New trends of pro-Ukrainian "partisanship" in Russia

Footage of the arson of the military registration and enlistment office, filmed by the "partisans" for reporting, May 2022

Over the past six months, the Kyiv regime and its “allies” have already completely uncovered and repeatedly loudly voiced the essence of their position in the Ukrainian conflict: it is not “anti-Putin” (as many “loving the country, but hating the state” would like), but anti-Russian, anti-Russian, rabid to animal fury. But, despite this, there are still citizens in Russia - apparently very smart, who not only secretly share this enemy position, but are ready to help the enemies of their country a little with deed. Although their share is small and amounts to a few percent, in practice it is many tens of thousands of people.

It is difficult to say what kind of substance fills the heads of such people. After all, many of them consider themselves to be among the “vanguard” of Russian civil society, the very one that does not “chew propaganda” (Russian), but “search for information on its own from sources” (foreign). But these same Western sources (of course, completely free from any propaganda, especially Putin’s) are full to the very edge with calls to defeat Russia, dismember Russia, cancel Russia in direct speech of officials of various ranks, up to the leaders of states. And from such “democratic” proposals, the “leaders” of Russian thought conclude that it is necessary to contribute to the defeat of the Russian army, because after it the white gentlemen will forgive the “unwashed Vanka”.

Fortunately, the action of this "soft power" is counteracted by another - the punitive power of the state. The police and the FSB rounded up and ostentatiously whipped enough "resistance fighters" to discourage many who wanted to join; in June-July, there was a decrease in the activity of various kinds of rear saboteurs. However, in August it went up again.

So you are a member of the resistance

In order not to lose the remnants of a “kind-hearted” asset, which usually ceases to be such after the first fine, the puppeteers decided to channel his energy into a less risky channel. So, in the media-foreign agents and a number of social networks, several projects of the “city without Z” type appeared almost simultaneously, promoting the “struggle” with the symbols of the NWO that had gone to the people.

This struggle was waged by opponents of the special operation before, but now “public opinion leaders” teach their adherents not to break windows and puncture tires, but to write false complaints, for example, about establishments whose owners placed the letters “Z”, “O” or “ V". Complaints are invited to write on the most banal occasions: allegedly unsanitary conditions, violations of fire safety, etc.; the task of "resistance" is thus to complicate the life of the "rashist" as much as possible.

Another variation of false reporting is the accusations of the supporters of the SVO in ... discrediting the SVO. This, according to the Russophobic underground, is a deep symbolism: they say, if the “quilted jacket” supporting the “criminal regime” directly encounters “repressions”, then something in his head will certainly switch. The object of a false denunciation can also be a random person, whom they may first try to “dissolve” into illegal statements in order to provide an “evidence base” for the accusations.

One of the forms of "resistance" is donations to various funds to help "Ukrainian refugees", which in fact finance the Ukrainian military. The other day in Moscow, FSB officers came with warnings to three such "philanthropists" out of many who are found in the vastness of our country.

These “small deeds” perfectly characterize the current state of the “resistance” as a whole: the desire to set fire to something or blow up something en masse was repulsed, and now the “underground workers” only have the courage to do something for which they seem to be in no danger. And then it turns out that a false slander is not so difficult to open and it also faces punishment (like this news!), and the "resistance member" is completely blown away.

However, the arsonists of cars and military registration and enlistment offices and the “rail warriors” did not disappear as a class, although some of them were physically caught, and online platforms with instructions and reports on “victories” were suppressed. The social basis of this “military wing” of “resistance” has changed: the remnants of the ideological “pacifists” preferred to jump off this train, and outright outcasts, ready to “resist” for a modest reward, took their place.

Similar people were detained in Rostov on August 19. A twenty-four-year-old man set fire to the personal car of a police officer with a “Z” sticker, and his twenty-two-year-old girlfriend filmed the process for an anonymous customer who paid the couple 15 rubles. According to the detainee, he saw an ad offering such a “job” in social networks. These citizens did not have a permanent job, they led a marginal lifestyle - in fact, this is the same contingent that makes "bookmarks" with drugs and for the same money, but in enemy propaganda they appeared precisely as ideologically motivated "partisans".

