Russian UAVs destroyed the S-300 radar, the Caesar self-propelled guns and the Grad jet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

And again, fresh videos appeared on the Web, in the channels dedicated to the special operation, demonstrating the effective arrivals of drones from ZALA Aero on various technology the adversary.

One of the blows destroyed a French gift - a self-propelled artillery installation "Caesar". The installation, worth about $7 million, became scrap metal.

A few more arrivals were recorded for the much hated legacy of the communist era in Ukraine. The Grad multiple launch rocket system on the Ural-375 chassis suffered from a meeting with the Lancet. Reducing the number of enemy artillery will save more than one life on the line of contact.

Another blow disabled the command post of the S-300 5N63S anti-aircraft missile system with a 30N6 target illumination and guidance radar.

Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have one less air defense system. Without a radar and a command post, the missiles of the complex can fly not only into Poland. Unmanned battles against Ukrainian equipment have already become the norm. "Lancets" almost silently fly over the Dnieper and reduce the amount of enemy equipment on the right bank of the river. The more drones hit enemy vehicles, the easier it is to defend against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 November 2022 16: 28
    All the same, the Lancet's warhead is weak, even the servants are not affected on the video, they often scatter, and these are specialists and will work on a different hardware. There have already been comments from the military to bring explosives to at least 10-12 kg. And another note, it seems that we are using outdated and weak explosives today, comparing with explosions of identical explosive weight from the United States (C4, etc.). It is high time to improve the explosives for our products, to copy at least the same C4 from the USA ...
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 16 November 2022 16: 57
      Yes, it has been said more than once that the Lancet loitering ammunition needs urgent modernization, as a result of repeated combat use, both their advantages and disadvantages have been revealed, the disadvantages in the very first place include an insufficiently powerful warhead, it needs to be increased to 15 - 20 kg. as well as a small radius of destruction, it also needs to be increased to 100 - 150 km., In order to be able to successfully hit targets such as "Haymars", "Smerch", etc.
      1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
        1_2 (Ducks are flying) 17 November 2022 00: 10
        10 kg is enough for a tank. Himars quickly dumped from their positions, they can be quickly covered only from the MLRS. Lancets are needed first of all on the front line, stupidly replacing Krasnopol high-precision shells, Lancet is considered a pocket super-compact replacement for the Krasnopol howitzer, but at the same time a long range of up to 50-60 km
        1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
          sgrabik (Sergei) 17 November 2022 09: 05
          So after all, the "Lancet" is a loitering ammunition, it is capable of loitering over certain areas for some time and tracking down its target, it is also capable of attacking moving targets, it lacks only the power of the warhead and a larger radius of destruction of targets, if to develop a new modification of the "Lancets" with improved characteristics, then the enemy will suffer much more significant losses at a much greater distance from the front line.
          1. Ibuprofen Offline Ibuprofen
            Ibuprofen (Novel) 23 November 2022 20: 47
            Quote: sgrabik
            he is able to barrage over certain areas for some time and track down his target, he is also able to attack moving targets, he lacks only the power of the warhead and a larger radius of destruction

            It also has a couple of downsides.
            Firstly, for such work, a direct connection between the device and the control point is needed. And the second problem follows from the first - this is communication, firstly, it is perfectly defined, and the points are determined where the apparatus and where the ground station are. After that, all this can be suppressed either with interference, or it is trite to cover the control station with some kind of precision-guided ammunition.
    2. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
      Omas Bioladen 17 November 2022 20: 53
      Warum? Chinesen toten mit Seide-Faden. Lasst uns von den Chinesen lernen, nicht von den Amerikanern.
  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 17 November 2022 00: 05
    near Donetsk, who forbids the destruction of Bandera guns?
  3. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 17 November 2022 09: 56
    There is nothing more stimulating for the development of the military industry than war. A year will pass (and the war will not stop in a year), the Aerospace Forces will have gliders with 100 kg of warheads, costing a little more than a bicycle, launched over Belgorod and hitting Zhitomir. And I don't think I exaggerated too much.

    The main thing is that bitterness will increase no less fold. And it's hard to exaggerate...
  4. Adm Hts Offline Adm Hts
    Adm Hts (AdmHts) 18 November 2022 14: 03
    for all videos (all over the Internet) the accuracy does not exceed 30%, everything else is "near and near" ...
  5. Ibuprofen Offline Ibuprofen
    Ibuprofen (Novel) 23 November 2022 20: 22
    Yes, he got somewhere on the ground under the wheels. Even the entire crew is there.
    They will shaman the car, and then they will go to shoot.
  6. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 23 November 2022 22: 04
    By the way, this s300 is a Russian mock-up, there is a video of how the Vushniks drive past it and there is a letter on board, and it is blurred on the video of the defeat)))