Chinese residents share footage of Russian bombers flying over their rooftops

In recent years, military cooperation between Russia and China has increased significantly, causing concern in the West and among NATO's Asian partners. The military personnel of the Russian Federation and China began to regularly conduct joint exercises. On November 30, a historic visit of Russian Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bombers to Chinese soil took place.

Numerous videos from eyewitnesses from China have appeared on the Web, which show how the "strategists" of the Russian Aerospace Forces majestically fly over the territory of an ally, and then for the first time come in to land at the Hangzhou airfield in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Residents of China, without hiding their positive emotions, shared on social networks footage of the movements of Russian aircraft over the roofs of their houses.

On the same day, a friendly visit of Xian H-6K bombers of the PLA Air Force took place in the Russian sky. Chinese strategists near Vladivostok were met by a Su-30M2 fighter (tail number "41 blue") from the 22nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Such visits and joint patrolling of each other's airspace should further strengthen relations between Moscow and Beijing. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that joint patrols were carried out and landings of aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces in China and aircraft of the PLA Air Force on Russian soil were carried out.
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  1. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) 1 December 2022 10: 13
    The bears are roaring.
  2. Pavel volkov Offline Pavel volkov
    Pavel volkov (Pavel Volkov) 1 December 2022 10: 31
    What wonderful sounds from this aircraft.
  3. Skipper Offline Skipper
    Skipper (Skipper) 1 December 2022 11: 30
    They could not send the Tu-160. And then these roaring cows of the post-war times are somehow old.
    1. Rubicon Offline Rubicon
      Rubicon 1 December 2022 14: 24
      And don't you worry about the junk from the USA, B52, wrecking bicycle type, flying since the Korean War?
      1. Skipper Offline Skipper
        Skipper (Skipper) 1 December 2022 18: 19
        no, don't worry. for the United States, this is acceptable because it is an enemy ... but it’s time for us to withdraw ... I understand that the Tu-160 is not enough ... but since the 50s screw ... roaring ... it’s like a complete junk .... On the contrary, I want the United States to never have a replacement, and these roaring cows from the 50s ... also ... continued to dishonor the US army until 100 years of operation.
        1. legal Offline legal
          legal (Yasel) 2 December 2022 14: 56
          For the uninformed: these engines have a low thermal signature, the sensors of NATO satellites do not see them, but Tu.160 is completely.
          It's like laughing at the primitiveness of Geranium.
  4. DVF Offline DVF
    DVF (Denis) 1 December 2022 12: 00
    In Ryazan, these beautiful aircraft are frequent guests, their roar is simply impressive, after all, 14000 hp
  5. Rubicon Offline Rubicon
    Rubicon 1 December 2022 14: 23
    This is what death sounds like
  6. Kapany3 Offline Kapany3
    Kapany3 2 December 2022 20: 05
    Quote: Skipper
    They could not send the Tu-160. And then these roaring cows of the post-war times are somehow old.

    The whole world stops at this sound, are you out of your mind?
  7. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 3 December 2022 02: 02
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