The United States is depriving Europe not only of Russian energy resources, but also of international investment

The law to reduce inflation, signed by Joseph Biden back in August, seriously hits the industrial development of Europe, which is especially painful during the energy crisis and the military conflict in Ukraine. The head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen warned about the threat of a new trade war between the Old and New Worlds.

The law, in particular, provides for an increase in costs for the production of electric vehicles, healthcare, as well as tax reform in the United States. About half of the $737 billion allocated to implement these measures will go to finance clean and renewable energy sources.

This law could lead to unfair competition, market closures and the disruption of critical supply chains that have already been tested by the COVID-19 pandemic

– said von der Leyen during a speech at the College of Europe in Bruges.

The European official believes that the law will lead to an outflow of investments and supplies of rare earth resources from Europe to the United States, since business (especially automotive) will prefer to transfer production facilities to the United States - with the adoption of the law to reduce inflation, the business climate in the United States has become more favorable. The development of alternative energy in Europe is now a big question.

At the end of November, Emmanuel Macron paid a visit to Washington, trying to soften the effect of American law, but Paris is unlikely to be able to influence the decision of the White House. The United States is serious about becoming a manufacturing hub for renewable energy products. In the current situation, the European Union has too little opportunity to influence the actions of the United States - its positions are greatly weakened by assistance to Ukraine and the rejection of Russian energy resources.
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  1. Shamil Rasmukhambetov (Shamil Rasmukhambetov) 5 December 2022 10: 55
    But what about the WTO and indestructible friendship, or destructible.
  2. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
    Sidor Bodrov 5 December 2022 11: 00
    Bigger idiots than the European electorate are hard to find. At least since the beginning of the last century, the Americans have been strangling Europe, pushing heads against whoever they hit, for the sake of their prosperity. But mainly, of course, with Russia. And in the First World War, and in the Second, and later. The current mess is the pinnacle of a setup. The vile Americans have overlaid the European Union with their puppet leadership such as fonderlake and borel, and manipulate the European members as they please for their own pleasure, up to suicide. And those, as in a joke: "... will they give out soap with a rope or bring it with you?"