to scare the "partners"
        About the Cuban Missile Crisis in terms of its lessons for us now:
        There is also a link to a declassified Soviet film about the Tulip exercise
        1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 10: 49
          Alexey, that damn thing ... you're just playing the fool, or as one forum member said above ... either you don't understand or you are a stubborn provocateur! Where did you hear that Putin said he would not allow a nuclear war? Thus calming the internal audience and not to scare * partners *. Damn - Putin's * partners * have long been a household name, or have such simple things not reached you and are your partners really Putin's partners for you?
          You, in your provocative, irresponsible nature, never said what exactly Putin needs to do in order to intimidate * partners * in such a way as to force (the word that they found humiliating) they got away. Blow up somewhere safe for the US nuclear charge? In response, the United States will detonate its nuclear weapon at a safe distance from the Russian Federation. And who will prove to whom, who will force whom? meaning? And the point will be only that the two nuclear powers will fart loudly and everything will end there. What's next?
          Write an answer with a recipe, otherwise you are just a pantless balabolka!
          1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2022 11: 13
            This is you playing the fool. How else do you need to chew to get it?

            In response, the United States will detonate its nuclear weapon at a safe distance from the Russian Federation. And who will prove to whom, who will force whom? meaning?

            Meaning in two questions - "WHICH of the two is now in a mortal danger?" and "WHO of them has nothing to lose?".
            For this reason our threat DECISIVE for the whole situation. There is nowhere for us to retreat. It is we who, if necessary, will go to death. The US may retreat. It was the same in 1962. It was the same in 1942 near Moscow
          2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2022 23: 17
            Where did you hear that Putin said he would not allow a nuclear war?

            Especially for you Oleg:

            We declare that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be unleashed.

            This is a statement by the countries of the "nuclear five": Russia, China, Britain, USA and France January 3 2022 years

            Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave an interview to the Big Game program on Channel One. The episode aired on the evening of Monday, April 25 (2022). During the conversation, the Foreign Minister stated that the inadmissibility of nuclear war is a principled position of Moscow.


            Russia is not threatening anyone with nuclear war, and Western countries are starting to talk about it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV channel. The text of the conversation is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation ...
            ... According to the diplomat, Russia "never plays with such dangerous concepts. Never. We must all be committed to the statements of the "nuclear five" - ​​a nuclear war can never be unleashed".


            Putin stressed that Moscow is considering nuclear weapons, as a means of protectionas an opportunity, 'the so-called retaliatory strike", which inflicted in response to an attack

            There are many more such statements. They seem to look normal.

            This is not what a country says that already threatens the enemy with nuclear weapons, or reserves for itself the possibility of threatening to use them in order to force the enemy to retreat.

            She will rather be silent about it than repeat these "uncomfortable" words for herself to the whole world so often
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 22: 22
              Alexei, what? You presented the statements of our president about the meaning of which I spoke. Russia WILL USE nuclear weapons in retaliation. If there is no first strike on Russia, Russia will not allow the first strike! Because well and further in the text.
            2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 23: 17
              Alexei, so what? You presented the statements of our president about the meaning of which I spoke. Russia WILL USE nuclear weapons in retaliation. If there is no first strike on Russia, Russia will not allow the first strike! Because well and further in the text
      2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 23 December 2022 23: 00
        The existing government is NOT CAPABLE of these actions. It is obvious. Moreover, she led the country to this situation.
        The question is - WHAT SHOULD THE COUNTRY DO?
        1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 11: 01
          Alex, so answer already stop writing nonsense. Or do you take all the members of the forum here for fools? You are one of the smartest and it's useless! And how do you know what our government is capable of and what it is not capable of? Are you in power and not capable? And let it be known to you that our president is capable of such things that you never dreamed of! There is a time for everything and a time for everything!
          1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 24 December 2022 11: 14
            And how do you know what our government is capable of and what it is not capable of?

            We know this from the results of her work for 20 years.
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 23: 28
              Alexey, who are we? I'm definitely not on this list - We are.
            2. The comment was deleted.
        2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 23: 27
          Would you like Alexei to see Russia, like under Yeltsin, become just another country with external control and lose its sovereignty? Became a free and wordless pantry of minerals for the West and America? Who will bomb their free pantry? There can be no more war. There can only be surrender. How will the people take it, don't you think? So by their actions, the existing government said - All your hegemony is over. If you want a war, you will have a war, but there will be winners in it.
  13. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
    molybdenum (Stanislav) 22 December 2022 17: 23
    I have never seen a more pitiful sight than yesterday's board of the Moscow Region. Half of those present were just asleep, including one of the previous ministers of defense, the rest, based on their extremely advanced age, are more versed in how Nurofen differs from paracetamol or which suppositories work better for hemorrhoids than in tanks or guns.
    ... in 2022, the Russian Aerospace Forces received 2 aircraft, in 2023 it is planned to transfer 3 more aircraft ... Today, the satellite constellation completely covers all army needs and has so many satellites that even the fingers of one hand are not enough to count them, i.e. 6 ... The Strategic Missile Forces will finally begin to receive missiles that are not there now, although it was decided to replace missiles with separable warheads with strategic missiles with a monohead ("Vanguard"), i.e. with the same number of warhead carriers, there will be an order of magnitude less ... There will be more infantry, it is planned that they will be dressed, shod and even given new machine guns ... They are shifting the draft age ... War is a matter of the young, to drive these oversized, married and with children, into the army it will be much easier ... The authorities often went to the “front line”, to the Potemkin military units specially built for this purpose ... and so on. etc.
    I summarize. If Russia plans to defeat people from the 95th quarter, then it is extremely necessary for it to hire people from the Ural dumplings or the Comedy Club, at worst. With such commanders - complete dosvidos.
    1. Mordvin 3 Offline Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 17: 42
      Quote: molibden
      in 2022, the Russian Aerospace Forces received 2 aircraft, in 2023 it is planned to transfer 3 more aircraft ... The satellite constellation today completely covers all army needs and has so many satellites that even the fingers of one hand are not enough to count them, i.e. 6…

