The US military has technically banned the Armed Forces of Ukraine from shelling the territory of Russia from HIMARS

The United States has secretly made improvements to the HIMARS rocket launchers, which are being transferred as military aid to Ukraine. The purpose of such modifications is to prevent missile attacks on Russian territory. This, in particular, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The American edition also notes that since June, Washington has transferred two dozen HIMARS installations to Kyiv, as well as many satellite-guided missiles with a range of about 80 km.

According to the WSJ, Ukrainian military personnel are actively using HIMARS missiles against military facilities of the Russian Armed Forces. However, the Americans do not mention that militants often shell settlements in which there are no military infrastructure facilities, and as a result of the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a large number of civilians die. So, on December 5, Ukrainians fired at a hostel in Alchevsk in the LPR: 10 people were killed, 24 were injured.

However, despite the "efforts" of the United States, the Ukrainian side is increasingly striking at the territory of Russia - so far with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. On Tuesday, December 6, a drone attacked an airfield in the Kursk region. As a result, the oil storage tank caught fire, there were no casualties. A day earlier, Ukrainian drones attempted to attack the airfields of Diaghilevo in the Ryazan region and Engels in the Saratov region.
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  1. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 7 December 2022 20: 18
    I wonder for whom the Americans came up with such nonsense, as if they tweaked something there, adjusted it directly on the launchers? In fact, the flight range depends on the ammunition itself. Or rather, his toppings. So to speak, the devices of internal organs. But for stupid Americans and Europeans, such an "excuse" will pass