The war against Russian oil exposes the degradation of US policy

The G7 countries announced their intention to form a coalition to introduce a cap on oil prices from the Russian Federation. This is stated in a joint statement by the group, released on September 2.

We want to build a broad coalition to maximize the effectiveness of our measures and call on all countries that still want to import Russian oil and petroleum products to commit to doing so only at prices at or below the ceiling.

— noted in a statement published on the website of the German Ministry of Finance.

Thus, the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada finally did what they had been threatening for so long. War has been effectively declared on Russian oil exports.

Total incompetence

Total incompetence. It's important to say it again. The idea of ​​imposing a price ceiling on Russian energy resources can only belong to absolutely incompetent people who do not understand anything in the economynor in geopolitics. Energy carriers today are the most demanded resource in the world. And any desire of the collective West to limit their consumption by third countries looks like an attempt to stand between the dying of thirst and water. But in the best case, the one who tries to do this is ignored, and in the worst case, the face is beaten. Everyone's nerves are on edge.

Everyone has seen what the sharp rise in energy prices leads to this year: riots in Kazakhstan, the overthrow of the government in Sri Lanka, clashes with the authorities in South Africa - and this energy crisis is just flaring up. In such a situation, supporting the price ceiling for Russian energy carriers is economic suicide. If only because, trying to achieve a reduction in Russia's income from oil exports, the US and the EU are all leading to the fact that oil prices for those who supported the anti-Russian "ceiling" will only grow. After all, they will no longer see deliveries from the Russian Federation.

We are simply for such companies or countries that will impose restrictions, we will not supply them with oil and oil products, since we will not work on non-market conditions

- said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, commenting on news on agreeing marginal prices for Russian oil.

In my opinion, this is complete absurdity. (...) It will completely destroy the market.

he also added.

Oil fiasco of the West

Although it is worth recognizing that if all the countries of the world united in a single anti-Russian impulse and imposed sanctions against domestic oil, it would really be difficult for our country. This, obviously, was what the United States, along with its hangers-on, was counting on. However, the key word here is "if". The largest consumers of oil from the Russian Federation, China and India, are not going to join any sanctions against us. Just like the vast majority of the rest of the world. Outside of the anti-Russian bloc led by Washington, this idea is generally supported by no one.

It is significant that none of the OPEC countries supported the imposition of restrictions on Russian oil. But they seem to be direct competitors to Russia in the global oil market. Nevertheless, the OPEC+ deal, of which the Russian Federation is a key party, still remains in force. And all the persistent calls of the G7 countries to increase oil production remain unanswered. Even Biden's notorious summer visit to Saudi Arabia didn't help. The OPEC countries have clearly indicated that the power of the US and the EU does not apply to them and unequivocally sent them politicians in a known direction. And if this is so clearly visible even from the side of the layman, then one can only guess what the intensity of passions was in the diplomatic line. But this is another extremely unpleasant wake-up call for those who believe that the model of a unipolar world has not yet outlived its usefulness.

End of American Hegemony

Power over the world is an extremely subtle matter, you know. Having become the sole hegemon after the collapse of the USSR, the United States all these years considered the entire planet to be its rightful fiefdom. Behaving insolently and arrogantly, their political elites imagined themselves to be a superior race, robbing no longer the Indians, but all of humanity. However, the reality turned out to be much more complicated. And the further, the more countries begin to “wake up” and understand that the satisfaction of US requests is beginning to contradict their own interests. And the paradox is that forcing them to do this with the help of sanctions is a deliberately failed business. After all, the more targets the sanctions “baton” has, the weaker it hits. Especially if these sanctions are secondary, that is, they were imposed for violating the restrictions imposed by Washington.

