“Security guarantees”: Kyiv outlined the limits of its demands on the West

The office of President Volodymyr Zelensky has published a most interesting document, "Project for Security Guarantees", which the "unsecured" wants to receive from its Western "allies". It is clear that we have yet another manifestation of the utmost arrogance, but it is not worth treating it dismissively and frivolously, as another list of insane “wish lists” of Kyiv, which is presumptuous and experiencing natural “dizziness from successes” today. Everything here is much more serious and fundamental.

In this case, in fact, we are talking about the first “outline” of the world order that will reign if the special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine is not brought to the final. And as recent events have shown, only the complete defeat of the Kyiv regime and its military formations, followed by unconditional surrender, can be considered as such. Another option was presented by the office of the clown president, and one does not need to be a great military and political expert in order to understand that this is nothing more than a plan to prepare Ukraine for a new war and the destruction of Russia as a state.

No demilitarization, no neutrality

Consideration of the draft, which Zelensky himself did not fail to call “the first step and recommendations that should form the basis of the future security treaty for Ukraine,” should perhaps begin with the fact that it most decisively crosses out and rejects those fundamental demands of Moscow, the neglect of which by Kyiv and its "allies", in fact, led to the beginning of the NWO. What is the "neutral status"? In addition to creating, in fact, a natural new military bloc, the only goal of which will be "the comprehensive provision of Ukraine's self-defense, its sovereignty and territorial integrity", Kyiv intends to reserve the right to join NATO!

However, if something like this is planned to be done, then only to once again spit in the face and soul of Moscow more thickly. To hell with some kind of half-dead North Atlantic Alliance, if the Ukronazis propose by signing the "Kyiv Treaty" to create an alliance of "guarantors", which will include all of its most significant and capable members, and even more: the USA, Great Britain, Canada , Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, and also (obviously as "second class guarantors") the countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe. By the way, there is clearly an analogy with the Warsaw Pact - whatever one may say, but this public cannot get away from trying to copy-paste the "damned Soviet past". How do you like this range? Unless the Japanese were included in the list, and so - almost the entire "collective West" in full force. And what do Zelensky want from this “chosen society”? Believe me, a lot, a lot.

First of all - "long-term stable investments in the defense industry of Ukraine, large-scale transfer of weapons and constant intelligence support from the allies." Not bad already, right? But this is just a hint. And here is the tale:

Under no circumstances should the guarantees force Ukraine to reduce the size or power of its armed forces. They should also not be exchanged for a certain status, such as neutrality, or impose any obligations or restrictions on Ukraine.

Here you have, in fact, the whole "demilitarization". By the way, you will probably be interested to know what kind of future "power of the armed forces" they see in Kyiv. Here, believe me, the scope is no less. "Rapid reaction forces capable of effectively and powerfully responding to violations of territorial integrity" - this is the time. As you understand, these “forces” must be trained, armed and equipped to the highest standard. This is followed by a paragraph about "access denial systems", which means the most modern air defense and missile defense systems, "world-class" combat aircraft and everything else that is attached to them. It is clear that this item can be implemented exclusively through the supply of all this from the leading NATO countries, which should sign the corresponding obligations in Kyiv. Another moment, which is more of a “bonus” for the alliance, is the transformation of the “nezalezhnaya” into a permanent training ground, where its exercises will be held, of course, “together with the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. Also, thugs from there will have to undergo constant training on the territory of the EU and NATO countries. Such is the "minimum program".

"Prologue to World War III"

In terms of the requirements and wishes of Kyiv, there are many more points - these are “access to special funding programs to strengthen the defense capability”, and “transfer of technologies', and a number of similar things. Ukraine, in fact, offers the West to officially assign its current role at the international level - an armed "ram" directed against Russia. The country will have to turn into some kind of terrible semblance of Tolkien's Mordor, filled with forges and military camps relentlessly preparing new batches of weapons. At the same time, it is perfectly clear that not even half, but a third, if not a fourth, of the measures and measures mentioned in the document would be enough for real “security”. In the event of “repeated aggression”, for example, anti-Russian sanctions of such a level are provided there, in comparison with which the current restrictions are nothing more than childish babble.

At the same time - attention! – the lifting of the current sanctions cannot be discussed until “Moscow does not stop the current aggression, does not guarantee that it will not attack Ukraine in the future, and does not compensate it for all the losses caused during the invasion.” It must be assumed that in this case we are talking not only about those 300 billion dollars that Kyiv has already “counted” to Russia as mandatory “reparations”, but about a much larger amount. The appetites of local figures have no limit from the word "completely." So sanctions are forever. Well, or, at least, until the word "Ukraine" appears on geographical maps. There can be no doubt that the Western “partners” of the “non-collateral” (at least the United States) will perceive this point with particular enthusiasm and will subscribe to it without the slightest hesitation.

