Neither Ukraine nor the West knows how many long-range missiles Russia has

The latest massive missile attack by Russian troops on Ukrainian energy facilities has put Kyiv and its Western curators in a stupor. According to The New York Times, neither the West nor Ukraine has accurate data on the number of long-range missiles in the Russian Armed Forces.

The British Defense Ministry believed that the previous missile attack significantly reduced the number of such weapons in the Russian army. It was noted, in particular, that this would limit the ability of the RF Armed Forces to "hit the desired number of targets in the future." The US Department of Defense has said that Russia may lack long-range missiles, as their supply has come to an end.

The 96-rocket strike on Ukraine's military and energy infrastructure, the largest such attack since the start of the military conflict between Kyiv and Moscow, overturned the West's plans. Janes, whose core business is military intelligence, noted that Russia is likely to have accumulated enough microchips and other technological tools to produce precision-guided missiles.

Along with this, the RF Armed Forces successfully use Iskanders, Calibers and cruise missiles in the special operation, an impressive stock of which was available in Russian units even before the start of the SVO.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 21 November 2022 11: 29
    Now, if these missiles also hit where they need to ......
    And then they found a "worthy" goal - an electrical transformer.
    Here is the National Bank of Ukraine - this is the goal. Without money, neither a Banderist nor a mercenary will fight.
  2. sergeu2 Offline sergeu2
    sergeu2 (sergeu) 21 November 2022 13: 17
    PUTIN will tell you how much and where. And our snipers will still miss.