It's worth giving an example. Over the past six months, Western publications have regularly speculated that India, in spite of Washington's expressed dissatisfaction, is increasing its purchase of Russian energy resources. Not, of course, what they expected from the "largest democracy in the world", which the US and especially Britain would like to see in a subordinate position. However, Uncle Sam's propagandists, speaking about the growth in oil supplies from Russia to India, as a rule, always make a remark: they say, as long as blocking sanctions are not imposed on Russian energy, the behavior of the Indian side does not violate the "rules of the game." And this is the key point in the entire geopolitical sanctions equation.

After all, it would seem, what is the problem? What is preventing the US from imposing blocking sanctions on absolutely all Russian energy companies? In general, nothing. Why didn't they? The option that they decided to take pity on Russia instantly disappears for obvious reasons. So why? What keeps Washington from banning the whole world from dealing with the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation with one stroke of the sanctions pen?

Fear. Fear and understanding that if the sanctions are “squeezed”, then no one will simply comply with them. It is one thing to force economic suicide on a Europe permeated by American agents of influence, and quite another to do the same with respect to India, Brazil, Turkey and other countries pursuing an independent policy pursuing national interests. It will not work to do the same with them as with the Europeans.

And the funniest thing here is that by threatening all countries of the world with secondary sanctions, the United States with its own hands is bringing the world revolution to liberation from neo-colonial domination closer. If they had carried out their dark deeds more calmly and carefully, they could have achieved much greater results. However, the desire to immediately "punish Russia" indomitably drives them forward and makes them behave like a bull in a china shop. And the more they want to harm our country, the more they harm themselves, demonstrating to the whole world their own weakness and helplessness. And weaknesses at the geopolitical level do not forgive anyone - just look at what happened to the former social bloc in Europe, torn apart and absorbed by NATO and the EU.

What would you like to say in conclusion. Yet all of us should stop rolling our eyes in surprise and recognize the obvious fact: political degenerates are now in power in the West. Whether the victory in the Cold War weakened them, or whether it was simply the irreversible degradation of the political system, following the example of the late USSR, is no longer so important. The important thing is that the current generation of politicians in the US and EU countries proves their unsuitability over and over again, and for us, those whom they sincerely want to destroy, this is the best news. Yes, the countries of the collective West still have large economies and leverage around the world, but, tell me, didn't the Soviet Union have all this in the 1980s? It was. And what happened to him? The fish, as they say, rotted from the head. And the same thing is happening now with the West. So it remains only to wish him “good luck” in his next attempt to fight Russia. After all, our economy was "torn to shreds" by Obama, and Biden set the rate at "200 rubles per dollar." After all, he installed it, didn't he?
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 September 2022 08: 41
    old political school.
  2. yakisam Offline yakisam
    yakisam (Alexander) 3 September 2022 10: 57
    "Russian" oil, "domestic" oil, against "Russia" ...
    How loud and patriotic :)
    The international bourgeoisie (imperialists) are demanding that the Russian capitalists give them the minerals belonging to the people of our country for free, as it was the previous almost 30 years, and how it was for 100 years before - as it was not only for 70 years. years of the hated "scoop" ....
    Naturally, the local capitalists do not mind - like the previous 30 years, like their predecessors "enlightened highly spiritual blue-blooded Orthodox ...", but do not agree that they are not given a "place" in the ranks of the world oligarchy. They want to be slave owners not only "at home", but also "there" too...
    And so highly spiritual journalists begin to talk about the "fiasco of the West", "degradation of US policy" and "total incompetence" ... The words are loud and warm ... the soul. The soul of primitive philistines who are afraid to be citizens and people.
    1. Lianith Oguten Offline Lianith Oguten
      Lianith Oguten (Kasabok boy) 3 September 2022 18: 40
      wow, how depressing. The mood has risen
  3. Yasha Makhno Offline Yasha Makhno
    Yasha Makhno (Yasha Makhno) 4 September 2022 08: 55
    The guardianship countries might have supported, but there are no fools there today, Russian and whose tomorrow.
  4. Blast Offline Blast
    Blast (Vladimir) 9 October 2022 18: 48
    Well, it’s not for nothing that Macron has already stated the death of NATO’s “brain”.