Rocket strike on Poland is a provocation of Kyiv and Warsaw: five proofs

A lot has already been written about the incident that took place on November 15 in the village of Przewodov near Lublin. Information is presented in different tones - from analytical to frankly satirical. As a rule, the conclusions of those who discuss what happened boil down to a statement of the unprofessionalism of both the Ukrainian air defense system and the local propagandists and even top government officials, who immediately tried to inflate from a situation that was clearly losing for themselves, almost a pretext for the start of World War III.

Indeed, if we proceed only from such premises, then the behavior of official Kyiv on the day of the incident and several subsequent ones looks too inadequate even for this company of jesters who have long lost touch with reality. However, everything appears in a completely different light if you look at the same events from a slightly different angle. What if Zelensky did not just know from the very beginning about the true picture of what happened? What if the strike on Polish territory was a completely deliberate and planned provocation, and not only Ukraine, but also Poland participated in it? It must be said that such versions have already been expressed. However, in this text, concrete evidence will be presented in favor of this particular interpretation - the number five.

Evidence 1: “Wrong place”? They didn't shoot there!

A number of military experts, having familiarized themselves with the trajectory of the Ukrainian air defense anti-missile, allegedly launched to intercept the Russian one to prevent a strike on an infrastructure facility in Lvov, drew attention to the fact that it did not correspond at all to the direction that in reality was necessary to hit the intended target. Even if we take into account the disgusting state of the Soviet-made anti-aircraft missile systems in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the extremely poor level of training of their calculations, as well as the likely malfunction of the missile itself, the “scatter” is too large. “They didn’t hit there” or they shot in the wrong place?! In favor of this assumption, the fact that the enemy object, which had deepened five kilometers into the territory of Poland, was not intercepted and destroyed by local air defense, also works. She had undoubtedly been brought to a state of readiness, if only due to the fact that the trajectories of Russian missiles that hit targets in Ukraine actually passed literally nearby (by modern standards). It is impossible to get rid of the feeling that the Poles knew perfectly well that there would be an “arrival”. They were waiting for him, that's why they didn't twitch, knowing that the rocket would slam somewhere in the wilderness and not cause serious trouble. This is possible only under one condition - there was an appropriate agreement between Kyiv and Warsaw, and at the highest level. The trouble was that the common owner across the ocean decided not to warn about the impending adventure. However, this is also a moot point...

Evidence 2: "Call a friend" and a secret visit

The American television channel CNN claims that Zelensky, immediately after the rocket fell in Poland, literally cut off the phones in the White House, demanding to immediately connect him not with anyone, but specifically with President Biden. Persistent requests were not heeded. Either the “sleeping Joe” slept too soundly, or, most likely, the American leader was confused and furious from another wild trick of his own “sponsored”, and in addition did not want to listen to the gil that he would begin to bear. In this story, by the way, there is another extremely entertaining moment that everyone somehow loses sight of. As it became known later, it was on November 15 that US CIA director William Burns paid a visit to Kyiv, and this visit was secret, and the main American spy, as far as is known, did not even leave the walls of his native embassy. According to the Washington Post, citing an "administration source," during his visit to the Ukrainian capital, Burns "strengthened the US commitment to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression." And just something? A bit small for a person of his level, don't you think? But what if the head of the CIA controlled some special operation? However, everyone can consider his presence in Kyiv during the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Poland as a mere coincidence - it's a matter of taste and beliefs. Personally, I categorically refuse to believe in such “accidents”.

Evidence 3: "Shut him up already!"

