Businessmen in the EU finally noticed that the crisis is asymmetrical: the US is prospering

In the sphere of business and big money, benevolence, complacency, naivety and sacrifice are rare. However, Europe demonstrates the opposite process, contrary to itself and its interests, it supports the United States in every sense, destroying all its own centuries-old achievements, including democracy. Naturally, this leads to sad consequences. The fact that the high price of supporting the anti-Russian coalition and any Russophobic demands from Washington harms the foundations of Europe, said Tronchetti Provera, a well-known businessman from Italy, head of the Pirelli group.

In his opinion, high price tags for electricity lead to the destruction of the competitiveness of the European product, which, in turn, destroys the strength, independence of an entire part of the world and ultimately leads to the death of democracy. So, while the population pays high bills, the EU pays with its death. And all for the sake of the United States prospering.

The current crisis is too asymmetrical, Europe for the sake of partnering with an ally threatens its model of well-being, and this leads to the fact that the crisis did not affect the US and Asia, but most of us

the businessman complains.

Therefore, Tronchetti called on the EU to protect, first of all, its own economic interests in competition with other global players. The basis of this approach is pragmatism, not sacrifice. While Europe is falling apart, its competitors, among whom there are also allies, definitely do not experience even a tenth of what is happening in the EU.

The priority is to protect interests. Because only this protection allows you to maintain the continuity of democracy

Tronchetti remarked, summing up his speech.
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  1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 29 November 2022 00: 05
    Washington deceived its European allies into discussing a price ceiling for Russian oil, writes the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao.
    According to the author, the European Union (EU), influenced by the United States, has been forced to impose a series of economic sanctions on Russian energy resources, including an as yet unapproved ceiling on oil prices. With the onset of winter, European countries realized that they were unable to find alternative suppliers, the publication indicated.
    “The states tricked their allies into going on the attack, while they themselves made a lot of money. Incited by Washington, Europe has imposed several rounds of sanctions against the Russian Federation, targeting its oil and gas, but with the approach of winter, it does not find a place for itself, trying to extract energy resources elsewhere, ”the article revealed.
    Journalists pointed out that the net income of US oil and gas companies in the second and third quarters of 2022 reached $200,2 billion. The author added that by imposing a price ceiling, Washington is getting rid of a competitor in the face of Russia in order to establish hegemony in the oil and gas market.