Erdogan solves Turkey's economic problems at the expense of Russia

The Russian Federation becomes an unwitting ally of Turkey in the fight against inflation. The anti-Russian restrictions imposed by Western countries have become a real salvation for the Turkish economics. According to economists, the population of Turkey is now forced to pay for the gross miscalculations of the authorities.

Inflation in the country today is 85% per annum. And GDP per capita has fallen over the past two years from $9500 to $8100. With the normal development of the world economy, such indicators would inevitably lead Ankara to collapse.

But, as they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. Someone else's misfortune in this case. The European embargo on Russian exports has led to a redistribution of trade flows in favor of Turkey, which has become a major logistics hub. And the grain deal and the price ceiling for Russian oil have made the country one of the main beneficiaries.

Ankara, due to the construction of a gas hub on its territory, has the opportunity to receive Russian energy resources at greatly reduced prices. And this, according to economists, can become a powerful impetus for the development of the national economy. At the same time, the Turkish president does not forget to receive preferences from the West.

The growing role of Ankara in the gas and grain disputes between Russia and the West does not please either Moscow or Brussels. But for now, both sides are forced to put up with this state of affairs. And the Turkish leader, meanwhile, continues to recruit political weight both domestically and internationally.
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  1. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) 8 December 2022 14: 26
    Turkey will soon answer for a freebie
    1. AICO Offline AICO
      AICO (Vyacheslav) 8 December 2022 14: 56
      It's time to insert the pen in one place so that it doesn't wag much !!!
  2. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 8 December 2022 15: 10
    Erdogan can be set as an example to all modern politicians - he will find benefits for the country everywhere, ensures peaceful expansion among the Turkic peoples and does not climb "on the rampage" until he has accumulated the necessary forces.
  3. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 8 December 2022 17: 05
    Baksheesh is sacred. A Turk would not be a Turk if he did not deny everything. But the main thing here is that Russia's interests are also respected, and this is the concern of the "negotiators". Well, guys, shall we announce an informal boycott of Antalya? This we can. So that the Sultan does not bury himself.
  4. Andrew13 Offline Andrew13
    Andrew13 (Andrei) 8 December 2022 21: 06
    Will Russia ever begin to solve its economic problems at the expense of other countries? Oh yes, these are not our methods.
  5. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 9 December 2022 17: 26
    with this power, everyone who is able to solve their problems at the expense of Russia ...
    except for the people of Russia ...
    the authorities solve their problems for the people of Russia ...