Will Russia use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine: experts doubt

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the media about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in the course of the JMD. Let's see what the Russian nuclear doctrine says about this and whether it makes any sense at all.

Principles of nuclear deterrence

The West is actively promoting the topic of tactical nuclear weapons in the media to strengthen its authority and promote the system of liberal diktat

- says the official representative of the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Document "Fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence" states that the nuclear doctrine of Russia provides only for the defensive use of nuclear weapons "in the event of a threat to the very existence of the state" and the decision on it is made by the supreme commander.

If we turn to the US nuclear doctrine, reflected in the Nuclear Posture Review, it turns out that America has reserved the ability to use nuclear weapons at any moment. The diplomat Andrei Belousov spoke about this recently. In particular, the US doctrine provides for "the possibility of using nuclear weapons in response to an attack using non-nuclear means of attack."

Tactical nuclear weapons and the feasibility of their use

Tactical nuclear weapons are designed to hit targets directly at the front and in the immediate rear, so its power in TNT equivalent does not exceed only a few kilotons. It can exist not only in the form of rockets and shells, but also other ammunition, for example, air bombs.

In Russia, the main carriers of tactical nuclear warheads are the Tu-22M3, Tu-160 and Tu-95MS aircraft. The first, by the way, are already working on the enemy with conventional bombs and missiles. There are nuclear shells for artillery systems such as the Msta-S, Hyacinth, Malka, and even for the Tulip heavy barreled mortar. Their ammunition does not cause significant harm to the environment, so you don’t have to worry about radioactive contamination of the area. In most cases, no one will even notice that the ammunition was nuclear due to its low yield. In general, the general trend of modern nuclear weapons is a reduction in mass and power in exchange for an increase in strike accuracy.

But even if we take such a powerful system as the Iskander-M ground-based operational-tactical complex with a 50-kiloton nuclear warhead as a unit of tactical nuclear weapons, this is what happens.

The density of troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine per one kilometer of the front line is up to 300 people. At the same time, it is important to understand that the soldiers of the forward units, as a rule, are not in an open field. They are protected by trenches, dugouts, combat technique. It has long been proven that the hulls of armored vehicles and tanks even delay gamma rays.

Considering the number and density of the enemy troops, we get that the detonation of a tactical nuclear charge must be carried out at an altitude of 350 meters or more, otherwise the radius of destruction will be too small. But even at the minimum height for detonation, the fireball from the explosion will not reach the ground, and the radius of heavy damage to manpower by the blast wave will not even reach 900 meters. Hope only for deadly gamma radiation, which will spread almost 4 kilometers along the front. What will be the losses of the enemy?

The results are mixed. It seems that we have covered 4 kilometers, but a maximum of 700 people will die, and this is only 1% of the total number of those killed during the NWO by the Kyiv regime. The same losses on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be achieved by conventional cannon and rocket artillery in a relatively short time if it works around the clock and relies on the most accurate intelligence data. And from our calculations, it turns out that for the entire NMD it would take about a hundred tactical nuclear strikes to inflict the same damage on the enemy as from conventional weapons. This is confirmed by the information reports of the Ministry of Defense. It turns out that the game is not worth the candle, ammunition will cost more, but the effect is the same. Only international resonance in the load.

Most soldiers, even in the simplest trench, will survive after a nuclear explosion. About the same way, some residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survived, who managed to hide in the basements of houses. And military equipment is even less vulnerable to tactical nuclear weapons. Here is a historical example. In 1953, the British tested their new Centurion tank at that time, blowing up a charge of 320 kilotons 10 meters from it. They put dummies with radiation sensors in the car, started the engine and left it running.

The tank was not even overturned by the blast wave. The engine continued to run until it ran out of fuel. Only the hatch covers were torn off, which caused the mannequins and the inside of the tank to be “sandblasted” by a stream of grains of sand caught up in the atomic flame. Three days later, living soldiers were put into the tank (without decontamination!) It left the training ground under its own power, and only after that the engine broke down, “swallowing” dust. After another 16 years, the same tank went to the Vietnam War and even survived it.

Will a global nuclear war start?

The Russian nuclear doctrine in reality does not provide for the use of tactical nuclear weapons to stop the escalation of the conflict, as they write about it in the Western media. The threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia is just a myth generated by the poor awareness of foreign journalists. On the other hand, fears and doubts in unfriendly countries play into Russia's hands: NATO is unlikely to decide on an open conflict when such sentiments prevail in Western society. And the longer they persist, the less likely we are to see nuclear weapons in action.

Aleksey Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security at IMEMO RAS, referred to the basic principles of nuclear deterrence and said that Russia's use of nuclear weapons would depend on how Ukraine's attack on new territories that had recently become part of the Russian Federation would be considered. According to him, a serious, inevitable threat to our statehood is needed for the situation to reach the point of using nuclear weapons. So far, this has not been observed.

Director of the Center for Military-Political Studies, political scientist Alexei Podberezkin believes that the United States is deliberately provoking Russia to use nuclear weapons.

