Sohu: Why doesn't Russia bomb the bridges across the Dnieper?

The strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, activated by the current Russian special military operation, are generally presented in the media resources of the PRC with approval. But the question of why Russia has so far stubbornly avoided striking such important strategic targets as bridges is frankly bewildering not only among the Russians, but now even among the Chinese.

Against this background, as noted by the Chinese portal Sohu, the Ukrainian military is acting in exactly the opposite way: they regularly, literally every two or three days, fire at bridges in areas liberated by allied forces, using HIMARS missiles supplied by the West.

Even frontline war correspondents really don't understand why Russia doesn't respond in kind. It also confuses many Russians when discussing the events of the special operation.

Sohu writes, and taking into account the absence of even attempts at least some kind of explanation from Russian officials, he expresses his own versions about the reasons for this situation.

First, it is the significance of such strikes. There is an opinion in Russian society that in this conflict, in principle, only pinpoint strikes are needed to force Ukraine to capitulate, and therefore bridges are not included in the list of “important” targets.

At the same time, the combat readiness of the Ukrainian troops depends entirely on 7 road and rail bridges across the Dnieper, and if this channel of the material and technical supply of the troops is interrupted, there can be no question of any "Ukrainian counteroffensive", especially its continuation.

Sohu points out.

Secondly, the plausibility of the opinion that Kyiv actively advertises in this regard and regularly, from the very first weeks of the NMD, is repeated by Western “experts” is involuntarily supported: that Russia simply does not have enough precision-guided munitions and even platforms to launch them. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the special operation, the Russian military has launched more than 3000 cruise missiles at Ukrainian military targets alone, and now they are actively continuing to do so, it is already difficult to take the West’s speech about their “virtually depleted” stocks to be taken seriously.

But the “complexity of the task” in relation to the “price of the issue”, according to Sohu, may well be the real reason:

To destroy the bridge, you need very powerful and fairly precision-guided munitions. The accuracy of the American HIMARS is about 1-2 meters, while the accuracy of the Russian missile is only about 5 meters. Therefore, to successfully destroy the bridge, the cost of a Russian strike will be high and will require the use of a larger number of modern missiles.

It should not be forgotten that even cruise missiles can damage only the surface of bridges, and experts emphasize that it is almost impossible to destroy their strong supports with such strikes. A good example is how long the Ukrainian army has been hitting the Antonovsky bridge from the air, but it is still standing and operating. Of course, Russia has some very impressive missiles, such as the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, but it is not designed to destroy bridges, but to break through well-defended underground structures or large surface ships.

Finally, Sohu named some “humanitarian” considerations as a factor not to bomb the bridges across the Dnieper. All the experience of modern military conflicts, up to the bombing of Yugoslavia and operations in Syria, clearly shows that modern infrastructure is a system that is then difficult to restore. Perhaps Russia believes that this infrastructure "will be useful to it in the future."

Thanks to Soviet engineers, Ukraine's infrastructure is so developed that now it can be completely destroyed, except perhaps with tactical nuclear weapons. Who dares to do such a thing? This is also a problem.

Sohu notes.
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  1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 11 October 2022 18: 54
    It should not be forgotten that even cruise missiles can damage only the surface of bridges, and experts emphasize that it is almost impossible to destroy their strong supports with such strikes.

    Probably, these are the specialists who were recently virologists. Bullshit! Striking the center of the span structure causes deformation, in which the operation of the railway bridge is no longer possible, and restoration takes more than one month.
    Probably our MO believes that Khokhlomani will leave them to the advancing allied forces? Or maybe it's something else, the Kolomoiskys asked?
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 11 October 2022 20: 50
      Quote: kapitan92
      Probably our MO believes that Khokhlomani will leave them to the advancing allied forces? Or maybe it's something else, the Kolomoiskys asked?

      If it is only a matter of "accuracy", then it is enough to stir up the top of the DneproGES dam and all the bridges, as if blown away by the wind. At the same time, the entire coastal infrastructure. You can, of course, wait for the freeze-up, and only after that take off, then the ice floes will cut off everything along the Dnieper.
      It is possible, a more sparing option, given that we have the upper reaches and the mouth. to bring explosives by gravity or against the current is quite feasible. It is not necessary to hammer with expensive missiles what is feasible on the sly. There would be a desire.
    2. Panikovsky Offline Panikovsky
      Panikovsky (Mikhail Samuelevich Panikovsky) 12 October 2022 15: 16
      Vyacheslav, I agree with you, the excuse is not convincing. Bridges must be destroyed, and not only across the Dnieper. At the same time, destroy several dozen bridges, and no Ukraine will restore them in the absence of equipment, fuel and electricity.
    3. Pavel_2 Offline Pavel_2
      Pavel_2 (Julius Sintsov) 13 October 2022 22: 32
      It was Kolomoiysk they ate vodka with Russians together
  2. Sergey Kuzmin Offline Sergey Kuzmin
    Sergey Kuzmin (Sergei) 11 October 2022 19: 03
    It should not be forgotten that even cruise missiles can only damage the surface of bridges, and experts emphasize that it is almost impossible to destroy their strong supports with such strikes.

