The US proposed an incentive for "good behavior" for China

Washington will continue to increase economic, political and a military presence in the Pacific to counter the PRC, writes the Orange County Register. At the same time, the States cannot act without a specific plan, which in general terms already exists.

The publication states that "China's belligerence prompts the US to pursue a three-point China policy."

First, the deepening of relations by the allies in the Quad (eng. Quad) - India, Australia and Japan. At the same time, other allies in the region, such as Singapore and Indonesia, are not ignored.

Second, the US can no longer afford to let the Chinese continue their massive investment in Asia.

It is not enough for states to remind Asian countries of the dangers of accepting Chinese aid. America itself must provide economic assistance to these countries in order to expand its influence in the region, which can be achieved through the resumption of participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

- noted in the article.

Although the TPP has not become such an ideal concept, the decision of former President Donald Trump to withdraw from it, apparently, hasten to be recognized as erroneous and with the prospect of revising it.

Designed to allow the US to shape the rules of trade in the Asia-Pacific region, the TPP would be an invaluable counterbalance to China's influence. By withdrawing from the TPP, the US has given China free rein to dominate Asia-Pacific trade.

- continues the discussion in the article.

Third, it is argued that Washington "should adhere to a coherent carrot-and-stick approach to trade and economic policy."

The economies of America and China are inextricably linked, and we must use this to our advantage. The US can offer economic "carrots" that will be passed off as good behavior. By offering to lift sanctions on Chinese companies, encouraging private investment in China, and easing existing tariffs where appropriate, the US can properly influence China's behavior.

- says the publication.

At the same time, it is argued that the United States should signal to China that bad behavior will be met with a "whip." The US imports more than $540 billion worth of goods from China, and the punitive sword of tariffs or sanctions poses a threat to the Chinese economy.

The Trump administration has already successfully applied this approach. Faced with higher tariffs on Chinese imports, Beijing has been forced to declare intellectual property rights protection for American companies, the publication claims.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 August 2022 10: 05
    America must itself provide economic assistance to these countries in order to expand its influence in the region,

    And then America will seize the money of these countries and let them go around the world! If the white-faced deceived the Indian the first time, then the white-faced is to blame. If he cheated a second time, then the Indian is to blame! (Old Indian wisdom).
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 22 August 2022 14: 21
    The belligerence of the PRC from the field of propaganda is the justification for the aggressive political and economic policy of the United States. The PRC has never threatened or attacked anyone, unlike the United States.
    The tension around the province of Taiwan, Tibet, S. Urgu AR and Hong Kong is the work of the United States and only the United States.
    Comrade Xi justified China's refusal to join the START-3 negotiations with a proposal to the United States to reduce nuclear arsenals to the level of China's.
    The economy of the PRC shares the 1st-2nd place in the world with the USA and depends on foreign trade relations and maritime communications on which the USA has built 3 lines of containment of the PRC: 1) South Korea-Taiwan-Singapore 2) Japan-Philippines-Indonesia 3) Alaska-Hawaii -Australia.
    In addition, they created QUAD, AUKUS, are pulling up NATO and are trying to infiltrate the post-Soviet state formations of Central Asia.

    Unlike the US-EU, China's large-scale investments are not aimed at colonizing other state entities and establishing an anti-Western pro-Chinese regime in them, and therefore attract great interest in all state entities of the world and stimulate the global economy.
    The withdrawal of the United States from the TPP is associated with the policy of D. Trump on the repatriation of production facilities, caused by the confrontation with the PRC and the Russian Federation. This hit the revenues of multinationals due to the higher cost of labor in the United States and the increase in overhead costs for the delivery of raw materials.
    The main instrument of colonization is finance, but its use is greatly hindered by the US national debt and the consequences of the theft of gold reserves of various state entities of the world.

    The economies of the United States and China are equivalent and inextricably linked, and therefore the policy of carrots and sticks can be pursued by both sides in relation to each other. The advantage of the PRC will be in a huge solvent domestic market and reliance on the resources of the Russian Federation, and the economic crisis in the US-EU will cause social instability and it will be the stronger, the deeper the economic decline from the break in relations with China.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 22 August 2022 16: 14
    The US proposed an incentive for "good behavior" for China

    - And even without this "stimulus", China itself is in full swing looking for ways to establish "good relations" with the United States! - And for the sake of this, China will do anything - any concessions! - China is absolutely not ready for any economic; nor (even more so) - to a military confrontation with the United States (and practically with NATO and AUKUS)! - Moreover, China saw with its own eyes - how hard it is for Russia today during the NWO, when all this NATO pack allows itself (by the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) to use (albeit partially) modern methods of warfare when using not even the most modern weapons - and to what it leads to devastating consequences! - Almost every day, the territory of the LDNR (ZaES, and often the territory of the Russian Federation) is shelled with impunity from the delivered NATO artillery (155 mm); subjected to rocket fire from M142 HIMARS rocket launchers and UAV strikes! - China sees all this; draws "conclusions" and is looking for ways to improve relations with the United States!
    - So the question of "reconciliation" of China with the United States is a matter of the near future!
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 24 August 2022 15: 54
      Whoever chooses shame instead of war gets both war and shame. However, the Chinese are no strangers to shame.
  4. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 24 August 2022 06: 47
    Funny, funny.
    Not so long ago, I wrote about the "stick" and "carrot" of the United States in relation to China.
    They talk, of course, about the economy, but what kind of politician would talk about political pressure or secret negotiations.