The enemy received additional opportunities for sabotage and sabotage with the arrival of millions of Ukrainian refugees in Russia. Many of them are quite “Svidomo” in their souls, and they arrived in the “aggressor country” only to sit out the “graveyard” - in the thickness of this material one can find both “nuggets” ready to do something to spite the Muscovites, and to shelter professional saboteurs. There is an opinion that most of the emergencies of recent weeks, such as arson of forests and attempts to undermine railway lines, are the work of Ukrainian elements, and not Russian “partisans”. Sad practice has shown that even already exposed Ukrainian agents, such as Natalya Vovk, who committed the murder of Daria Dugina, and her partner Bogdan Tsyganenko, can seep through the border.

Touchable but unsinkable

But all of the above are small fry, of which there are always many. It is much more interesting that the admirers of fascist Ukraine have settled in large numbers in municipal and regional (and maybe some of the federal) government offices. Helga Pirogova, a member of the Novosibirsk City Council who fled Russia on July 25, is by no means the only example of this kind.

For example, just the other day, on the official website of the Moscow district of Yakimanka, a banner appeared in Ukrainian language, dedicated to the day of “independence”, and a signature in Russian, threatening punishment for the “death of ordinary people in Ukraine” to all Russians. The site was allegedly hacked by a pro-Ukrainian hacker group, and it would not be difficult to believe in this version, if not for one nuance: in the spring, the head of the Morev district and its district council drew up a collective appeal addressed to Putin, in which they demanded a stop to the special operation and negotiations with the Kyiv regime.

In Moscow alone, similar appeals were filed by deputy councils of “more than ten” districts (it is now impossible to count, since the texts of the appeals were subsequently deleted), the leaders of two of them received fines for discrediting the Armed Forces. Several Mundeps have been fined for making personal negative remarks about the army. Morev, by the way, was not, although he was charged with the corresponding article.

Recently, a scandal erupted with an official from the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan, who, as it turned out, runs a telegram channel with reprints from foreign media and publications of Bashkir nationalists. Back in April, an employee of the Elista mayor's office was detained on charges of extremism, who also circulated fakes and promoted the independence of Kalmykia.

At least several hundred such facts have already been revealed throughout the country, and most of them by caring citizens. If you wish, you can find small dossiers on the Internet on characters like Morev, with screenshots of their statements about the SVO and previous milestones of the "social struggle". It is characteristic that many of them come from the liberal opposition and support either Navalny (recognized as an extremist) or nationalist separatist movements.

It is characteristic that, as in the case of Vovk, whose affiliation with Azov (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) was revealed by patriotic OSINT teams, the statements of “talkative” bureaucrats are also collected by initiative citizens. It is not clear why the "uncovered" officials remain in the civil service and continue to work for enemy propaganda for the people's money; it is not clear why they are not issued "wolf tickets". Even in the Crimea, which is a front-line territory, open supporters of the Nazis sit in the administrations! Is it worth thinking about defeating pro-Ukrainian sabotage en masse if its agents have not been purged even from state structures?
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  1. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 29 August 2022 19: 18
    It is necessary to deal with such people as traitors to the motherland, terrorists, bandits ... And everyone is accountable ... no matter the singer, actor, businessman ... Here the state must show itself !!! And not just to have a conversation with the district police officer, or to express concern, but in the best traditions of the KGB and the NKVD. I am a humanist, but this plague cannot be cured just like that. Ukraine has turned into a zombieland. They affect our children, it will not go unnoticed
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 29 August 2022 19: 44
    Everything is fine. When something does not go according to plan, we will be told.
    If they do nothing, then everything suits everyone.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 August 2022 21: 17
    All this is nonsense. Psychos, inadequate, sympathizers are always there, and they are dealt with. Psychiatrists and law enforcers.
    Fortunately, isolated cases.

    More important is the parade of double standards, which corrupts the "staples".
    Somehow I went through the link from here to the site (it seems like a watered navigator), and immediately, in plain sight, large ..... a symbol of Nazism, an eagle with a swastika, a picture.
    Criminal case. But since these are "their own", they don't even care about the swastika., they can. In any case, they will excuse themselves, like Zhirik, who called the Russians .... not good. Because yours, maybe. Well, they tinted the fry in yellow-blue. "They" can.