      This is serious, isn't it? I don't watch TV, by the way.
      1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
        molybdenum (Stanislav) 23 December 2022 01: 01
        I quoted Shoigu a little, but maybe this is such humor, army.
    2. borisvt Offline borisvt
      borisvt (boris) 23 December 2022 14: 30
      your bitterness is understandable that not enough is being done, unless of course you are sincere. Doubt about this is caused by your alleged quotes, in particular, I will analyze this one:

      in 2022, the Russian Aerospace Forces received 2 aircraft, in 2023 it is planned to transfer 3 more aircraft

      MO meant strategists, of course, in the form of TU 160M. No one will tell you how many military aircraft the aviation corporation produced in 2022, open sources report the 101st military aircraft in 2017, 104 in 2016, 124 in 2015. The numbers speak, I think, about themselves, as and your resume
      The fact is that it is easy to criticize, and the expenses of the military-industrial complex are our taxes. If you have the power to influence, then buy a plane and transfer it to the troops!
      1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
        molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 01: 09
        Listen to Shoigu, these are his words, not mine. I just quoted him. It is pointless to lament about taxes - this is inevitability. Due to them, the army has always been maintained, and it’s good if it’s your own.
        As for the types of aircraft - what's the difference? Life has shown very clearly that an airplane is good only when you drive donkeys across the desert, but when you encounter a real enemy who has both means and skills, you can’t use aviation in the database zone.
        On the whole, I have to state the managerial uncertainty, confusion and uncertainty. And apparently, there won’t be such a freebie as it was before, although everyone hopes for it (I’m not talking about the stages of the NWO, but about other previous flights). I am sure that the Kremlin will not negotiate at the first opportunity. Alas.
        1. borisvt Offline borisvt
          borisvt (boris) 24 December 2022 01: 58
          in many ways you are right, about uncertainty in particular ((
          I don’t agree with aviation, the rooks and others work in the contact zone for sure, and they help, risking themselves, of course, not to mention complex and expensive strategists. Well, for a MIG dagger, you need at least a MIG, sorry, you can’t launch it from the ground))
          1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
            molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 14: 39
            Boris, I believe that you are not a stupid person and I even think that you are an excellent specialist in some of the areas, but now you are talking about things in which I am good at. Due to the publicity of our communication, I did not begin to plunge into the nuances with which you, I am sure, would agree, therefore, to aggravate the partially described sad picture, for example, with the thought, “who are you going to Kyiv with, with the Minister of Defense, who is the Supreme High Command on the Crimean abandoned the operation? I'm sorry, I didn't.
            I will not discuss the tactics and the result of using aviation in the NWO zone, not at all out of disrespect for you, but because it is all empty. Of course, I know the conditions for launching the dagger, as well as what "new physical principles" are embedded in it. But unlike everyone else, I still know the extremely limited conditions under which it becomes effective. The problem is that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation cannot meet these conditions, and therefore you don’t especially leave daggers. "New physical principles" - this is designed for idiots. Maybe, of course, levitation was meant, but in the systems listed in 2018, the newest physical principle is already 100 years old, at least. :-)
            1. borisvt Offline borisvt
              borisvt (boris) 24 December 2022 18: 00
              Yes, let's not talk about the nuances, the essence of this resource is a little different.
              I am not an optimist, we are fighting with what and how we can, but I ask you not to scold science. Doka-dokoy, but how Poseidon reaches such speeds, I understood right away, since in my youth I solved one problem on occasion. Try to do it for a great life, although the principle is well known))
              According to Ignatov, I have my own opinion, excuse me. My papachos was about the same categorical, he didn’t hang anyone, he lived as he should, a regular artilleryman, by the way, he was at one time))
              1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 23: 13
                Well, well, you are from an ordinary Soviet family. I myself am one of those. :-)
                You know, I see very clearly the difference between ideological, albeit impenetrable, and fools (or jingoists, if you like). “Comrade Oleg” is young, even though he is trying to impersonate the Russian Biden. :-) I am completely indifferent to that. It's just funny, that's all.
                As for Poseidon, then, as for me, with all his voiced performance characteristics, the idea is a dead end. He does not possess the apocalypticism attributed to him, what do not do with him. These tales are for the weak and illiterate. I was generally surprised that this idea was suddenly returned after it was completely buried in the 80s.
            2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 20: 20
              Weapons based on new physical principles are a type of weapon based on qualitatively new or previously unused physical, biological and other principles of operation and technical solutions. Its creation and application is based on achievements in new fields of knowledge and new technologies. Weapons based on new physical principles include: laser, accelerator (beam), acoustic (infrasonic), electromagnetic, radio frequency and microwave, geophysical, gene (genetic), as well as certain new types of weapons of non-lethal (non-lethal) action, including information impact.
              1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 23: 50
                Oleg, do you understand the meaning of what was written? Re-read your writings and in your answer list to me all the physical principles from the list you provided that are less than 50 years old (for me this will be the “new” criterion). I really want to laugh, to be honest. :-)
                1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 23: 42
                  Molybdenum, the idea of ​​one of the new principles was voiced by our science fiction writer in the novel Hyperbaloid by engineer Garin. So what? When and where was the laser previously used in combat? Nowhere and never. I think that you are so far from the real developments of the military-industrial complex that for you they are the same as the Hyperbaloid engineer Garin was a hundred years ago. Or cartoons about hyperzoom and the Crimean bridge. And in general, many developments are classified and no one should know about them at all until the time comes. But I will not laugh at you, it is clear why?
                  1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                    molybdenum (Stanislav) 26 December 2022 00: 29
                    The usual maneuver of an ignoramus and an amateur is to slide off the topic. I repeat the question: what physical principles used in modern weapons systems of the Russian Federation are less than 50 years old? These are the ones I would consider new. :-) Dare young man ... and you can take your time with the answer.