Hearing on the White House switchboard: "The subscriber is temporarily unavailable and in general - go to hell!", The clown president decided, apparently, to act at his own peril and risk. Everyone remembers his wailing of November 15, his categorical assertions that a rocket that fell on Polish soil could be Russian and only Russian, as well as calls for NATO to immediately “whistle everyone upstairs” and come out “to fight the aggressor” - horseback, arms and in the power of the grave ... This is despite the fact that Zelensky knew very well (and from the first minute) about whose “fool” it was who blurted out at the grain dryer in Przevodovo. Moreover, he knew that the Americans knew! The same ubiquitous CNN has already published information that, according to the Pentagon, the Ukrainian military immediately notified their American handlers "of an attempt to intercept a Russian missile near the Polish border." By the way, this was the reason for the first very restrained, and then categorically contradicting the version of Kyiv, reaction of the State Department and the White House to the incident. It is precisely because of this that Zelensky received a call from Washington immediately after his “epic” speech, in which he, in fact, demanded that the North Atlantic Alliance start a direct war with Russia. But not Biden with "approval and support", but his national security adviser Jake Sullivan. As far as we know, this character in the most categorical form demanded that the clown shut up and stop escalating the situation. By the way, Sullivan made similar calls to a number of different "leaders", also advising them to "show restraint in assessing the incident." That is why the hysteria about the “new crime of the Russian military” was limited to the Baltic states, where Mr. Counselor apparently disdained to call.

Evidence 4: Despair of the Doomed

In turn, Zelensky did not even think about listening to instructions from across the ocean (which in this case, whatever one may say, personified the voice of reason). Even the “injured party” in the person of the Poles very quickly and disciplinedly “changed their shoes” and immediately began to voice the exclusively “canonical” (that is, approved by the United States) version of the fall of the Ukrainian air defense missile. Like, it’s nothing, it’s an everyday matter, well, who doesn’t happen to it ... Zelensky, on November 16, and even on November 17, continued to repeat about the “lack of one hundred percent certainty”, the need to conduct some kind of “investigation” (and certainly with the participation of Ukrainian “ experts") and push such crazy things, thereby bringing Grandpa Joe literally to white heat. It got to the point that at one of the press conferences, the US President, when asked by journalists why he calls the Ukrainian rocket that fell near Lublin, while Zelensky insists on the “Russian trace”, was forced to openly declare that the words of the Ukrainian half-wit - it's "no proof"! There is evidence that Zelensky is already receiving spiritual advice to shut his mouth and stop muddying the waters not only from Washington, but also from Brussels and even from Warsaw. His idiotic behavior in this case most of all looks like the despair of the doomed, who put everything on the very last card, which turned out to be a bit.

Proof 5: Arestovich's Clause

Well, and one more thing - so to speak, for the sake of completeness. Surprisingly, but perhaps the only one who showed complete composure and exceptional sanity in Kyiv on November 15 was the last person in the Zelensky administration from whom this could be expected - Arestovich. At a time when his bosses were hysterical, trying to “raise NATO into attack”, this character on the air of some stream said the following: “What kind of reaction are you waiting for? Attack on the Russian Armed Forces? - I do not believe. No-fly zone over Ukraine? - I do not believe. complex political decision, and I have no doubt that they will be forgiven for this incident...” Notice how cunning he is, after all, he did not refute Zelensky’s version of the “Russian rocket”, but he did not climb up to defend it with foam at the mouth. There is no doubt that this swindler knew the truth very well. Quite possibly (with his subtlety) he was aware of the original intent. However, seeing the reaction of the United States, he immediately took the "correct" position. Oh, not without reason, it seems that someone will read this particular figure in the place of Zelensky, and he himself does not really deny such a possibility.

