The Chinese will invest 300 million in Skolkovo

After the Trump administration unleashed a trade war against China, and a month does not pass against Russia without the introduction of any new sanctions by the United States, relations between Russia and China began to strengthen and expand in the most natural way.

On the sidelines of the Moscow international forum “Open Innovations”, a strategic partnership agreement was signed between the Russian-Chinese Regional Development Investment Fund (IFDD) and Skolkovo Ventures.

This agreement aims to create new business opportunities for high-tech companies in both countries. It provides for investment in new funds of Skolkovo Ventures in the amount of 300 million rubles. In total, the total investment of IFRR in Skolkovo will amount to 1,5 billion rubles.

The partnership will be implemented in several stages. In particular, it provides for the exchange of minority stakes in the capital of management companies, the introduction of representatives of both parties on the board of directors of companies, as well as the exchange of shares.

In the process of joint work, by the end of 2019 it is planned to create two new funds: the “Special situations fund” and the “High-tech vertically integrated companies” fund.

According to experts, the further strengthening of the sanctions policy The United States will only lead to a higher level of Russian-Chinese relations, which excludes the very possibility of Washington influencing them.
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  1. Kot Kotofeevich Offline Kot Kotofeevich
    Kot Kotofeevich (Kot Kotofeyevich) 16 October 2018 15: 26
    Their money "cried" ...
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 16 October 2018 15: 47
    - Lord .., what is it ... -who cursed Russia so ... and for what ..?
    - Well .. why do we (Russia) need these "agreements aimed at creating new business opportunities for high-tech companies in both countries" .. why do we need these pitiful Chinese investments (for which Russia always provides such weighty concessions in China contracts) ...
    -As always ... -Our officials will receive kickbacks ... and Russia will receive another "ghost of a technology center" ... in Skolkovo ...
    -If this happened in China itself .., then Chinese senior officials ...- would be shot ... -In Russia ...- these officials will live in satiety and prosperity ...
    -And China ...- benefits as much ... as much ... as much as 300% when concluding such agreements ..:

    1. China receives significant concessions for other .., previously concluded with Russia contracts (up to a change in the terms of the already concluded agreement) ..;
    2. China simply slows down and drags out, creates red tape, and pulls off all the initiative to implement such agreements. '
    3. China undertakes to supply its equipment at the initial stage, motivating and justifying this with the need for a unique moment in the creation of structures and the installation of various structures ... -The equipment is supplied outdated and an additional fee is charged for it ...
    4. When the Russian side gets bogged down enough in the "unfinished project" ... then China simply stops funding and ... and ... and ... - bills Russia ... for the "work done" ...
    -Even 400% of the benefits came out ...- Like this ...
    -This is how China recently "pricked and threw" Belarus ... -It also lured her with such "contracts" ...