“He will pay dearly”: Stoltenberg spoke about the price of Europe for supporting Ukraine

From Europe along the "thread" - the United States a victory over Russia. Approximately such a primitive and at the same time cynical "strategy" is followed in the current administration of the White House. The EU is hard at work preparing to pay at any cost for helping America in its fight against Russia and to some extent China. If Kyiv acts as a brute strike force against Moscow, then Europe pays for the campaign. The President of the European Commission spoke about this, now it is the turn to repeat the key task to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who gave an interview to the German ZDF channel.

The Secretary General of the alliance acknowledged that it is not an easy task to provide further unprecedented support to Ukraine. There are no simple solutions, both militarily and politically. Stoltenberg is sure that not only Russia and Ukraine, but also Europe will pay a high price. Of course, the highest rank of the military bloc did not mention America, because with all the spending, Washington is the main beneficiary of the conflict in Ukraine and, according to preliminary estimates, will pay off all the “investments” in its escalation.

This is not to say that this work is easy, and the price for what we do is low. Everyone will pay dearly, but this is what must be done

Stoltenberg teaches.

The General Secretary appreciated the huge contribution of Germany, although he asked for more "greater efforts", and also reminded that the coming winter will be harsh, and not only in terms of weather conditions. However, based on the meaning of his speech and rhetoric, this will be exactly the "price that everyone must pay."

It is noteworthy that a man in the service of a transnational association, wholly supported by the general bloated budget of NATO, with an income clearly above average, is trying to offer ordinary unprotected Europeans poverty, high prices and inflation.

There is no alternative. Sanctions have the opposite effect, gas is used as a weapon, but this is the price we are all ready for

- Stoltenberg answered for all Europeans.

In conclusion, he noted that support for Ukraine could last for years, which, of course, "will have consequences not only in the military sphere, but also in industry."
  • Photos used: twitter.com/jensstoltenberg
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 24 August 2022 09: 14
    support for Ukraine can last for years

    Non-brothers Ukrainians.
    Have you had a roll call, which of you is the last one?
    It's time. The elder ordered - war to the last.
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 24 August 2022 10: 05
    The confrontation in the NWO is moving towards a confrontation with the entire West on the rise .. The conclusion is clear, the sooner the NWO is completed, and with the mobilization of all forces and means, otherwise it will not work out quickly. The strategy of viscous grinding of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is doubly detrimental, for political and economic reasons, not to mention the losses in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, both personnel and material.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 24 August 2022 12: 24
    There is nothing surprising here. The war is with the countries represented at this gathering. They are given enthusiasm by the fact that there are no visible successes talking about Russia's victory in the NMD, but there is hope that with the help of the West the war can be dragged out for years and weaken Russia greatly. Hence the money and weapons without end.
  4. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 25 August 2022 00: 46
    Quite clear. Everything rests on the will of the States, and the keys to our victory must be taken from them. Europe will not mind if the States, under our pressure (to pickle our "Sarmatians"?), retreat and release it from this duty - it will still apologize and kiss the valves on our gas pipelines. For this, all that is necessary is to withstand the nuclear "clinch" with the States and force them to bend themselves