Raw material appendage: oil, gas and metals remain the main Russian exports to China

Compared to the same period last year, trade between Russia and China increased by a third. From January to October 2022, the total trade turnover between our countries amounted to $154 billion, which looks good under Western sanctions. But if we analyze the components of Russian-Chinese trade, the statistics are not encouraging.

The Russian Federation sold goods to the PRC for $94 billion, which is almost one and a half times more than last year's result. But the lion's share, namely 68%, was oil, fuel and refined products. Another 5% of the total turnover is rough wood and ores. The remaining 22% includes copper, rolled metal, and only a very small part of exports to China were "mechanical devices" in the category of foreign economic activity.

In the structure of imports from China to Russia, 25% of the volume is occupied by mechanical machines and electrical equipment, about 6% by cars, and the remaining 44% is distributed between clothing, footwear, optical devices and plastic. Moreover, the total volume of imports is 2,5 times less than the volume of exports.

According to these data, Russia plays the role of a supplier of raw materials for factories and plants in the Middle Kingdom, purchasing finished products in return. The growth of mutual trade is a good indicator in bilateral relations, but the structure of exports does not inspire optimism.
  • Photos used: JSC Transneft - Western Siberia
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 November 2022 18: 55
    Even under the USSR they wrote: Neo-colonialism.
    From dependent - raw materials. From the Metropolis - consumer goods.
    Only then it was not about China and Russia.
  2. Fangaro Offline Fangaro
    Fangaro (Fangaro) 7 November 2022 19: 31
    Unfortunately, these are the consequences of the influence of those who, since 1992, have very often said that we will buy everything we need. And their factories with our machines must be scrapped.
    It was said by many Russian, no longer Soviet, politicians. Maybe they even believed what they were saying.
    Now ore there, and rolling here. Copper there, and products here.
    And if we do it ourselves, we will get not a soldering station for repairing electronics, but a soldering iron for desoldering KM, relays, tantalum capacitors.
  3. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 7 November 2022 21: 06
    Raw material appendage: oil, gas and metals remain the main Russian exports to China

    Unfortunately, this is a long-standing trend, and in the current conditions it would be all the more naive to hope for changes for the better...
  4. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 7 November 2022 22: 33
    the obvious reason is the amount of prohibitive taxes on Russian business, established by the IMF in order to destroy any production in the Russian Federation (the total amount of taxes and requisitions is above 100 percent) for almost a year we have not been a colony .... so why are taxes not reduced? in China, taxes are three times less than in the Russian Federation, and therefore there is accelerated development and investment
    1. tkot973 Offline tkot973
      tkot973 (Konstantin) 8 November 2022 01: 00
      I think that the obvious reason is not the amount of prohibitive taxes, and not the IMF, but our system itself, which allowed the installation of these taxes. And in China, "accelerated development and investment" is again on this.
      The Chinese are generally great, I don’t know how independent they are, but it seems that they are much more independent than us. And look at their latest achievements in space, technology and science - this also says a lot.
      But, to our regret, this is a possible future adversary, if, of course, we live to see this as a state.
      1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 8 November 2022 08: 48
        I agree. yes, this is a system built by Gaidar and Chubais, but it seems to me that it is necessary not only to blame the system, but to take specific measures, for example, to reduce taxes, this system that you blame was built by Khrushchev and Yakovlev, and is based on disbelief in Truth and God and, accordingly, idol the deification of the West, it was the massive admiration for the West that led to the betrayal of the 90s, and to the NWO, and why ... you need to ask yourself and others the question, "Do you personally prefer domestic or do you blindly believe that everything is fine in the West?" ... what blame the mirror "and it is customary for us to blame everything on Yeltsin Chubais and the system, but do nothing even with a word, just support tax cuts, if everyone talks about it, then perhaps they will be reduced, all the more objectively, there will be no import substitution without tax cuts, after all ... the sooner everyone understands this, the sooner the system of which you rightly write will be changed ... but it is even more important to break this system in yourself, among the people, in communal kitchens, but we have escaped many "men" bowing to the West and afraid of mobilization