The United States is quite satisfied if, as a result of nuclear provocations, Russia and Europe are destroyed or severely affected. Days of them is an acceptable alignment

concluded the political scientist.

Thus, there are no prerequisites for the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. There are neither conditions that would incline us to inevitable surrender, nor a threat to our statehood. So for now, for people who are not mobilized to participate in the NWO, it is enough to focus on their own affairs and read less News: the psyche will be more whole.
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  1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 9 October 2022 09: 33
    We can agree that the limited use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield will be ineffective, and against civilian objects inhumane. However, there are targets suitable for tactical nuclear weapons, these are bridges across the Dnieper. Russia needs guaranteed destruction and the impossibility of their restoration. This task can be performed by tactical nuclear charges without large losses of the civilian population.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Alexander) 9 October 2022 09: 49
      You can start with the use of high-power volumetric detonating air bombs at railway stations and airports, because these are strategic objects clogged with military equipment, troops, fuel and ammunition, and you should forget about the inhumanity of using something against civilians, because Ukraine has not left a single whole villages in the border regions of the Belgorod region, not to mention the Donbass, and it’s not worth it to put it mildly with the relatives of those who, in essence, are pursuing a policy of genocide of the Russian people with their own hands .... The war is on, but they don’t do it in white gloves .. .
  2. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 9 October 2022 10: 03
    The fact that a global nuclear war could start is bullshit, the Anglo-Saxons, as usual, bluff. In fact, the representatives of the Golden Billion will NEVER allow this, even if there is a 99,9999% guarantee that their assets and their lives will be safe. I am surprised by the fact that none of the Russian leadership will say that Russia will win in the non-nuclear world without nuclear weapons, especially since we, the Russians, live there!
  3. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
    vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 11: 02
    It doesn't matter what kind of weapon. For weapons, you need to choose the right targets for the destruction of the centers of statehood and maximum effect. It is possible to strike with a nuclear weapon on a deserted area with zero effect.

    It is possible to cut off the troops or the supply of troops with a wide band of strong radiation. You can cut off Ukraine from Poland.

    You can end the war with a vacuum dad of all bombs in a week by choosing the right targets, maximum damage.

    You can destroy the entire statehood in minutes with hyper sonic weapons if you hit important and correct targets. And you can launch thousands of missiles with almost zero effect, more soldiers will be recruited. :)
  4. staer-62 Offline staer-62
    staer-62 (Andrei) 9 October 2022 11: 04
    I also think that the effect of a nuclear explosion is exaggerated. Yes, the explosion is strong, yes, radiation, but all this is in a limited area. In cities, the effect will be large, but not in the territory. Take the area of ​​a country and the area affected by the explosion, it's like a dot on a map. Therefore, I believe that the number of warheads in Russia is very, very small. We will not be able to give a crushing answer to all enemies, but they will work on us so that we will not get up. Then our neighbors will finish us off, there was Russia and it was gone, completely, and there will be no people, no one at all. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to destroy Europe with nuclear weapons before they destroy us. Don't touch Ukraine, it's our land and our people. When Europe shuts up, we will take Ukraine with our bare hands, kindly, they will come.
    1. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
      vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 11: 11
      It all depends on the choice of target. If you strike with your finger in the sky, naturally there will be no effect.

      In the most severe version, even tactical strikes near cities are enough for the population to all flee to Europe. This means there is no one to recruit into the army, which means that Europe will feed them.
    2. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
      vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 11: 13
      Imagine even an impact next to the city, a blinding flash with a mushroom and a shock wave. Every window in the city will break. And the entire population will run away from this city, cities. It is unlikely that they will remain to check the effect of radiation on themselves.

      Moreover, you can survive temporarily from radiation, and then get sick.
      1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
        Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 9 October 2022 20: 47
        A high-altitude nuclear explosion of a certain power disables electronics and part of electrical engineering, but leaves people alive, does not create radioactive contamination and does not destroy buildings. Imagine this explosion over Kyiv.
  5. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
    vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 11: 22
    Hyper sonic weapons and all sorts of dad and all vacuum bombs can also end the war quickly. You need to choose the right goals. Depriving Ukraine of statehood and the ability to survive, to fight. Any next interim president should know this is a suicide bombing position, and there are minutes until the strike. Any Ukrainian politician who blurted out about weapons (we want weapons), war, Arestovich, while significant and somehow important for management, should be hit by hyper sonic weapons. In any case, you can fill up the entrances.
  6. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 9 October 2022 11: 37
    In general, the "Baby" and "Fat Man" dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were up to 18 kilotons in power, and they did a lot of business.
  7. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
    Vox_Populi (vox populi) 9 October 2022 12: 00
    It's just "Kashchenko" ... sad The author writes about the uselessness of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine (albeit for specific reasons). In response, people foaming at the mouth supporting emancipatory and the denazifying nature of the CBO, seriously discuss and "explain" the need for its application. Is this a malicious provocation or an extreme degree of oligophrenia in the desire to become a rogue state?! Does it occur to anyone that nuclear strikes against a non-nuclear state will be regarded as an inhumane act, expressing our impotence and the failure of the NMD, will cause the unconditional condemnation of most states and the alienation of a few conditionally friendly countries with extremely unfavorable consequences?
    1. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
      vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 12: 16
      How the US hit Japan. So not incidents and not an example and not an outcast. The fact is that the war must end quickly. Otherwise, the citizens of the Russian Federation - mobilized will die much more, plus civilians. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nuclear weapon or a winged weapon or the father of all bombs or a hyper sonic one. You need to choose goals so that the war is stopped in days or hours. Victory with surrender.

