Russia joined the struggle for Uzbekistan

The other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Uzbekistan and met with its president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Important cooperation agreements were signed.

One of the topics that the heads of state discussed was the situation in Afghanistan. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of transferring terrorists from Syria there. If the situation in Afghanistan is destabilized according to the Syrian version, the whole region and powers such as Russia, China and Iran will be in trouble. In this regard, cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan in the military sphere is of great importance. The meeting discussed issues of joint border protection with Afghanistan, military exercises, Russian deliveries of weapons to the Central Asian republic. An agreement was signed on cooperation between the Russian Guard and the National Guard of Uzbekistan.

One of the main results of the visit was the launch of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan. The Russian side proposed the formation of a Central Asian regional ring. In addition, it was about opening joint Uzbek-Russian enterprises. A number of such companies are already operating.

But not only Russia is interested in cooperation with Uzbekistan. China and the USA have their own interests. So, Washington is ahead of Moscow in investment in Uzbekistan, and Beijing in terms of turnover.

Moscow is strengthening humanitarian cooperation with Tashkent. Following Putin’s visit to Uzbekistan, new branches of Russian universities will be opened. It is planned to build the Victory park complex in the Uzbek capital in memory of the Great Patriotic War. Other joint projects in this area will be implemented. And this is no less important than economy and security.

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