                    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 05: 55
                      Damn it, Molybdenum, why did you run into 50 years? I gave a quote about such weapons that are not yet in iron on the battlefield, let the principle be known even 50 and 100 years ago. What language to explain? The Peresvet laser can nullify the entire Star Link group within a day, leaving both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all of NATO with America in addition without eyes and control. , it was not by chance that he cited Garin's hyperbaloid as an example. The physical method has been known for a long time, but it was impossible to bring it to mind without modern materials and a scientific base, why is it not clear? Like an amateur spy.
                      1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                        molybdenum (Stanislav) 26 December 2022 15: 03
                        :-)))) In your language, “what won’t reset something?” If it can? :-))))
                      2. borisvt Offline borisvt
                        borisvt (boris) 26 December 2022 20: 00
                        I think just not a fan. By the manner of communication, he knows his business ((
              2. borisvt Offline borisvt
                borisvt (boris) 25 December 2022 09: 59
                How molybdenum recorded you as a young man! ))
                An interesting citizen, by the way, and indeed, very competently communicates. Maybe, of course, everything is so that he talks to himself and is also our man, but he looks very much like a spy.
                Let him now attack me caustically, but I do not trust him. If he (or she, by the way) was really a good and great specialist in everything military, he would keep quiet (a) and would not participate (a).
                1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 25 December 2022 23: 55
                  Boris, I agree with you. However, after the statements of Molebden, an old saying came to my mind as a great * young man * - It is easier for a smart person to impersonate a fool than for a fool to impersonate a smart one. And yes, I agree a military specialist simply would not have touched on the topic of modern weapons. Well, with Poseidon it immediately became clear what kind of special it was. Probably a comrade has an incomplete secondary education ... at best.
                  1. borisvt Offline borisvt
                    borisvt (boris) 26 December 2022 15: 47
                    Those who are rude, with-don't-know-on-whom-calculation - those are immediately visible. They are among the first to sing a song on any occasion that everything is bad, it is high time to change everything that sold the rotten top.
                    And molbiden in a subtle way, from a quote from the Moscow Region, and then, as they say, finally a connoisseur, and aviation is useless, and the dagger is useless, and Poseidon does not roll, and science is mossy.
                    With the approach so, in a smart way))
                2. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                  molybdenum (Stanislav) 26 December 2022 00: 24
                  Boris, well, you really amused me. :-) Why did you decide that I'm going to pounce on you? :-) I, as a mishandled spy, just need to show helpfulness and loyalty to everyone, including you. To rub into the trust, so to speak. :-) I was able to find out so many secrets here - engineer Garin's hyperboloid. ... fuck off. :-) What prospects opened ... a dream. :-) It's a pity that "comrade Oleg" got to the core of me right away. :-) I failed to recruit you, as I originally expected. :-) You took the side of “Comrade Oleg” just in time, because if you didn’t do it now, you would hang next to me on the next branch, in case of my detention, because the spy was deliberately helped. :-) Forced to leave you, because you need to leave by secret paths ... while there is still such an opportunity. :-) I hope that my spy superiors will not punish me for such a quick return, as soon as I could steal the secret of the hyperboloid. :-))))
      2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 11: 08
        Boris, or let him buy Armata.
    3. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 21: 04
      When your clowns from the 95th quarter are destroyed by the Potemkin soldier, that's when you will scoff, but for now everything is going according to the plan of demilitarization, decommunization and denazification of Ukraine, whether someone wants it or not.
      1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
        molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 01: 30
        The wording “when it will destroy” does not have clear and specific time limits and, more sadly, does not have a quantitative characteristic “at what cost”. I, unlike you, are not at all impressed by the Zhukov's tactics chosen by the Russian command "garbage, women give birth to new ones." But you can disagree with me (we are a free country) and if you believe in what you are talking about, you can take part in the process called "their cartridges will run out before our soldiers." I can tell you the address of the military registration and enlistment office closest to you. Would you like?
        In addition, I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you already undertook to quote the teleprompter of the President of the Russian Federation, then do not carry gag. There was no talk of "decommissioning". :-)
        And then, why did you get the idea that the 95th quarter is mine? :-)
        1. borisvt Offline borisvt
          borisvt (boris) 24 December 2022 02: 07
          In vain you were so planning to send Ignatov Oleg to the military enlistment office))
          Firstly, he is for us, albeit sometimes too passionately for the GDP, and secondly, this is a trick in the discussion. Maybe he's aged - it's too early for the older generation to take up arms - maybe it's more needed in the rear, so the military registration and enlistment office is not an argument. While we are squabbling here, but it will be necessary, and we will get to the battlefield, if God forbid ((
          1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
            molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 14: 57
            You know, Boris, all my life I have been engaged in “disassembly, modeling and managing situations”, so I understand people very well. "Comrade Oleg", whom I sent to the military registration and enlistment office, according to my personal classification, belongs to the type of people whom Stalin described with the phrase "There is nothing worse than with the initiative." I assure you that with no less fervor, this very Oleg, in the case of a radically negative development of the situation, will call for Putin to be hanged on the nearest birch ... for everything he has done. You wait a little. He is an ordinary screamer who enjoys the process itself. :-)
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 19: 08
              Molybdenum, are you serious? So I'll disappoint you a little. With * a radically negative development of the situation * I will look for, find and hang those who are to blame for this most radically negative situation. Guess what we're talking about?
              1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 23: 16
