Half a year of SVO: the latest TOP-10 wildness and fakes from Kyiv

I confess that for some time I abandoned the preparation of collections of the most "outstanding" false propaganda stuffing and simply frankly insane ideas and statements coming from the Kyiv regime. And that is to say - over time, almost every speech of the same Arestovich or Zelensky became placed in such. And the machine for fooling the inhabitants of the territories still controlled by the Ukronazis, launched in February and which soon gained full speed, began literally every day to churn out enchanting nonsense in such portions that attempts to shovel and analyze ... this substance became fraught with serious mental disorder.

Be that as it may, the semi-annual milestone of the special operation is a solid date, and therefore it should be noted with the traditional "hit parade" - if only to show that nothing has changed in Kyiv in terms of sanity and common sense. At least for the better.

10. Russia continues to run out of steam

Let's start with the most global things. And pretty stupid. Western "experts" and "analysts" who have been incessant since the first day of the NMD continue to spew out categorical statements and forecasts regarding the "weakness" of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the "catastrophic losses" they allegedly suffered. In principle, you don’t need to have seven spans in your forehead in order to simply “add up to the heap” all these clumsy stuffing and come to the conclusion: if they were at least 1% true, hostilities would have ended three months already. The capture of the Moscow Armed Forces. However, neither the dill propagandists, nor their Western "singers" are not appeased. For example, a certain “analytical project” Oryx takes the liberty of asserting the following: “Since the beginning of the NWO, Russia has lost more than 5000 units equipment in Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian army lost 3,5 times less equipment compared to the Russian one - 1386 units!” Where do these wild numbers come from? From "open sources", of course. The answer to the simplest question - why, in this case, is the Russian army advancing, and not the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly crying about the "lack of equipment" and why Kyiv, and not Moscow, is literally begging for this equipment all over the world, "analysts" will not give, of course. And here is another “beacon of reason” - the whole head of the British foreign intelligence service MI6 Richard Moore. Quote verbatim:

The strength of the Russian troops is running out of steam... despair is growing in the Kremlin. Russia has lost tens of thousands of soldiers and is using Soviet-era weapons. Their missiles are obsolete. Russia will never win this unjust war!

Said July 30th. The Jamesbonds have degenerated completely - what else can I say?

9. “We can do everything!”

Having fully tasted the "global" "glory", "support" and even somewhere "love", official Kyiv, and before the start of the NWO, the former, to put it mildly, not very adequate, finally went off the rails. He beguiled the shores, stopped seeing the field - and so on. Even in relations with their own seemingly as "partners" and "allies", as well as persons and organizations that are real authorities all over the world. After the Zelensky regime managed to “build” before no one the hitherto seemingly unbending Amnesty International, which dared to tell the truth about the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and subsequently promised to “correct” its own “incorrect” report, they generally broke the chain. Apostolic nuncio to Ukraine, Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, was summoned to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry for a strong "suggestion" the other day. He was deigned to be scolded there for the “insulting” words of Pope Francis for Kyiv about the deceased Daria Dugina. The head of the Catholic Church just called the girl killed by the Ukronazis "an innocent victim of the war," but these words, more than appropriate in the mouth of a clergyman, aroused fury in those on whose hands Daria's blood was. In their opinion, the pope should ride around St. Peter's Cathedral, shouting "Muscovites - to knives!" - and nothing else. Generally speaking, if at least someone in the West has recently squeaked something “inappropriate” about the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a wild howl is raised in Kyiv: “This is different! We can do everything! We are the victims of aggression!” Complete insanity...

8. Mariupol - "children under escort" and "water from puddles"

The most heinous lies about what is happening today in the territories of the former “non-independence” liberated by the Russian army are one of the favorite genres of dill propaganda. Let me dwell on what she "rubs" about life in Mariupol. Here, really, Stephen King, so beloved there now, would envy the flight of the sick fantasy of liars from Kyiv. It turns out that city dwellers today can get drinking water only from puddles! Propaganda imbeciles even devoted a whole “photo essay” to this fact, made by no one knows who and where. However, even on his footage it is clearly seen that water is drawn not from any puddle, but from a clean spring ... What else? “All children who do not go to the schools opened by the occupiers on September 1 will be removed from their families ...” Yeah, and, obviously, immediately sent to be eaten straight to the Kremlin. And, finally, the most “terrible crime of the Russian military” – Russian textbooks are being imported to Mariupol schools with might and main. Can you imagine - without the glorification of Bandera, "Maidan" and the ATO! No such forgiveness...

