Military Watch: Updated T-72B3M can safely be called T-72B4

The new T-72B3M tanks, which have recently left the Uralvagonzavod workshops, are equipped with improved protection. As Military Watch Magazine noted, a number of armor elements are made according to the patterns of more modern T-90Ms.

The new upgrade package, which was seen on the new batch of T-72B3, significantly increased the level of protection of the tank. The biggest changes were made to the side armor with track protection. Visually noticeable is also the presence of a lattice under the tank turret and new guides for smoke grenades. In general, the appearance of the tank, which, according to MW, will be called the T-72B4 or T-72B3M2, has become closer to the T-90M.

It is obvious that the changes in the design were made on the basis of experience gained during the special operation. Additional protection will significantly increase the survivability of the T-72B3M in battles on the line of contact.

At the same time, MW doubts the effectiveness of improvements against Javelin missiles. It is possible to ensure a high degree of crew protection in the event of an attack by American anti-tank weapons if the tank ammunition is isolated from tankers, as is done on the T-90M.

If the upgrade package proves to be effective, then Russia will be able to quickly install it on more than a thousand T-72 tanks. Approximate in characteristics to the T-90M, such combat vehicles will provide an advantage on the battlefield in the NVO zone.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 7 December 2022 17: 56
    Now, if it weren't for the communists, would Putin's government modernize now? 30 years since there was no USSR, but Soviet galoshes cannot "denounce" everything !! There will be no Putin, but we will probably wear all the Soviet "galoshes"? Oh, and greedy Putin, with his friends! Already a hundred generations ahead are probably provided, but still not enough. Probably they will make pockets in the coffin too? I would leave at least something behind so that it could be modernized. Palaces, yachts and high fences will immediately be demolished! Or will Putin's heirs modernize them?
    1. vik669 Offline vik669
      vik669 (vik669) 7 December 2022 18: 37
      Yes, the commies have done such a thing that since the 90s, "dear Russians and those who joined them ..." cannot cut and divide, and at the same time also modernize!
      1. Andrey Stavropolsky (Andrei) 8 December 2022 09: 50
        I would like to ask the commies for those mountains of dough and equipment that were presented to all sorts of blacks and Latinos, at a time when the RSFSR had empty shelves in stores.
      2. Vdars Offline Vdars
        Vdars (Victor) 8 December 2022 18: 31
        Modernizing the Soviet legacy was never included in the plans of liberalism !!
    2. Andrey Stavropolsky (Andrei) 8 December 2022 09: 48
      So they are all immigrants from the Communist Party / Komsomol of the USSR.
    3. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 9 December 2022 15: 29
      Interestingly, even the United States keeps old weapons in warehouses, which they sell to their satellites, including Ukraine.
    4. Daniel K Offline Daniel K
      Daniel K (Daniil Koshevoy) 18 December 2022 17: 16
      Well, everything the CIS wears out everything after the union. The mighty empire was
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 December 2022 18: 09
    "Javelins" fly up on an inclined from a height and are triggered by a magnetic, thermal and video trace, so exclude them. Try to deceive the Javelins used, for this, first, the detection of the approach of any projectile, then shoot thermal-magnetic traps in the direction of arrival while simultaneously closing the tank with a cloud of thermal suspension (from video and heat detection). Ships are demagnetized, try to demagnetize the tank as well, preferably by constant built-in demagnetization. For every weapon there is always a shield...
  3. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 7 December 2022 19: 38
    Excellent! Only this should have been done six months ago, it took a long time to harness it!
    1. savage3000 Offline savage3000
      savage3000 (Savage) 17 December 2022 01: 54
      this should have been done 10 years ago. and not to produce ugly T-82B3.
  4. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 7 December 2022 21: 05
    doubts the effectiveness of improvements against Javelin missiles.

    given that the guidance is carried out using the IR GOS, it is necessary not to increase the armor or spread the BC there, but to install active protection, such as a "radar" for detecting a missile attack, according to the principle as in aviation + shooting heat traps, according to the same scheme + curtains - smoke-type interference (special smoke) - critical for GOS on optics of a certain wavelength ...
    even the old 3D17 smoke grenades cover the desired range - critical for Javelin and are combined curtain and "interference" producers from tablets burning on the ground
    so, you need to give the tank the opportunity to automatically determine the attack and defense ...
    and armor can be hung in tons - this is useless ...
    examples of their showed that often the crew is saved due to speed - i.e. the rocket reacts to the engine compartment - the temperature is highest there and when the tank moves, it flies past the tower in the Moscow Region ...
    the end of the tank, but the crew is intact ...
  5. 3danimal Offline 3danimal
    3danimal 7 December 2022 22: 42
    In the T-90M, in the “box” behind the turret, only a small part of the ammo is isolated from the crew, and you need to get it out by climbing out for this.
    The crew is still sitting astride the automatic loader and the main part of the BC in it.
  6. wladimirjankov Offline wladimirjankov
    wladimirjankov (Vladimir Yankov) 7 December 2022 22: 58
    without KAZ, the problem of the vulnerability of tanks cannot be solved. all these side screens will help only from the attack of the RPG-7 and similar obsolete grenade launchers, but not from modern ATGMs and sub-caliber shells.
  7. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 7 December 2022 23: 10
    It is best to destroy the Javelin carriers before the tanks enter the kill zone. To do this, after artillery preparation, strike drones should be hung over the battlefield, which specifically destroy the carriers of these weapons. I am sure that such tactics will be more effective. But in general, in the Donbas, craftsmen behind the tank at a distance of 4-5 m tow a container with hot coals, which confuses the Javelin rocket. The rocket takes an impromptu fire for a tank engine and explodes 1-1,5m before it.
    In this case, the tank and the "bonfire" are practically not damaged. Witty, cheap and cheerful, and most importantly cheap.
  8. alexxnumx Offline alexxnumx
    alexxnumx (Alexander) 8 December 2022 11: 35
    I have another question arises. And where are our Armata tanks .. if the new equipment is used in combat conditions, will this make it possible to make some improvements?
    1. Daniel K Offline Daniel K
      Daniel K (Daniil Koshevoy) 18 December 2022 17: 20
      Expensive, probably. There, at a price of almost 5 conventional tanks, it costs
  9. Albanec791 Offline Albanec791
    Albanec791 (Anton Novitsky) 8 December 2022 12: 37
    Does he have protection for the upper part from jewels?
  10. Sergei N Online Sergei N
    Sergei N (Sergey N) 26 December 2022 16: 53
    Another modernization of the T-72, but KAZ did not exist and still does not exist. Why is KAZ "Arena-M" not being installed?
  11. The comment was deleted.