    The Russian "strategists" TU-95, TU-22, TU-160 are armed with missiles with a very powerful warhead. If such a missile hits the beginning of the bridge - where the coast ends and the hinged part above the water begins, then the failure of the bridge is 100% guaranteed. You don't have to hit the middle of the bridge to disable it...
    1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
      kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 11 October 2022 19: 26
      Quote: Sergey Kuzmin
      If such a missile hits the beginning of the bridge - where the coast ends and the hinged part above the water begins, then the failure of the bridge is 100% guaranteed.

      This place is called an abutment (end support), in case of damage, it is guaranteed to be disabled, the recovery period is 5 days, if the span is disabled, it must be dismantled, assembled and mounted a new one - a month. In combat conditions, dismantling is much faster, blow up and dumped into the mainstream, saving time. Most of the time is spent on the installation of the superstructure and the restoration of the VSP, unless, of course, there are repeated strikes.
      There are no strikes on the bridges, and the reason is not in the means of destruction, but in the "Kremlin storytellers"!
  3. IvanK Offline IvanK
    IvanK (Ivan) 11 October 2022 19: 17
    And I'm not interested in bridges across the Dnieper, but in the border with Poland - why are they intact, strategic aviation can burn these transport routes ten kilometers from the border
  4. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 11 October 2022 19: 17
    Russia needs a BRZhK with Iskander-type missiles, but with longer range and more power.
    Such a train drove up to a forest stop, 500 kilometers from the front, launched a couple of missiles with warheads of 5 tons each and left for the Urals to reload.
    .... and somewhere in the Lviv region there is no tunnel, only a broken brick remained from the Trypilska TPP, the Paton Bridge collapsed in Kyiv ...
    And the strategists do not need to fly anywhere, and the pilots do not need to take risks, and the effect is as it should be.
    And the train with new missiles is already on its way to the position for new firing .....
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 12 October 2022 16: 54
      Why so rude. In addition, the bridges belong to the Russian boyars. For each trip, a hundred thousand dollars in US banks. The Americans did not bomb everything in Germany either. There was something there that American leaders had a lot of money, you can say that they were owned by the Americans.
  5. archer 13 Offline archer 13
    archer 13 (Alexander Strelnikov) 11 October 2022 19: 22
    how they don’t understand, well, they won’t leave crests bridges intact, but they will do it like in a joke

    .... neither to yourself nor to you on any drum ...
    1. Dingo Offline Dingo
      Dingo (Victor) 12 October 2022 08: 08
      An example of this is on the border with Belarus. "But this is different" ... It's just that the oligarchs-nouveau riches close to the Kremlin have their own selfish interests, which, "... we don't have. There are socially responsible managers." - End of quote. These "managers", who have long divided all the "pieces of the pie" among themselves, by no means want to spend their stolen "overwork" in any kind of restoration of infrastructure, not only in some kind of Ukraine - in Russia - they are not you will force... There is no other intelligible answer.
    2. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 12 October 2022 16: 56
      And in this case, the bridges are insured. If the Russians do - FIG, not insurance.
  6. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 11 October 2022 19: 36
    I think - everything is trivial .. Some respectable uncles in our upper circles to this day have business interests in exporting something tasty along the Ukrainian roads .. And this is the only reasonable explanation. They spit on the interests of the country and the lives of our fighters.
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 October 2022 23: 37
      Absolutely true and the trade balance confirms this.
    2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 12 October 2022 13: 47
      To whom is the war, and to whom is the mother dear, that's because the cattle, there is nothing sacred in them, only loot on the mind, and in the soul there is only rot.
  7. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 11 October 2022 19: 39
    Perhaps Russia believes that this infrastructure "will be useful to it in the future."