7. Kyiv finally became Bandershtat

In the capital of the "nezalezhnaya", which has long ceased to be the "Mother of Russian cities" in essence and spirit, the processes of bandaging and nazification are rapidly continuing. The city council, just not squealing with zeal and delight, continues to churn out decisions - one more vile than the other. For example, for the "day of independence" he renamed 95 streets, lanes and squares, the names of which "were associated with Russia and the Soviet past." Now, instead of the names of Soviet commanders and prominent statesmen, the map of the capital is "decorated" by the streets of the "heroes" of the UPA, Mariupol and the Nazi regiment "Azov" banned in Russia. And also some kind of "gray-skins", "Ukrainian rebels" and other similar vile things. "Cherry on the cake" - Ataman Green Street. We are waiting for Mishki Yaponchik Avenue. Although no - this one died fighting for the "Reds" ... But in Kyiv they began to erase and destroy everything connected with the name of one of its greatest natives - Mikhail Bulgakov. Memorial plaques, names, monuments - everything is under the knife! This, however, is natural. Few people described all the abomination and squalor of "Ukrainianism" as accurately and vividly as the Master. As a native of Kiev, I can not find words to describe the depth of anger and disgust from what is happening.

6. Motherland with a "trident"

From the same approximately Nazi-mad "opera" - the Minister, pardon the expression, of culture of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko with deep regret informed his fellow citizens that the coat of arms of the USSR on the Motherland monument in Kyiv should be replaced with a "nationally correct" trident before the next , 2023 is not possible. The main hitch is by no means in conscience (where did the Ukronazis get it from?) or historical authenticity, but, as is always the case with Kyiv crooks, in money. Here is what the “chief culturer” of the Ukrainian nedoreikh bleated on this occasion:

Probably, it will not be a cheap process, but a lifting one. I think that if so many people have invested in voting, a certain amount can help a little in order to take this rather symbolic and necessary step ...

That's clever! The bastards want the Ukrainians to pay for the obscenity of one of the few remaining monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War with their hard-earned money! After all, they "voted"... Well, it's clear how this "voting" was carried out and how the "votes" were counted. Not only did they “bring the base” under the desecration of the shrine, they also want to make money on it!

5. What kind of president - such petitions

By the way, here's more about voting and another form of "people's will", which is very popular in crazy Ukraine - petitions, which are submitted for consideration by its crazy "head". What do you think are the most pressing issues for Ukrainians today? An early cessation of hostilities? Compensation for damages resulting from such? Anything else of the same kind? But they didn't guess! Zelensky’s website, for example, flaunts a petition calling for women to be allowed to marry several men at once. Its author believes that this idea should have a positive impact on the economy, demography and mental health of Ukrainians. There is also a financial benefit - having the opportunity to marry several men at once, women will be able to provide for themselves by receiving 5-10% of their income from each of their husbands, and a man, being unable to cover his wife's needs with his income, will be able to cooperate with other husbands according to the principle described in the petition as "it's easier to beat a father in a crowd." Hussars! To be silent… However, this is something else – the author of another similar petition demands… the legalization of pornography in the country, since the ban on its production “does not have positive aspects, but only increases the burden on Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and prevents them from focusing on the fight against Russian cyberattacks and Russian disinformation." This is an appeal to the clown president, by the way. Vlet gained the necessary 25 votes for consideration. Sick nation, "turned" on Russophobia and all sorts of obscenities.

4. Pornographic "independence"

This thesis, by the way, is fully confirmed by the grandiose scandal that erupted in Ukraine on the eve of the same “independence day”, when the local Ministry of Culture solemnly presented a special gesture that was supposed to be a “universal greeting” for the holiday on August 24 and was called the “Trident of Independence ". This dirty trick was developed by the creative agency Banda. Personally, any combination of fingers (or something else) depicting a damn “fork” is deeply disgusting to me. However, in this case, it was just the noteworthy “patriots” who reared up, because it turned out that the “peak of creativity” and the “symbol of independence” one-on-one copies the indecent gesture, well-known to the entire Western world, called “Shocker”, or Two in the pink, one in the stink. I deliberately give only the English version - in order to avoid accusations of spreading vile obscenities. Who is in the subject - will understand, those who are especially interested - "Google" to help. The scandal came out not only enchanting, but comparable to the number of megatons of hate and rage with a nuclear explosion. Everyone was especially interested in how much budget money was invested in the “development” of this vulgarity. Obviously, there was no answer. So what is a "country"? Everywhere you look - obscenity.