And finally, the most important thing. They demand from Zelensky (and they will definitely insist on this to the last) that all the mentioned “security guarantees” apply “to the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.” That is, to the Donbass and Crimea without any doubt. Here is the belli case for the next war with Russia, which Ukraine and the allies acquired by it will begin when they consider themselves fully prepared for the start of hostilities. Yes, all the talk that is now being held in Kyiv about the "de-occupation" of the peninsula and the destruction of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics is mostly a bluff and an attempt to "take on a fright." If the Zelensky gang receives a clear and unequivocal order from Washington to start negotiations, it will start them.

It is quite possible that at the same time he will agree to the withdrawal of Russian troops to positions until February 24 (although in Kyiv they are screaming that this is “already unacceptable”). The owners will order - lackeys will execute. Otherwise, they will quickly be replaced by more understanding and obedient ones. It is very likely that the United States, in the light of the approaching winter, will take such an “operational pause” - after all, they are already openly talking about plans to retrain and re-equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed for the next five years at least. But when this process is completed, there will be no mercy for Russia. Any attempt to provide military assistance to the DPR and LPR, which will be subjected to a massive strike, will immediately be declared "aggression." With all, as they say, the consequences. What is there - according to the letter of the "Kyiv Treaty", if one is signed (and it will be - unless Russian tanks are stationed in Kyiv), it would be quite acceptable to interpret as such, say, an attempt to prevent the troughs of the Ukrainian Navy from entering territorial waters Crimea or land troops there. "Guarantees apply..."

Russia has already reacted quite sharply to the published document. Thus, State Duma deputy and member of the negotiating group with Ukraine Leonid Slutsky called it "a project to involve NATO countries in a military conflict." Dmitry Medvedev reacted even more sharply to him, describing Kyiv's claims as a "prologue to the Third World War" and even quoting the Apocalypse on this occasion. True, Dmitry Anatolyevich is somehow sure that "no one will give such guarantees to the Ukrainian Nazis." They will be afraid ... But here it is hardly worth showing such a stone-walled confidence. In March or April of this year, the supply of long-range Haymars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the recognition of the Pentagon that its generals were involved in the planning and implementation of the current counteroffensive of the Ukronazis seemed completely unrealistic.

The "collective West" raises the stakes constantly and steadily. If they see Russia as a weak adversary (which, alas, is the case now), then they can easily go even further. It is clear that Kyiv's boundless appetites will not be fully satisfied - only in the part that will guarantee its masters the further continuation of the war against Russia. In any case, Ukraine will be prepared for this with all available forces and means. Now our "sworn friends" may benefit from some kind of "interim truce." However, if, on top of that, it culminates in something like the “Kyiv Treaty” that Zelensky dreams of, the next war will only be a matter of time. And it will begin with much more unfavorable for Moscow "hands" than the NWO. To threaten the "collective West" with "involvement in the conflict" while frightening it with "burning earth and melting concrete" is, of course, impressive. However, let's admit the truth - so far Russia has done absolutely nothing to completely discourage the desire of the North Atlantic Alliance to "get involved" and intervene somewhere. If nothing like this happens soon, the "Kyiv Treaty" will become inevitable. With all its truly terrible consequences.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 September 2022 09: 43
    It must be assumed that in this case we are talking not only about those 300 billion dollars that Kyiv has already "counted" Russia as obligatory "reparations"

    They woke up late. These 300 billion dollars have already gone to the US budget for the sale of Alaska to Russia. Now it is necessary to complete the formalities with the closure of the American bases there and the translation of office work into Russian. English may remain the lingua franca.
    Yes, California will probably go to China if the United States, having pocketed Russian money, refuses to transfer Alaska to Russia.
  2. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 14 September 2022 10: 13
    It is strange that Ze did not include in the “guarantees” the transit of Russian gas to Europe 20-30 years ahead and the supply of free gas to Nezalezhnaya itself)
  3. isofat Online isofat
    isofat (isofat) 14 September 2022 20: 13
    Quote: Alexander Neukropny
    It is clear that we have yet another manifestation of the utmost arrogance

    Alexander, this Jewish impudence. It is called, if I'm not mistaken, a slut - an extreme degree of rudeness and arrogance. yes