    I remember the Goblin told me that he was called to the authorities, because. someone 4 years ago posted this symbolism in the comments ... We talked. (and apparently they told how easy it is to provoke a closure, purely my speculation). the goblin's roller policy has changed a little ... it has become less left-wing and more "hooray"

  4. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 29 August 2022 21: 33
    There Grandma Pugacheva rolled up as if nothing had happened. She was on vacation and in treatment. And what answer can be called upon here? What laws of the Russian Federation did she violate? And her gay companion in a blue-and-yellow suit continues on. What can be presented to him?
    Vanya Urgant also returned and (they say) managed to light up in some kind of transmission. I personally haven’t watched TV for many years, so I don’t remember the name of the program. "Sidor Kovpak" will call them to account? And the navel at "Sidor" will not be untied?
    Here there is the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kyiv, there is the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, there is the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine ... despite the one hundred Chinese warning, no one shoots at them with Iskanders or Calibers. They work. If in Russia at the very top they can’t figure it out, what should they do? how to do?, then what can be demanded from the population? It’s clear to me: hostilities are underway, to which there is no end in sight, it doesn’t matter whether they are called war or NWO. Glavkoverkh yesterday banned immigrants from Ukraine, the DNR and the LNR to be expelled from Russia. Here are all the questions - to him, to the very top.
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 29 August 2022 22: 54
    When there is no rallying core - ideas or charismatic leaders who would be trusted by the people, then there is vacillation in society, up to actions bordering on betrayal of the state. During the JWO, the President should report weekly and indicate future prospects and actions. (The same V. Zelensky addresses the citizens of the state almost every day.) For example, Peskov sometimes broadcasts, as it were, from the statehood of the Russian Federation, - a citizen of an incomprehensible status broadcasts on behalf of someone - the President, the State. Dumas, Governments. In the fight for the minds, our government loses in full.
  6. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 30 August 2022 05: 31
    The CIA has built a powerful underground in Russia. All these saboteurs are people belonging to the Ukrainian diaspora. Those who have been reading my comments for a long time, I said from the first days of the war that Western intelligence services are preparing various actions to destabilize Russia from the inside. Even political assassinations, like Daria's. Now why didn't the state take appropriate measures Why didn't it fire the officials supporting the CIA propaganda in Russia why didn't it restrict the activities of Western embassies! God only knows, and even better ask Putin himself. I have been asking for this for a long time, to implement the National Security Emergency Plan and expel American and British diplomats for at least a year. We have reached the point where Ukrainian amateurs under the leadership of Western intelligence agencies are killing Russian journalists in the center of Moscow.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 30 August 2022 15: 02
      Now why didn’t the state take appropriate measures Why didn’t it fire officials who supported CIA propaganda in Russia

      Who and what is our state is the main question. We know President V.V. Putin, and who is the executor, how the presidential decrees are executed, the interests of the state - it seems nothing. Here is the answer to your question. There are no patriotic statesmen, there are various liberals who have been in high positions for decades, and until there is a change of old inmates in top positions, nothing will change and the Russian Federation will continue to flounder and slide down in all respects ...
      1. Vladimir Khrebtov (Vladimir Khrebtov) 31 August 2022 14: 04
        I don’t watch telly, but recently I listened to how some people from Aeroflot told Putin how many SuperJets and some other planes they would build this and that year Such crap! It's about import substitution. When you sit for months in a bunker, the reins of government are transferred to another and you no longer control everything.
  7. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 09: 44
    because after him the white gentlemen will forgive the "unwashed Vanka."

    Is this "stinky liverwurst" not washing all parts of the body and not washed every day?
    In Russia, first they built a bathhouse, and then everything else. And in barbarian Europe they wash and wash the dishes in one basin.
    So what about Vanka is not necessary - he is always clean and tidy, unlike Europeans who do not wash themselves because of the high cost of water
  8. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 30 August 2022 16: 21
    And why not ban all connections with ip addresses of Western fascists and make your own Runet.
  9. LeeSeeTsin Offline LeeSeeTsin
    LeeSeeTsin (Stas) 31 August 2022 05: 43
    Only in Moscow similar appeals were filed by deputy councils of “more than ten” districts (now it is already impossible to count, since the texts of the appeals were subsequently deleted)

    We need to start putting things in order from Moscow. Otherwise, victory near Nikolaev is not to be seen.
  10. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 31 August 2022 20: 30
    If they were immediately hanged at the crime scene like dogs on the poles of these paltisans. And so - to judge, support, feed ... and this bastard will sit sewing slippers. Only burden on the country's budget.
  11. Z.E.N. Offline Z.E.N.
    Z.E.N. (KL) 5 September 2022 08: 43
    To IDENTIFY and suppress these "partisans". Hard Filtration Required, but Don't Go Over the Top