        VIII. Mirror and Monkey

        Monkey, in the Mirror, seeing his image.
        Quietly the Bear kicked:
        “Look,” says: “my dear godfather!
        What is that face there?
        What are her grimaces and jumps!
        I would have strangled myself with longing
        Whenever she ever looked like her.
        And, after all, admit, there is
        From my gossips of such krivlyak five or six:
        10 I can even count them on my fingers. "
        "What to consider gossip to work,
        Isn't it better to turn on yourself, godfather? ”
        Mishka answered her.
        But Mishenkin's advice just vanished.
        1. tkot973 Offline tkot973
          tkot973 (Konstantin) 10 November 2022 00: 41
          Vladimir, you mixed your thoughts together. From what I understand, in general, everything is correct, I agree, but there is a nuance, as they say. You call to action, that's good. But let's talk in private messages so as not to clog the air.
      2. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
        Accidentally 9 November 2022 15: 15
        We will live very soon.......
    2. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 8 November 2022 08: 38
      did the cook whisper? production moved the whole world to China because of the cheapness of labor ... take glass beads for your work and you will also get oil in exchange for finished products.
      1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 8 November 2022 11: 36
        rumors about the cheapness of labor in China became outdated 10 years ago, in the Russian Federation on the periphery it is much cheaper than in China, and in megacities it is not much higher ... but with existing taxes and bureaucratic pressure of extorting believers, production is impossible at any price for labor resources , even if you pay people 5000 months each (in the villages they pay like that) and you won’t be able to grow agricultural products or, moreover, develop industry ... income taxes 20 percent, VAT 18 percent (colonial tax on Russians, Russians pay it, and our state pays it to foreigners "returns it"), more than 30 percent, property about 10 percent (when converted to personal income tax), personal income tax 13 percent, totaling 92 percent, this is without taking into account the NDPI, OSAGO, Platon and any extortion, if this take into account that it will turn out to be more than 100 percent, no one wants to work at a loss, but two possibilities are open black cash or offshore, that is, only very small businesses (black cash) and large foreign monopolies can exist ( offshore) and those and other taxes almost do not pay, and the average industry and agriculture are PROHIBITED by the tax code of the Russian Federation
        1. passing by Offline passing by
          passing by (passing by) 9 November 2022 08: 02
          lying too much...
  5. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 7 November 2022 23: 22
    The comprador bourgeoisie of the Russian Federation, it will never develop the Russian Federation. The task of these oligarchs, the hucksters, is to make a grab and escape to the west.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 8 November 2022 08: 53
      And Stalin shot the entire comprador bourgeoisie, and at the same time the entire comprador bureaucracy, so the country managed to survive in the Patriotic War, and the people stopped starving
  6. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 8 November 2022 04: 55
    We got whiners! Everyone sells only what he has in abundance. We only have raw materials in abundance. Our domestic market / demand is very large and will remain so for a very long time. buy a lot. Ah! This is different. Well, well
    1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) 8 November 2022 14: 09
      The United States trades paper in dollars, buying everything they need for funky.
  7. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 8 November 2022 14: 08
    the liberals in power made the Russian Federation a raw material appendage of the world, the USSR produced everything for itself, from underpants to airplanes to nuclear power plant ships
  8. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 8 November 2022 14: 23
    The basis of the economy is the production of material values ​​and everyone produces something, and in order to produce, means of production and objects of labor are required, which are equally not possessed by any state entity in the world. Everyone is biased in one direction or the other.
    Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the PRC completed the industrial revolution and moved to a new stage of its development and needs raw materials, and the Russian Federation is an inexhaustible pantry of any minerals that exist in nature in an almost unlimited amount, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the predominance of raw materials in the foreign trade of the Russian Federation.
    All state formations of the world grit their teeth with envy looking at the inexhaustible natural wealth of the Russian Federation, and the political fighters of the Western agitation industry are trying in every possible way to humiliate public opinion, calling the Russian Federation a raw material appendage of the economically developed state formations of the world and turning a blind eye to scientific, technical, technological, cultural and other achievements in which the Russian Federation is ahead of the planet all. This happens due to the historical isolation of the Russian Federation from the leading European state formations, which in the course of their development fought among themselves and everyone was afraid of the huge eastern neighbor whose wealth they sharpened their teeth, just as a crowd of juvenile hooligans fights and sticks to a lonely adult.