Gas crisis in Uzbekistan: Tashkent chooses the "European path"

Most recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a gas union to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in the form of closer cooperation in the transportation of blue fuel. However, both states refused. Uzbekistan was the first to feel the consequences of such a rash decision, which suddenly, with the onset of cold weather, found itself in an acute energy crisis.

As the country's temperatures drop, fuel shortages are forcing officials to look for short-term solutions. Videos posted online from across Uzbekistan this week show people lined up in snow with gas bottles, long lines of cars at gas stations, and even citizens blocking roads in desperation.

The official authorities of Uzbekistan make excuses that they did not expect things to go so badly. If such problems had been known in advance, even about their approximate scale, then the outcome of the decision on the gas union with the Russian Federation would have been different, since the transit of raw materials to China would have implied the supply of additional fuel to the internal needs of the republic, especially in such a critical period.

But the leadership in Tashkent chose a different path, almost European - suffering (at the expense of the people, of course) and crisis. Although she could foresee the situation, knowing her resources. However, it is still not too late to change everything, although officials did not use this opportunity for political reasons.

At an emergency government meeting, officials said they would step up efforts to secure imports of gas, electricity, coal and fuel, and ban government agencies from using natural gas-powered vehicles instead of gasoline until March 1 next year. Although they could have voted for joining Moscow's initiative, which would have saved the situation.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 13 December 2022 09: 43
    Nobody learns from the mistakes of others today.
    I wish success to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the run on the "Ukrainian rake" ....
    1. anti-aircraft gunner 14 December 2022 18: 58
      Cunning bais want to sit on two saddles. Let the horses go.
  2. Alex Offline Alex
    Alex (Alexander) 13 December 2022 12: 37
    All these .... countries are used to keeping a fig in their pocket to feed themselves at the expense of Russia, it is high time to put them in their place, and in addition to fuel sanctions, deport 200 thousand guest workers so that the local bais come to their senses and stop shitting in the hand with which they feed .
  3. RUR Offline RUR
    RUR 14 December 2022 15: 23
    The Russian Federation is perceived there as a state that was defeated in the Cold War; unattractive, and even more like a colonizer, although it is enough to compare with Afghanistan, from which they did not differ much before "colonization", and then there is also the "great fraternal" Turkey, which has somewhat strengthened technologically - the West transferred some of its technologies, but the key elements to which , as always, such great powers as Turkey and China have to buy in the West ...
    The Russian Federation also somewhat damaged the image of the NWO, but if you look objectively, then after all, the Russian Federation was able to occupy some territories of Ukraine, and NATO did not protect Ukraine ... The sobering up of Asians, of course, will happen ... with costs, of course ...
  4. nepunamemuk Offline nepunamemuk
    nepunamemuk (Akela Missed) 14 December 2022 16: 07
    good Uzbeks have been warming themselves in Moscow for a long time
    let the rest die...
  5. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 14 December 2022 18: 32
    Well, these people decided to quietly move away from cooperation with Russia in the hope of close cooperation with Europe, hoping to become transit countries between Asia and Europe. Accordingly, make money on it. True, there is a problem here: if Kazakhstan still has some kind of infrastructure, then Uzbekistan has problems with this. True, there are rumors that the US and Europe want to seriously invest in building infrastructure for full-fledged transit through Kazakhs and Uzbeks. But the issue is cost and time. And also who will eventually own it all. Normal people, of course, understand who will get everything in the end, but then normal people, so to speak, are sane, but we are not talking about them here. But the current leadership of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan decided to run ahead of the locomotive. And where there is no rail yet. Hence the result of what is happening now in these regions
  6. anti-aircraft gunner 14 December 2022 18: 57
    Quote: prior
    ban government agencies from using vehicles that run on natural gas instead of gasoline,

    So in Uzbekistan all their cars run on gas!