                Oleg :-), do you hear yourself? :-) At your 68, it would be good for you to serve yourself without outside help, not to look for others and hang them up. :-)
                1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 00: 02
                  Molybdenum, so I'm still not 86 as you claimed? Without outside help, I can still do a lot of things. For example, as a hunter, I can pull the trigger.
        2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 11: 38
          Molybdenum, you yourself are at the forefront and do you know that we are fighting in Zhukovsky? What are you talking about? And the withdrawal of our troops from near Kherson is not the preservation of tens of thousands of our soldiers? And the use of artillery, aviation, Caliber and copters (Lancet, Geranium) does not save our soldiers? Whether our military leadership saves soldiers can be a simple way to compare the losses on both sides. Unfortunately, there is no loss in war. Clear and specific time frames? Are you by any chance a dill spy who finds out strategic secrets wherever you go? If it's my turn (I'm 68), I'll use the address even without your advice. In the meantime, my son is fighting there. I have already quoted Putin's words here. If you are interested in what he said, type in a search engine - What Putin said about the decommunization of Ukraine. Where did you get that from? And you yourself do not guess? You brought him, not me. And from what future do Potemsky parts seem to you? Do you even know who and who Potemkin was and what he did on the territory that went to the mediocre rulers of Ukraine?
          1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
            molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 15: 17
            Young man, due to your age and lack of experience, you are not able to understand with whom you are communicating. 68 years old, you say? Laughed heartily. Let me think that this is a typo and you wanted to dial 86. :-) Then everything will fit. What can not be written in senile insanity. :-)
            Do you mind if I pull you up a little... intellectually?
            The decommunization that Putin is talking about is a process carried out by the authorities of Ukraine itself on the territory of Ukraine. Decommunization is not one of the tasks of the SVO (unlike denazification and demilitarization), as you imagined, and has been going on for 25 years and, in fact, has ended. You can look up the meaning of the term on Wikipedia.
            "Potemkin parts" = "Potemkin villages". A well-known term for window dressing and deceit. The military from the Potemkin units I mentioned do not even know which side the enemy is in, since these fake dugouts and trenches are being built at a crappy distance from the zone of real hostilities so that the visiting big bosses do not suffer.
            Learn young man, and do not make people laugh!
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 19: 35
              Molybdenum, you are an enemy of our State if, under the influence of Western guests of that period, you did not believe, or rather were afraid of the power that the Russian Empire represented. The warships standing in the harbor should also be called Potemkin. But only a madman could refute the obvious. And only a madman or a traitor to his homeland could believe in the Potemkin villages because he wanted to believe in it. So you admit that it was from foreign ambassadors that the term * Potemkin villages * came from? So everything foreign that rots Russia is closer to you. You are not a patriot of Russia. You are from Ukraine, right? It's simple, you don't know the history of Russia, you don't know the mentality of the Russian people. If you knew, then you would know that the state of Ukraine was created by the very communists, headed by Lenin, whose monuments are being demolished in ungrateful Ukraine. Decommunization is the reverse process of returning to the situation when there was no Ukraine. There were Marossiya and Novorossiya. Upon completion of the NWO, it is these formations that will arise on the territory of the former Ukraine. And I'm not a young man for you, watch your speech.
              1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                molybdenum (Stanislav) 24 December 2022 23: 32
                You see, as soon as I caught you on your illiteracy, you sat down for Wikipedia. :-) It is commendable, even though this is an enemy resource. :-) But you use, like YouTube, and others, like a smartphone, the Internet and a computer, and nothing, it doesn’t jar. :-) It is not necessary for me to portray a holy patriot, I have seen such a carriage. History was remembered, though somehow insanity, that is, fragmentarily and exclusively in a light favorable to oneself personally. Do you think you know her? Relax. It is in you that youthful naivety and childish maximalism speaks. I'll tell you a big secret, the real history of Russia is hidden from you, like their own death. Why is there a decree on the complete closure of the archives of the Second World War, so that the people do not plunge into the truth. You are not able to understand what is happening today, so you do not know anything about the distant and dark past. Well, if you want to object, then explain to me, from your point of view, why the Russian Federation transfers 10 million dollars every week to the accounts of hostile Ukraine. Putin, by the way, is aware of this and claimed that he was asked to increase the size of these transfers. :-)
                1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 00: 17
                  Wikipedia, Molybdenum? Well, are you talking about the Western information dump? Judging by your assumptions about me and Wikipedia, this is more likely your resource!
                  I don't know anything about enumerations, so I can't say anything. But I can say with full confidence that there is no hostile Ukraine, there is a criminal Kyiv regime that occupied Ukraine, turning it into a concentration camp and tying part of the population with blood. This unit is being destroyed in Ukraine by our NVO troops. The rest of the underdogs will then be found and punished for their crimes. Let me remind you, if you are not aware of these crimes, there is no statute of limitations.
                  Molybdenum, in which locality of Ukraine do you live? What is not in Russia and the blind can see. Admit it, I won't tell anyone.
                  1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                    molybdenum (Stanislav) 26 December 2022 01: 05
                    You don’t drive me this pathetic-patriotic blizzard, okay? I'm not forcing you to dig in "my garbage dump", on Wikipedia, so you can go to your "Klondike" and ask about these multimillion-dollar transfers there. That's when you immerse yourself in this reality, and even be able to explain to me why Putin lists grandmothers to Zelensky, then we'll talk.
                    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 05: 14
                      I'm not looking for anything. If you are interested, ask Putin what is the problem? But I'm sure it's a lie. And discussing something that is not there is like crushing water in a mortar. I'm not interested in collecting all sorts of gossip. For example, that Putin has a billion dollars offshore or palaces built with public money. Is it a trick in your circle to denigrate Putin? Funny!!!
                      1. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                        molybdenum (Stanislav) 26 December 2022 14: 55