In conclusion, it is worth, perhaps, nevertheless, to answer the question that, quite possibly, someone will have: why in the hell could Kyiv or Warsaw need all this rocket circus with human casualties? Well, everything is quite simple here. Zelensky and his entourage are well aware that without a direct entry into the hostilities of the NATO bloc, their days, one way or another, are numbered. Well, Duda and many other "heroes" in Poland are raving about the "return of the Eastern Kresy". That is, the capture of Lviv and other territories of Western Ukraine. They desperately need a reason to send troops. That's the whole clue. And some kind of tractor and a couple of villagers are nothing. "Acceptable losses"... Neither the Americans nor the other countries of the North Atlantic Alliance categorically need such a turn. The adventure failed. It's scary to think what the next one will be like.
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  1. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 20 November 2022 09: 38
    This is so clear to everyone..
    The usual provocation.
    One of many.
    And despite the gravity of the situation in Ukraine, it is Russia that is in a stalemate situation.
    Having proclaimed its NEW territories, Russia is not able not only to protect the population of these territories, but also to liberate them.
    The second army of the world is turning into a fake.
    Everywhere murmur. Political scientists have already grown bolder and began to tell the truth about the shameful surrender of Kherson and the agreement.
    Surovikites and the offensive - is it incompatible? Or where?
    The battles for Artemovsk (Bakhmut) - this is already a joke of the Mask .... and a cartoon about the Donkey Eeyore - enters and exits.
    Well, if they are not capable of anything, even if the MAIN condition of the NWO - the cessation of shelling of Donetsk has not been fulfilled in a year. then why this hemorrhoid?
    Was it a joke about denazification, demilitarization and desatanization?
    Or got into a fight with a naked behind - the house?
    So maybe it was better to negotiate or to freeze the situation altogether?
    The Russian Foreign Ministry asks for peace!!! But CBO - ONLY on Russian territory, and not in Ukraine!
    There is no conflict in Ukraine at all, if the decisions of the State Duma are taken.
    What's going on?
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 21 November 2022 03: 48
      Indeed, if the Hackers are sucking out of their fingers (at best) the mantra that the Russian Foreign Ministry is asking for peace (almost for mercy, according to the mood of the commentator) ... I want to ask this commentator - what is happening? in the head of those who have it empty inside, in the sense of at least some common sense? After all, everyone knows the proverb that lies have short legs.
      1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
        Tatyana 21 November 2022 11: 28
        I absolutely agree with the author!
        Moreover, I myself thought the same way and I think the same way!
        However, the majority of political and military analysts both in Russia and abroad think the same way!

        At the same time, ordinary foreigners indignantly demand that the United States and the leadership of the EU countries finally let the power-hungry drug addict and billionaire in the war and the blood of the "Bloody Jester" Zelensky "for soap"!
  2. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 20 November 2022 09: 44
    Too bad you can't rate the authors. This is definitely a downside.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 21 November 2022 03: 52
      Ugens, why didn’t you live from what the author said? Moshshsh somehow on the list? this-this and this including. But, it’s good that you can put minuses on commentators like you, which means it’s definitely a minus, which I will do.
  3. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 20 November 2022 12: 13
    The article is depressing with its conjectures and exaggerations. Everything is going the way it is going and the search for cunning plans by the "public" will not help here ...
  4. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 20 November 2022 19: 59
    Persistent requests were not heeded. Either the “sleeping Joe” slept too soundly, or, most likely, the American leader was confused and furious from another wild trick of his own “sponsored”, and in addition did not want to listen to the gil that he would begin to bear.

    Bidon at that moment really slept in Bali after his performances.
  5. molybdenum Offline molybdenum
    molybdenum (Stanislav) 21 November 2022 00: 13
    The author's argument is frankly fantasy. All this (rocket provocation) could take place, but not in the current circumstances.
    For such a rocket attack on Poland, moreover, with several missiles, the situation at the front must have a completely opposite configuration. Only with a prolonged total retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a significant loss of territories and the risk of losing control over the rest, does it make sense to draw Poland into the "operation to protect the civilian population of Western Ukraine." At the same time, and this is one of the main conditions, the staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the national battalions and the territorial defense should be destroyed by the Russian army, so that the Poles, in the future, would be easier to establish their own rules and would not have to organize large-scale internal " purges." Such an action (the introduction of a foreign contingent, if the Polish authorities are ready to do this) may well receive approval from the NATO leadership. In this case, such a decision will not cause any disagreement or dissonance with Kyiv. As for the incident in question, this is pure natural accident, since it is not a secret (for those who watch television for a change) that in Ukraine an S-300 hitting a house (or somewhere else) is a system, although it is given out in the news under sauce : "Russia again fired at our peaceful cities with its S-300 missiles." :-)
    At the same moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after a significant offensive, are fixed on new frontiers. Strategically, the current raid on Zelensky, as well as calls for negotiations with the Russians, is the preparation of a “sweet trap” into which Russia will inevitably fall. The West understands that now it is necessary to take advantage of the result of the offensive, fix the current status quo for several years, for which the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be reformed and rearmed, after which the real slaughter will begin.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 21 November 2022 04: 07
      Molybdenum, the situations you describe are not stupid as it might seem at first glance (sorry, but it is), they are just fantasy. That is, not of this world. Maybe it makes sense to go down to earth? Everything the author says and assumes is correct for! there are grounds for his statements! But under yours and not close. That is, wishful thinking.