    and when they retreat, do the crests promise not to blow up these bridges? On the border, at the father’s nose, they screwed everything up and mines are scattered right on the roadway like seeds, and they are on the drum of a bridge or a road.
    1. EMMM Offline EMMM
      EMMM 17 October 2022 22: 46
      And even if they promised? Can you believe?
  8. Burtsev Vladimir Dmitrievich (Vladimir) 11 October 2022 20: 00
    It's not just about the bridges across the Dnieper. The point in general is the absence of powerful devastating strikes against Ukrainian transport communications, which provide delivery of weapons and manpower for the AFU from the western and central parts of Ukraine to the combat area, as well as on power supply systems, engineering communications that ensure the functioning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the military the political Bandera control system of the Square as a whole. This is entirely the "merit" of Gerasimov and the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. And who else is behind this is a completely different question. Surovikin came and everything immediately began to fall into place. The combat operations of the RF Armed Forces have gained focus, the strikes against the Ukrainian systems of energy supply, communications and control shocked Bandera, who are now in a state of knockdown. Now, similar strikes must be carried out on key transport communications facilities (roads and railways), it is necessary to completely cut off the replenishment of HFU in eastern Ukraine, and destroy the most dangerous and large accumulations of HFU in eastern Ukraine. It is also necessary to create a powerful effective system for combating Bandera saboteurs and a powerful system of mobile task forces for conducting combat operations and solving other special tasks in the rear of the Armed Forces of Ukraine throughout the territory of Ukraine occupied by Bandera.
  9. Burtsev Vladimir Dmitrievich (Vladimir) 11 October 2022 20: 14
    It is necessary to speed up the implementation of the SVO in Ukraine. Every day of delay gives Biden and his vassals the opportunity to feed the Armed Forces of Ukraine with new, more powerful weapons. If we continue the tactics of military operations begun by Surovikin, then the successful implementation of the SVO can be ensured within a month. One of the main conditions for success in the NWO is the mastery of key settlements - Kharkov and Kyiv, as well as Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. At the same time, the tactics of taking the megalopolises of Kyiv and Kharkov should be special, specific. But this topic is not for publication.
  10. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 October 2022 20: 19
    Perhaps Russia believes that this infrastructure "will be useful to it in the future."

    These bridges have long been mined!!! Fool, rich in thought.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 11 October 2022 22: 27
      Quote: steel maker
      These bridges have long been mined!!! Fool, rich in thought.

      steelmaker, fool, That's what they call a fool. laughing
  11. svit55 Offline svit55
    svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 11 October 2022 22: 08
    For two days, I didn’t hear about the strikes on the refinery. If you eliminate the supply of fuel and lubricants, then the bridges do not need to be bombed. Everything that transports and produces fuel and lubricants is the most vulnerable part of the combat capability of the Armed Forces.
  12. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 11 October 2022 23: 44
    The Chinese are not stupid, however.
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 12 October 2022 11: 50
      As we are. It’s just that in Russia they are condescending towards stupidity and betrayal, it’s convenient to disguise themselves as it
      1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
        sgrabik (Sergei) 12 October 2022 13: 03
        This is bad, it is a relic of the liberal 90s and a huge drawback from which it is urgent to start getting rid of.
  13. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 12 October 2022 06: 39
    Come on. Everything is solvable. Russia has every opportunity to put out of action the strategic bridges in ukroreikh for a long time. The only question is the political will of the Russian leadership. By the way, you can not touch the bridges, but de-energize Nazi Ukraine by knocking out key energy facilities. And this whole war will end almost instantly ..
  14. Fahrenheit Offline Fahrenheit
    Fahrenheit (Viktor) 12 October 2022 10: 12
    All you need is a desire, and we have a fifth column in our leadership. Each of them has accounts in foreign banks, and their children and grandchildren study there. Here they are slowly spoiling us. If our bombings of October 10 and 11 had been made six months ago, how many of our soldiers, and even the inhabitants of Donbass, would have remained alive.
    1. Amper Offline Amper
      Amper (Vlad) 12 October 2022 12: 52
      Correction. Leadership is the fifth column. hi
    2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) 12 October 2022 13: 07
      I agree, it is necessary to remove all politicians - liberals from making any military-political decisions in our country, and until this happens, we will continue to fail in everything, do they still not understand this at the top?
      1. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
        Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 16 October 2022 04: 12
        Here, with the greatest difficulty, the simple General Lapin, until all of Russia was indignant at his mediocre leadership, was literally torn off his post, and you want someone to be hurt higher and called to account ...
  15. Amper Offline Amper
    Amper (Vlad) 12 October 2022 12: 52
    Negotiation within the warring clans, human losses do not count, the basis of the "strategy". Business is nothing personal! bully Good mood to you all! fellow
  16. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) 12 October 2022 13: 10
    One reason is betrayal. Any bridge can destroy Iskander, but everyone is silent about this. And in order to use them in the future, we need a victory, and we are extending it precisely because of these bridges and sacrificing thousands of lives of our soldiers.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 12 October 2022 13: 47
      Quote: kalita
      Any bridge can destroy Iskander

      They write about Iskander:

      High-explosive fragmentation warheads are generally similar to bombs of comparable weight, such as the KAB-500

      About KAB-500:

      The modern KAB-500S air bomb is equipped with satellite guidance equipment and a high-explosive warhead (explosive mass - 195 kg)

      about the Hymars they write:

      M31 (GMLRS UNITARY) - a guided 227-mm rocket with a unitary high-explosive fragmentation part weighing 91 kg

      those. by mass of explosives 1 Iskander rocket \u2d XNUMX Hymars rockets.

