Military expert spoke about the decisive role of Russian tanks near Kherson

Tank formations play an important role in the defense of Kherson and adjacent territories, and the importance of this military equipment cannot be discounted. This point of view was voiced by military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

According to the analyst, Russian units are carrying out mobile defense in the Kherson direction. That is, the advancing enemy is stopped by artillery fire, then the attackers at the strongholds are attacked by a specially trained reserve. Thus, the RF Armed Forces inflict very significant damage on the Ukrainian armed forces, and the penetration of militants deep into the defenses of the allied forces should not be considered as a defeat.

After wedging the Ukrainians into the Russian defense, Sivkov noted, the operation went according to a pre-planned plan and was carried out in a classic manner. In this case, the actions of tank equipment are of particular importance.

In high-tech warfare, tanks have been and remain the main striking force of the ground forces, along with artillery and aircraft. Moreover, artillery and aviation solve the problems of supporting the actions of tanks and motorized infantry. Tanks are the force that solves the problem of establishing control over the territories and allows you to bring down the plans of the enemy

- said the expert in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

So, on October 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to advance in the Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih direction near the settlements of Novaya Kamenka - Chervony Yar, Kherson region. On a small section of the front line, the enemy concentrated three battalions, including one tank battalion. Wedging into the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation occurred near the village of Sukhanovo, Kherson region. However, thanks to the coordinated actions of the allied forces and the involvement of the tank reserve, two hundred Ukrainian fighters, 14 tanks and 16 armored vehicles of the enemy were destroyed.
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 21 October 2022 09: 47
    Looking at the absolutely inefficient use of videoconferencing, the question arises, what is their strength?
    Much has been said that the enemy is doomed in the steppes of the Kherson region, they say he cannot hide from the VKS. What do we see? Huge concentrations (more than 60) of soldiers, thousands of pieces of equipment, active aviation, air defense. I'm talking about the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who did not understand. And it's hundreds of miles away. from the Crimea, where there are several military airfields! Where is this VKS armada sweeping away everything?!
    We will win, of course. I don't know how much, I don't know how long it will take. I know that mobilized Russian men will be the main force. But shame for the army of the 2022 model will remain for a long time. All current military commanders responsible for the failure of 2022 are to be judged. Cancel military parades for some time, ban replicas "no analogues", etc.
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 21 October 2022 10: 31
      Another scolder of our army was found, and you, probably, also graduated from the Academy of the General Staff, and studied the whole "science of war", just like the author of this article. Now, if we, having entered Ukraine, began carpet bombing and missile strikes throughout Ukraine, leaving no stone unturned there, as the US army did together with NATO in Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, etc., and then if they had ironed everything with a tank roller, then we would have long been in Kyiv and on the border with Poland, but our Commander-in-Chief and the General Staff humanely decided differently, and they better know what to do and how, without the "help" of couch "strategists". Their refrigerators are already leaking, and this is just the beginning, and in a week they will live like in the Stone Age - without light, without water, without heat, without mobile logistics, etc., etc. ... And not for us, especially civilians, to interfere in the affairs of our General Staff and its military operations in Ukraine.
      1. borisvt Offline borisvt
        borisvt (boris) 21 October 2022 12: 15
        Listen, the question is not idle. I know little, of course, but in conversations even the military of our respected Minister of Defense is called a "fireman". What is he, a military professional, damn it?
        1. Valentine Offline Valentine
          Valentine (Valentin) 21 October 2022 12: 47
          But there is no need to scoff at Shoigu, in Germany the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is run by a gynecologist, and nothing, but Kozhugetovich built the Ministry of Emergencies from scratch, made it a specialized organization for all emergencies, and after the Ministry of Emergencies raised our army to its feet, which was almost to the ground ruined Serdyukov-taburetkin, and remember how our people used to treat firefighters almost contemptuously, but now this is a prestigious job, and not everyone will be taken there. In the army, his business, so to speak, is the general military-technical leadership, and the General Staff deals with military affairs, that's how Putin is our commander-in-chief, but in military affairs he is not very Copenhagen, but how many "beyond the hill" are women defense ministers of different countries, and nothing, as they cope with their economic affairs. Shoigu is a "techie" with a capital letter, and an intelligent person who is in the army in his place, as he was in the Ministry of Emergencies.
          1. borisvt Offline borisvt
            borisvt (boris) 21 October 2022 13: 50
            no one is joking, today is not up to it, sorry. The MO is the main person in the armed forces, especially during military operations.
            You probably know that from 1941 and right up to 1947, the Minister of the Armed Forces of the USSR, more precisely, the People's Commissar of Defense, of course, was not someone else, but I.S. Stalin himself, and only then Bulganin was appointed.
            But Voroshilov took off after the Finnish one, although he had a friend, and Timoshenko took off after the start of the Second World War.
          2. bonifacius Offline bonifacius
            bonifacius (Alex) 22 October 2022 22: 34
            and Kozhugetovich built the Ministry of Emergency Situations from scratch, made it a specialized organization for all emergencies, ...