                        You're damn predictable, young man. :-) I was sure that explanatory paralysis would happen to you. You are well done! They didn't disappoint. :-)))
                      2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 22: 04
                        Molybdenum, have you calmed down? It’s great now to calmly study the History of the Russian Empire, and regarding closed archives, as they exist in all countries, they found something to focus on. Are you one of those whom the authorities deceive and you are looking for * the real truth * so what? bring power to clean water? what for? What do you personally get out of it? Bring the Ukrainian authorities to clean water, you can understand the motives that plunged Bandera's shortcomings into this incomplete country into the bloody chaos of self-destruction.
                      3. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
                        molybdenum (Stanislav) 27 December 2022 01: 24
                        "Comrade Oleg, don't worry about my nerves, I have a persistent, Nordic character. :-) You can fool me, due to certain personal abilities, as a result, I know what the truth looks like. The truth is deliberately and reasonably hidden from people like you. This is extremely reasonable, since you are an emotionally immature, insecure, easily influenced person.
                        You do not know that the USSR won the Second World War? And if he won, then doesn’t it seem strange to you that the opportunity to find out how he did it, at what cost was closed for you? Therefore, closed archives are different for closed archives! But you don't get it. And then, the term self-destruction has a very definite semantic meaning and does not fit into the logic of events you describe. :-)
  • The comment was deleted.
  • ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 22 December 2022 20: 48
    At the word "reform" people run and hide.
  • UAZ 452 Online UAZ 452
    UAZ 452 (UAZ 452) 22 December 2022 21: 01
    Of all that has been voiced, only the creation of a large number of new connections and associations is real and concrete. This means a sharp increase in the number of general posts. I have no doubt that in this part the "Shoigu reform" will be implemented in the shortest possible time. New division commanders, commanders, army commanders and district commanders will appear literally tomorrow. But the real deployment of these formations, bringing them to a level of combat readiness that allows them to resist at least the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not to mention NATO - if this happens at all, then in the long term. And it is completely incomprehensible - from where to recruit and support hundreds of thousands of new contract workers, given the demographic situation in the country, the deteriorating economic situation (however, beggars will join the army more willingly, if only because they are fed there). It is not clear how an increase in numbers will solve the main problems that emerged during the NWO - disgusting communications, intelligence, interaction of units and types of troops, cumbersomeness and inefficiency of management, general theft, fraud, ostentation, complete isolation of brave reports from reality? Which of these problems does the formation of even a dozen new divisions solve? Moreover, if these divisions are equipped with weapons of sanctions realities - without modern electronics, which there is simply nowhere to get in the next decade?
    So it remains only to rejoice for the hundreds of colonels who will soon receive generals' stripes, and for our military-industrial complex, which will be able to drive a shaft of junk that has no analogues in the world, posing a greater threat to its crews than to the enemy.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 21: 19
      UAZ, if you in Ukraine also think in your coming out Reich, then this is just wonderful! Somewhere Russian army will soon dispose of both Ukrofascists and foreign mercenaries.
  • Vadim Sharygin Offline Vadim Sharygin
    Vadim Sharygin (Citizen) 22 December 2022 21: 47
    Late to drink Borjomi
  • Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 22 December 2022 21: 48
    Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite realized what I and many wise people wrote a long time ago, the West does not like us and behind his smile hides the bestial grin of a Satanist and an enemy who wants to betray, kill and destroy Russia, divide our resources and rob. We will have to increase the Army, the author did not mention the multiple growth of the military budget and mainly for armaments, for nuclear weapons, artillery, by the way, is not so much guns as MLRS, I’m sure that UAVs, SATELLITES AND EVERYTHING IS NOT ENOUGH are planned, so I don’t make evil out of the message conclusions ..... I'm more concerned about the idea of ​​pro-Western economists to revive the budget rule, instead of reducing taxes with an increase in budget revenues due to the development of industries and the growth of the tax base, as well as spending on weapons ... there are three ways 1 to take Chinese taxes and copy 2 calculated according to the formula 2.1. business profitability should be higher than the profitability of deposits. 2.2. while calculating the optimal amount of taxes, that is, such that the business develops and, moreover, tax revenues grow, I can calculate this amount for you. 3 the specifics of the Russian Federation allows you to generally cancel all taxes except for the MET, customs duties and excise taxes on vodka and tobacco, the growth of the NDPI should compensate for all income from other taxes, the formula for the third grade of the school ..... and if nothing is done, then the military budget will be bent to the economy will become fiction
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 December 2022 21: 24
      Vladimir, that is, the main message is hidden behind your intricate letters - Cancel all taxes. Do you even know how any real-life State works, and not fictional by you?
      1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 24 December 2022 09: 39
        Chukchi is not a reader Chukchi is a writer, before you write, learn to read, I propose to abolish all taxes EXCEPT for the severance tax, import duties, and excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco ...... while INCREASING the severance tax! in order to compensate for budget losses from the abolition of other taxes, all producers and users are end users of natural resources, so they will pay MET included in the cost of resources, but will not have to maintain tax, look for tax evaders, bailiffs and overload accountants with mountains of reporting, mailings, online cash desks, reports and deadlines .... there are a limited number of MET payers, they are easier to control and they will actually become tax agents for everyone else, because they simply include the MET in the price of products
        1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 11: 48
          Vladimir was not convinced, your proposal is an attempt to make the circle even rounder than it actually is. But the tax system is not a circle, it is rather a sphere. Yes, if you are good with rac advice, advise what to do with the self-employed, well, if, of course, you know who I am talking about.
          1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
            Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 24 December 2022 20: 52
            Quote: Ignatov Oleg Georgievich
            what to do with the self-employed, well, if, of course, you know who I'm talking about.