      You can strike near the cities, all statehood will disappear, and people on the borders will demolish everything and run away to the west and to us.
    2. Pensioner of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Retired of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) 9 October 2022 19: 49
      So, outcasts, Belarus will not be full
  8. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
    vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 12: 21
    We choose the wrong targets. You need to destroy statehood and you need to start with the leaders of the war. Zelensky, Arestovich and all the important people who want war. Let them get hyper sonic Zircon in the ass instead of war))) they want the death of civilians, they want war, they should be destroyed long ago. !!!! :)
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 9 October 2022 12: 39
      That's right, remove the main instigators of the war, and the state will become more prudent. The only question is, who rules in our country, if the NWO looks like only a massacre of a thousand citizens of the Russian Federation without clear plans and creating the preconditions for victory. Who is responsible for such a long folk bloodletting, mockingly called SVO. The first to remove the top of the junta of Ukraine, and immediately a lot of things will fall into place there. Yes, and with our tops, which have brought to such a CBO, it is necessary to figure it out.
  9. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 9 October 2022 12: 32
    From the very beginning, it was necessary to call all this not CVO, but WHO, in view of the fact that Galician terrorists seized power in Ukraine by force of arms, with the help of the "collective West", which makes the "Fourth Reich" out of today's nenka, as it did the "Third Reich" with Hitler at the head, when all of Europe was arming the fascist regime, and we were sending grain, food and metal products in echelons, the same thing is happening now, when we are waging an open war with our enemies, and at the same time supplying them with our energy carriers, grain and food, and it does not reach our authorities at all that our "enemy partners" do not need Russia and its people at all, but only the richest pantries of its bowels, our forest and water resources, and they will stop at nothing, and soon they will tear it apart from all sides - Japan, Turkey, China, Europe and the USA with other statements, and so I ask those who consider our use of tactical nuclear weapons "just Kashchenko" - and what kind of solution do you all offer, meaning application t only conventional weapons, which we, numbering 150 million people, will oppose, and are already opposing the almost one and a half billion "collective West", + Japan and Turkey - they have a tenfold superiority in everything, and we also have 15-20% in our house home "5th column", and we will not master such a colossus if we do not use tactical nuclear weapons, and not such a toy, which is mentioned in this article. As soon as we hit the Poland-Galicia border line, so that not a single cartridge and mouse slips through this border, the whole world will shut up, because everyone cares about their own lives, and we have nothing more to lose. I'm waiting for a specific answer, and not snot-dislikes from mishandled Cossacks.
    1. vitalikn Offline vitalikn
      vitalikn (Vitalik) 9 October 2022 12: 54
      Everything is written correctly. And now we are conducting the NWO according to the plan of the West, with bloodshed, with humiliation. And according to the plan of the West, if you reduce the most numerous people in Russia, men - linking everyone, then inevitably at some point the state will collapse, irreversible, since people who screw everyone are a minority. Or not enough.
  10. constantin4480 Offline constantin4480
    constantin4480 (Konstantin) 9 October 2022 13: 21
    Quote: Sapsan136
    You can start with the use of high-power volumetric detonating air bombs at railway stations and airports, because these are strategic objects clogged with military equipment, troops, fuel and ammunition, and you should forget about the inhumanity of using something against civilians, because Ukraine has not left a single whole villages in the border regions of the Belgorod region, not to mention the Donbass, and it’s not worth it to put it mildly with the relatives of those who, in essence, are pursuing a policy of genocide of the Russian people with their own hands .... The war is on, but they don’t do it in white gloves .. .

    I agree. We have enough non-nuclear weapons. Putin announced possible strikes on decision-making centers. So, where are those kicks? The centers have long been known.
  11. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 October 2022 13: 41
    Well, here we are.
    then they denounced the West for its "concern", and here right in the headline
    "Will Russia use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine"

    If we recall the previous promises: do not raise the PV, do not attack, do not attach, do not mobilize, etc., then "do not apply", and even with a stream of articles - it already sounds suspicious
  12. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 9 October 2022 17: 57
    The failure of the NMD and the inability to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine leave the only chance to achieve the originally set goals and save the lives of those mobilized is the use of tactical nuclear weapons. If this is not done, NATO will eventually become obsolete, and the war will continue until the collapse of the Russian Federation.