            Without detracting from the merits of Kozhugetovich, I still cannot agree with this statement. In the USSR, there was such a powerful structure called "Civil Defense". So she became the foundation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. But was everything good in him, says the fact that Shoigu's deputy, who was appointed to his post after his departure, was dismissed in disgrace.
      2. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
        Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 21 October 2022 13: 47
        And who kept Shoigu in charge 10, 15 years ago and did not allow him to truly modernize the army and navy? Was it difficult to understand the prospects and advantages of small drones (quadcopters), thermal imagers, small communication and navigation satellites? Just a man of the old formation and simply cannot understand that the world has changed a long time ago. And modern war is a war in the conditions of constant cellular and satellite communications, everything is in full view. For those who have quadcopters and appropriate video and communication satellites. Our army and navy are lagging behind in modernization. Whose fault? Who is at the helm? Who has long been the weak link? But he doesn't want to admit it...
        1. voznesensky Offline voznesensky
          voznesensky (Oleg Petrovich) 22 October 2022 19: 56
          Whose fault? Who is at the helm? Who has long been the weak link? But he doesn't want to admit it...

          Well, probably, the one who appointed, for example, Mr. Serdyukov, Minister of Defense, who had completely ruined the Tax Service of the Russian Federation before that, and then just as "successfully" and the army, or appointed Mr. Chernomyrdin ambassador to Ukraine, is predictable ( at least for me) did nothing to prevent the development of events in Ukraine, the consequences of which we all (including the inhabitants of Ukraine) are reaping today. But to admit it, alas! oh, how difficult... Almost impossible. And where, among whom was it necessary to look for someone who would not become this very "weak link"? A huge shortage of personnel - the absence of a highly intellectual, patriotic and highly moral elite in the absence of an effective "personnel lift" system that still does not exist - this is our current all-Russian misfortune and the cause of most of our troubles. The only encouraging thing is that it seems that such a system of education and organization of a personnel lift is still beginning to be created. An example of this, in particular, is the cadet education system that is being actively introduced today. And not only. But how long should it take for the efforts made (and I want to believe in it) in this direction to bear fruit?!
    2. Vadim Sharygin Offline Vadim Sharygin
      Vadim Sharygin (Citizen) 21 October 2022 19: 09
      You can collect a petition with a request to replace the main leadership of our General Staff and the Ministry of Defense with contract generals from the PRC, North Korea, the retired generals and admirals of the Soviet Union, former and current commanders of Afghanistan, could significantly help with skills in tactics and strategy, something is needed something to do, because what is happening now does not fit into any gates, the commanders of the Great Patriotic War are turning over in their graves, shame and disgrace to the whole world and I would not want to pay for the current unprofessionalism of our military strategists with people's blood. Either they themselves can’t or they don’t have the courage to admit who is really hard to slow down the victory and accelerate our defeat, who really prevents them from making strategically and tactically correct decisions. In any case, the existence of a strategic plan of action is not felt, there are no non-standard decisions, there are no actions to get ahead of the situation, there is no integrated approach, as if these notorious "battalion tactical groups" of all generals made the most of battalion commanders. In this situation, it is necessary to prepare new lines of defense: in the Moscow region, on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk and Rostov-on-Don ...
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 October 2022 10: 18
    "Experts", some platitudes or wins say ....
    The stump is clear, tanks are important ...
  3. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 21 October 2022 10: 29
    Mdaaa...! For a long time, tanks have been stubbornly trying to "bury"! Tanks, contrary to "wishes", stubbornly do not "die"! request
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 22 October 2022 22: 51
      Tanks today play a major role in the NWO, because the NWO is from the last battles with weapons of the 20th century. There are not enough loitering ammunition, centric communications, from a fighter to a commander, comprehensive aerial reconnaissance, from a satellite to a mini quadrocopter in each squad, and so on. That's when swarms of UAVs fly, any tank armada will smoke with blue smoke and stand up forever. Not even decades will pass, which will become an ordinary reality. The Armed Forces of Ukraine today receive certain advantages from the United States of tomorrow: reconnaissance and target designation in real time, fire adjustment, warnings about our aircraft, missile launches at courses and altitudes, etc. Therefore, tanks are good today, tomorrow they will only be victims if they do not find protection from air attacks. Weapons are rapidly improving, we are improving them with promises and showing fake reports and results, where 70% of the declared novelty of weapons and means, and what we see in the SVO, T-62 tanks ..
      1. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 23 October 2022 08: 45
        You "clearly and understandably" described the complete futility of tanks in the wars of the 21st century! I do not rule out that it will be so! But how "familiar" your arguments seemed to me! How they "similar" to those that I read at the end of the last century!...