            your economic vision, your understanding of the economy leaves much to be desired, the self-employed also use resources, electricity, gasoline, buy various things made from resources or using resources where the severance tax is included ... so the severance tax is the only fair tax ... of course, if you live in the taiga and eat wild cedar cones, you can evade this and other taxes, you have already evaded .... you just have to buy lead and gunpowder
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 22: 17
              Vladimir, you are wrong, I have no economic vision at all, let alone an idea, I am honest and do not inadvertently pretend to be an economist. But I am well versed in the everyday issues of the home budget and in what way it is replenished and not always legal. Regarding the self-proclaimed, I can argue more objectively, because I myself was from this environment. So, initially, the term self-employed did not exist at all. There were people who made money wherever they could, trying not to get involved and not pay taxes at all, and at that time they had never even heard of any MET. Roughly speaking swindlers. What earned is mine. It took a long time to find a legal norm to attract these people to pay at least something. And you are talking about the NDPI panacea.
        2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 24 December 2022 12: 04
          By the way, Vladimir, if I understand the essence of the NDPI correctly, then whatever one may say, it affects the price of the final * product *. The higher this tax, the higher the cost, for example, of gasoline in the domestic market. That is, in our country. You need a balance of interests.
          1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
            Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 24 December 2022 20: 58
            those who now evade taxes in offshore countries are of course interested in a cumbersome and unfair tax system because it is full of holes, and those who now pay taxes at least partially will pay a little more for gasoline, but we are abolishing all other taxes, which means nothing in the end will worsen, by the way, we are still abolishing excises on gasoline and VAT, so gasoline may not rise in price, but the share paid by importers of our resources will increase, and our share in revenues will decrease by the same amount, while Russia with low taxes will attract investments, and it will be more profitable to make nails in Russia, and not in China
            1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 26 December 2022 05: 06
              Vladimir, do you belong to power structures? Et I to immediately dot the i
  • Otto Davar Offline Otto Davar
    Otto Davar (Otto Davar) 22 December 2022 23: 33
    Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?
  • Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 23 December 2022 11: 37
    Mr. Marzhetsky, well, you are again for your own, offensive and large-scale)). Well, it won’t be according to you, although the question is what is meant by large-scale. If these are operations in the Donbass to reach the borders of the DPR, then it is quite likely that there will be enough forces for this, but no more.
  • ZnahWest Offline ZnahWest
    ZnahWest (Ingvar b) 23 December 2022 12: 31
    And how many years will it take for such a reform? And who is to blame for the "Serdyukovism"? Is it his direct employer?
  • alex.zezin Offline alex.zezin
    alex.zezin (Alexey Zezin) 23 December 2022 13: 08
    These are not Serdyukov's reforms, but Putin's. Does anyone really think that Serdyukov reformed the army without the approval and control of Putin.
    1. vladivan Online vladivan
      vladivan (Vladimir) 23 December 2022 15: 11
      Putin never controlled anything! He just puts his signature. They run the country and the press and appoint his friends to the post. And the GDP should create a picture of a cool president for the population. Something to combine Stalin with a cowboy on a bear. Annual press conferences through their pool of journalists have turned out to be a show for the population in the last couple of years. A beautiful advertising picture of GDP for the population for 20 years has become the most global fake created by his friends, which led and cleaned up, canceled, bought the entire field from competitors on power
  • Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 23 December 2022 16: 05
    I don't understand many comments.
    1. Increase in the size of the army. Quite a reasonable and long overdue measure.
    2. An increase in the draft age. Absolutely reasonable measure. High-tech equipment cannot be controlled by yesterday's schoolchildren.
    3. Creation of new districts and corps. The northern direction must be covered. So everything is fine with this item.
    4. Transition to a divisional structure. It is high time. The inclusion of aviation units in the armies. Also no doubt.
    5. Creation of artillery divisions. NWO showed the decisive role of artillery.