      How many highmars were released to significantly damage the Antonov bridge?
      1. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
        Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 16 October 2022 04: 15
        But they did release it. In war, the main thing is the result!
  17. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 12 October 2022 19: 02
    Why Russia stubbornly does not bomb bridges across the Dnieper, oil refineries, power plants, railways, etc. - the Kremlin forbids. There is no other answer in sight. There are no rockets, but there are bombs, there are shells... Excuses can always be found if the authorities don't want to.
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 13 October 2022 06: 59
      Right! There is no order. It must be understood that bridges and everything else can be destroyed (needed). Can't be restored. At least the Ukrainians will not be able to do this, and the rest do not care. Will the Russians build?
    2. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
      Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 16 October 2022 04: 17
      There are no excuses here
  18. Reader 22 Offline Reader 22
    Reader 22 (Ludmila) 13 October 2022 20: 59
    We are still strange people. You are openly told several times a week that in the United States, the Amer military-industrial complex tells Bidon that the war must continue. Go on and on, because it is very beneficial! But as soon as it comes to our native military-industrial complex, you lose your mind and do not understand that IT IS VERY FAVORABLE!
  19. Pavel_2 Offline Pavel_2
    Pavel_2 (Julius Sintsov) 13 October 2022 22: 34
    Dogvornyak money bags fattening in the Russian Federation are on the hook in the West with those who have their loot
  20. Zwain Offline Zwain
    Zwain (Zwain) 13 October 2022 23: 47
    ,,,, apparently it will come in handy. feel
  21. Oleg V. Online Oleg V.
    Oleg V. (Oleg Vladimirovich) 14 October 2022 16: 03
    And already tired of listening to chatter on the topic: Everything is going according to plan! In autumn we will go to the border with Poland! There is no need for mobilization! And then it turned out that there were not enough berets and pea coats .... Where are the landings, GDP? It's time not to imprison or even shoot, but to torture physically and psychologically, to force all this smooth-faced bastard to eat their feces ... Ruin their families to the ground so that they become beggars and they consider getting a job as a sewer a great success. Then maybe a little will start to work normally.
  22. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 15 October 2022 09: 53
    It is strange that NATO did not know anything about the fact that bridges cannot be destroyed by cruise missiles and destroyed all the bridges across the Danube in Yugoslavia with Tomahawks. Or he used adjustable bombs on two bridges.
    It is better to honestly admit that the internal "peace-loving party" stands guard over the bridges. And, most likely, the West holds them for Faberge. The condition is very simple - if you do not ensure the preservation of strategically important bridges for the Reich's coming out, then your foreign accounts and cozy nests are covered with a copper basin. And for the sake of this, the "peace lovers" will give money for the armament of the Wehrmacht's coming out, not that they will fit into the bridges.
    IMHO, in many years we will certainly find out how the Russian oligarchs, for the sake of preserving foreign assets, also threw money into the support fund for the Wehrmacht's coming out.
  23. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 15 October 2022 20: 18
    For some reason, everyone is sure that if the bridges are blown up, the war will end. Can turn on the brains and understand that the destruction of bridges gives practically nothing? I am sure that a situation will come when it will be clear to everyone why we did not destroy the bridges from the very beginning.
    1. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
      Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 16 October 2022 04: 23
      Read at your leisure about the history of the struggle for bridges during literally all wars since World War 2 ...
      1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 17 October 2022 22: 36
        Alexander, if your advice to read * about the history of the struggle for bridges at all times - everywhere and always starting from Tsar Pea * is addressed to me, then neither you nor I nor anyone at all will find an unambiguous recipe for destroying them. And tactically and strategically, they tried to keep many bridges and dams in the main directions of the main strike. even if they were mined. As a rule, reconnaissance, saboteurs-miners were thrown into the rear and neutralized mined crossings, which then made it possible for the advancing troops to move freely. I am sure that such an operation, with the help of landing, will neutralize the bridges (or part of them) and create a foothold on both banks of the Dnieper. There were enough such episodes in the Great Patriotic War. Everything has its time. At the moment, Bandera's bridges will certainly not blow up the bridges themselves. Having blown up the bridges now, we cut ourselves off from the right bank and receive long-range missiles from behind the Dnieper, received in this case from the United States. Refute me if you wish.
  24. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 17 October 2022 21: 05
    Why we ourselves in peacetime in 1991 divided our country, no one cares. And then some bridges .... not seriously.

    Why explain about bridges, if about something that is a thousand times more important, you can really not explain anything? .... eklmn ... like children.

    They divided the country so that ..... Don’t feed Ukraine, otherwise they love fat. To equip Russia. In, they arranged it ...... The people are happy, but why the hell did these bridges surrender to him now?