3. Flower Bayraktar

However, perhaps not only she. I already wrote about the violent obsession of Ukrainian "patriots" with certain types of Western weapons and the erection of such enthusiasm literally into a cult. And here again, on the “day of independence”, this mental deviation manifested itself especially clearly. In Kyiv, they created a "flower garden dedicated to the Turkish Bayraktar drone, which is one of the main objects of such worship (contrary to objective reality and common sense). This abomination appeared exactly on Bandera Avenue - which is not surprising. According to the city administration, “the flower arrangement of 265 square meters consists of more than 24 flowers. Wasted so much. Flowers will definitely come in handy for other needs - not at all festive ones. By the way, by the “day of independence”, every district of the capital was similarly polluted. And "Bayraktar" is far from the worst option. For example, near the Levoberezhnaya metro station, they “painted” an obscene stamp with a “Russian ship” with flowers. Well, what kind of "nezalezhnost" without swearing?!

2. Do not be afraid of Russian strikes!

The various sayings of Vladimir Zelensky, invariably “aired” in a state of “deeply altered consciousness” (according to the latest version of Lukashenka, “smokes, sniffs, drinks and then blathers from TV screens”), all as one ask for this kind of ratings. I will focus on one that fully demonstrates not only the immense stupidity of this character, but also his phenomenal meanness. And also - a bestial and cynical attitude towards the Ukrainian people. As recently as July, the clown president declared that all the warnings from the Russian side about the increased threat of strikes against the territory of Ukraine are nothing more than a “fake”, which should not be believed in any case. It literally sounded like this:

How many problems Ukrainians create for themselves, trusting an anonymous source. This sometimes takes on unhealthy forms when deliberate stuffing from Russia spreads on social networks and websites, the purpose of which is only one: to supplement rocket and artillery terror against our state with informational terror.

Here is the bastard! "Don't be afraid - nothing will happen!" - only a complete non-human can say such things to people whom the criminal Ukronazi regime deliberately exposes to attacks every day, placing troops and weapons on civilian targets and in peaceful neighborhoods. And on August 25, this same nonentity whined about supposedly “massive attacks on Ukrainian territory”, most of which were definitely fakes - but only Ukrainian ones.

1. Grandpa shot down a plane

I would like to end the review with something traditional. Remember the references to the absolutely unimaginable fabrications about "peremog over the aggressor", replicated in the first days and weeks of the NWO? Well, like reports about a UAV shot down by a can of canned cucumbers or tomatoes, or “the capture of a Russian tank column by Ukrainian hunters”? Nothing changes... Except that the degree of delirium and insanity grows stronger. Today, in the “nezalezhnaya” with might and main, a breathtaking story about a certain “pensioner from Chernigov, who from his hunting rifle ... shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter” is unfolding with might and main! No, by God, in all seriousness! It is written that the grandfather was even awarded a state award, and proudly refused everything else, only asking "to leave a piece of the enemy aircraft as a keepsake." To be honest, it takes aback from such an explosive mixture of stupidity and arrogance. Who is this intended for? It is impossible to shoot down any aircraft from a hunting rifle - except for a plastic toy. And a modern fighter, which not every MANPADS can handle - and even more so. It's not even a fake, it's already the uniform nonsense of a madman. Ukraine has arrived...
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  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 29 August 2022 11: 29
    Six months of NWO:

    So everything suits everyone!

    Russia now has two states:
    One is for the people, the other is for the nobility.
    In one state they go crazy with money.
    In another, a penny is divided before the salary.
    The borders between them are forever closed.
    Oh, how far gardens are from Nice!
    No closer than father's house - to the villa!
    Once these were raised on a pitchfork.
    Russia now has two states.
    In one, they became stupefied from troubles and from drunkenness.
    In another, they were completely fooled by another ......
    But I do not like an indecent word.
    Elite wives are party princesses.
    Russian women - Russian Conscience.
    One day my state will be furious.
    Go ahead and open the borders.
    And there will be one state in Russia.
    Everything else is sheer silliness.