    What else is needed? Management, communications, drones, network-centric communications, satellite constellation, target designation. Rear organs in the first place.
    I don't understand the critical comments.
    1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 23 December 2022 22: 27
      It is difficult to argue on many comments, too specific, requiring special military knowledge. However, the call can be argued. The fact that high-tech complex equipment should be controlled by contract soldiers or officers is clear to the horse. As for the technical schools and higher educational institutions: the army must invite and designate in advance students in the senior courses of these educational institutions, upon conscription, to the troops and their educational institutions. In reality, I know cases when talented graduates served as simple telephone operators in the security forces. Raising the age of conscription is a necessary measure. Too many sissies got divorced. There are too many of us and young people who did not serve in the army "for health reasons." Such people should be sent to the civil service as far as health allows. After all, they mostly work, drive cars.
  • zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 23 December 2022 21: 53
    Do Ukrainians agree with this? Agreed with them and hit a hundred grams?
  • Kon1916 Offline Kon1916
    Kon1916 (Harry) 23 December 2022 22: 43
    And the money for all this?
  • aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
    aslanxnumx (Aslan) 24 December 2022 10: 04
    Shoigu's reform will help go on the offensive in 5 years.
    1. blackies Offline blackies
      blackies (Igor Bodrov) 25 December 2022 13: 52
      So we won't do anything?
      1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
        aslanxnumx (Aslan) 25 December 2022 15: 14
        What is there would be enough for the Ukrainians to roll out, but with the existing leadership and generals, we will most likely be rolled out
  • Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) 25 December 2022 00: 08
    For a long time. We need to create new military structures based on AI.
  • Jstas Offline Jstas
    Jstas (jstas) 25 December 2022 10: 38
    The main question is, where is the Russian Armed Forces?
    Fleet - sunk / BDK "Saratov". Cruiser "Moscow"/.
    Aviation - destroyed at airfields / 3 attacks on strategic aviation /,
    The army - / SVO- lasts 10 months, and no victories can be seen / a gift from NATO - the abandonment of the REGIONAL center, Russia Kherson /
  • blackies Offline blackies
    blackies (Igor Bodrov) 25 December 2022 13: 50
    "Small and victorious" no one planned.
    Remember the speech of the Guarantor on February 24 - there was an emphasis just on NATO.
    What does the "threat of retaliation strikes" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have to do with it?
    Create a whole District against a possible single strike by the Swift?
    It's just that the ZVO is divided into separate operational areas: the LVO against Finland and the Baltic states, the MVO against crests and Poles.
    Stop speculating on "weak interaction between different branches of the military."
    Thanks to this interaction, we disposed of TWO sets of APU with much smaller forces than theirs, with minimal losses.
    There is simply no limit to perfection. I wonder - what is the future mixed AD as part of the Combined Arms (tank) Army? Will they include the Su-25 there? And (or) a Su-34 regiment (8 new BAPs will be formed)?
    "Identified problems in the use of Russian aviation" - more precisely, there is only one: we simply do not have enough planes and helicopters.
    Hence the deployment of new regiments and divisions (by the way, not necessarily aviation ones, maybe we will deploy new air defense divisions in the LDNR, etc.?)
    The transition from "Serdyukovshchina back to the Soviet structure" - new clichés of populism.
    Everything is much deeper.
  • George V Im Offline George V Im
    George V Im (George V Im) 25 December 2022 15: 10
    There will be mobilization, and this is obvious ..
    Another thing is that it should have been announced on February 25, but the authorities don’t give a damn about the country and the Russians .. that’s why they are pulling like that .. stupid .. And Russian families are now forced to answer for the stupidity and unsuitability of the Russian government ..
  • George V Im Offline George V Im
    George V Im (George V Im) 25 December 2022 15: 15
    For 10 years, the firefighter was in power in the Moscow Region .. It is strange that he was prevented from modernizing - FOR 10 !!!! YEARS!!!! MILITARY COMMITTEES?????
    What has prevented the authorities from putting Russia in order for 30 years????? Yachts?? Vineyards?? Aircraft are private
    Zolotishko, real estate, mistresses?????
    Looks like it's all put together...
    Having plundered the country for 30 years decently, the Kremlin residents did not give a damn about the country
  • vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 26 December 2022 00: 40
    Without a solution to the problem below, there will be no offensive. Read the article. Our leadership has a very difficult task ahead of us.
    Pain and poverty of Russian artillery
    The problem is that two armies clashed - one from the time of the First World War (this is Russian), the second - the level of the 1990 Gulf War. And alas, the second army really nightmares the first. And the first one cannot do anything about it, because the second army has a huge advantage: it sees farther and better, it exchanges information faster at all levels, it is more mobile.
  • yakisam Offline yakisam
    yakisam (Alexander) 30 December 2022 17: 11
    Firstly, an increase in the army to 2.0 million SHOULD occur in 2017 (Decree of 29.03.2017/1/XNUMX), but it was carried out in the same way as the new one will be performed ... By the way, such an increase is not enough for the success of the NWO, this was previously taught in the XNUMXst year military school, but today you don’t have to learn anything anywhere, you have to Believe.

    Secondly, the increase in the draft age is a reaction to 30 years of "education" and "Putin's breakthroughs", "breakthroughs", innovations" and the destruction of the "scoop", which led to the fact that 18-year-olds became "green". My grandfather left in 1941 at the age of 16 years 8 months (added 2 years), and in 1980 17-year-olds were ready-made adult guys, and not "green" ... It is strange that they did not raise the age to 48 ...

    Thirdly, the re-creation of 2 districts in conditions when there is NOT A SINGLE general in the Russian Federation who, in 25 years of service, would actually command something more than a company, will further increase the fantastic shortage of commanders and senior managers, because the states of these "districts" need someone to complete?

    Fourthly, there is no "army" structure in the RF Armed Forces; combat operations are conducted at the battalion level, and there is no chance to learn how to fight in larger units, not to mention formations and associations - NO, the command can think at a depth of 3-4 km, operational art is unknown to modern "military leaders". "
    Transform" is the delight of the IT age, nanotechnology and stem cells ... So, instead of reorganizing the brigades into divisions, the brigades will be called divisions, I think the opening of dozens of staff "general" and "colonel" positions will delight the commanders. By the way, the RF Armed Forces have brigade- company structure precisely because there is no experience in conducting combat operations above the company level and there are no funds for the maintenance of reinforcement units, for already 30 years.There will be divisions with company level weapons, they will fight at a battalion depth of 1-4 km
    I can’t say anything about hundreds of helicopters - I’m dying of laughter, in the Russian Federation there is no production of aircraft engines, measured at least 1000 units per year - engines change after 50-150 hours ...
    Five new airborne divisions? From whom? in the RF Armed Forces there are 2 three-regiment, 2 two-regiment divisions and three brigades of a three-battalion composition - about 45000 people in 39 battalions, on the basis of which to deploy another 45 battalions? We have 1 airborne school - where to get officers for a 2,3-fold increase in troops? And by the way, will they be "Airborne" without aircraft? In the Russian Federation there is no BTA in principle. Or are they "landing" because there are no heavy weapons for them, as for motorized rifle and tank ones? Well, well ... Partisan troops.

    Fifth, for an "offensive" on a front of 800 km (the width of Ukraine) and to a depth of at least 300 km. (the normal depth of advance according to any textbook for such a front) you need at least 20 tank divisions of the first echelon. Who does not agree - can "attack" personally, I'll see ... 15 seconds ...

    Thus, the "experience" gained in the NMD shows that the RF Armed Forces can conduct "operations" in the form of "strategic defense" against an enemy whose forces and assets have been destroyed by "high-precision weapons" and that an offensive remains a "prospect" for the RF Armed Forces.

    I am happy, how freely one breathes in the liberated Arkanar, brothers...