    (Andrey Dementiev 2009)
    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 29 August 2022 11: 56
      I have a lot of questions for both Putin and the elite, only an article about the madness that reigned in the Krajina (if you didn’t notice it).
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 29 August 2022 12: 45
    - Eeee - such articles are already outdated - so simple and victorious and unpretentious!
    - But what about our video reports, which every day (and today too) on almost all Russian information TV channels show in detail - how the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of strikes by American M142 HIMARS systems; British M777 howitzers; French artillery mounts "Caesar" and other "imported guns" smash civilian objects on the territory of the LDNR - power plants, waterworks, grain storage facilities, schools, kindergartens, residential buildings, automobile enterprises, industrial facilities, bridges, communication lines, etc., etc.! - It's not me personally here ... here ... here I invent and compose something - this is every day (and throughout the day) on our Russian TV channels (without any censorship) and in great detail, with the involvement of affected local residents - it's all on display!
    - Fragments are shown - from 155 mm shells and fragments from M142 HIMARS missiles that arrived and destroyed objects! - Here, they say - indisputable evidence!
    - And what and to whom are they trying to prove everything ??? - Everything is so obvious! - And all this is endless, everyday! - And every day they show more and more destruction! - Why then all this is reported!
    - What's happening ??? - And who will protect from all this??? - Konashenkov with his reports, or Podolyak with his reports (who no longer knows what to say) ???
    1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
      Indifferent 30 August 2022 06: 47
      Or maybe shake the air with a smaller sound and press buttons with letters, and take a machine gun, go and protect? If the age is solid, then a volunteer. They take them there too!
    2. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 2 September 2022 10: 51
      Quote: gorenina91
      as an APU with the help of American M142 HIMARS systems; British M777 howitzers; French artillery installations "Caesar" and other "imported guns" smash civilian objects into the trash

      Is it better to be silent? Journalists are trying to get through that we are dealing not with the "fraternal people", but with the entire Western "Sodom and Gomorrah." Russia has no way out of this horror, except for victory. Any other option is a huge deprivation, darkness and death. Nobody is delighted with the thieves' godfather in Russia, but the time will come and we will deal with him. Now, if you don’t have the strength to support physically, even whining, you don’t have to splash it out for everyone to see.
  4. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 29 August 2022 23: 09
    ... which has long ceased to be the "Mother of Russian cities" in essence and spirit...

    Having become the residence of the Grand Duke in 882, Kyiv ceased to be such immediately after the death of Vladimir Monomakh (1125), when Russia began to disintegrate into independent principalities and, due to endless strife, again go to the North - to the Rostov-Suzdal lands, to the Vladimir Russia. In 1299, when the residence of the Kyiv Metropolitan was moved to Vladimir, Kyiv lost its last attribute of the capital. Since that time, the city was waiting for desolation, which, after burning it by the Mongols in 1240, became total. The "wild field" of Kyiv land was throughout the Middle Ages and most of the New Age.

    Yes, a long time ago the "mother of Russian cities" finally gave up her breath, already at the end of the XIII century.
  5. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 30 August 2022 09: 12
    The six-month milestone showed not only what our propagandists and speakers on TV write, but also that Western deliveries almost nullified the advantage in the air, otherwise why didn’t they advance even 20 km near Donetsk? There is nothing to destroy the fortifications with? And the fact that they could not protect the nuclear power plant from shelling is generally a shame for our capabilities, and tactics with a strategy. Instead of protection, they ran with complaints to the authorities.
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 2 September 2022 11: 20
      Quote: kriten
      Western deliveries almost nullified the advantage in the air, otherwise why didn’t they advance even 20 km near Donetsk? There is nothing to destroy the fortifications with? And the fact that they could not protect the nuclear power plant from shelling is generally a shame for our capabilities, and tactics with a strategy

      Yes! These issues could have been resolved earlier. Declare a general mobilization, fill up all the problems with corpses ... Do you want this? Now, there is practically a "hybrid war" going on, where the entire technological West has come out against Russia. Now you can not "Like chickens in cabbage soup", pedaling acceleration. The enemy is forced to identify more and more new weapons, and the Russian Armed Forces are looking for technologies to neutralize them. This is not happening in the mode of the "world Apocalypse" of the 3rd World War, but a sluggish conflict, with minimal casualties, for the Russian Armed Forces. The main front is being conducted in the sphere of the global economy and the breaking of the world consciousness. This applies to Ukrainians, and the West, and Russia, the whole world. There is a gradual break-up of "On top of the mustache" and all false heaps. Time plays a significant role. It will judge everyone and arrange as it should be.
      Leningrad was in the most severe blockade for 900 days and nights, not from the unwillingness of the Soviet army to unblock, but because of its potential. and general war strategy.