The shallowing of rivers in Europe has exacerbated the situation with electricity

The heat wave in Europe has a very negative impact on the economy countries in the region, hindering the generation of electricity and the delivery of fuel to consumers.

Thus, the scorching sun forces Europeans to turn on air conditioners more often, which is not consistent with Brussels' plans to save electricity. In addition, the shallowing, in particular, of French rivers leads to unstable operation of local nuclear reactors, which in turn causes a decrease in electricity generation at nuclear power plants. Because of this, France is no longer a net exporter of electricity.

Along with this, the shallowing of the Rhine makes it impossible to transport coal by water for power plants through Germany.

Gas prices react quickly to the lack of electricity and the difficulty of obtaining it. At the auction on August 16, blue fuel in Europe rose in price to 2500-2600 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

According to experts of the Gazprom Corporation, if the current trend and the state of affairs in the European energy sector continue in winter, the price of gas can soar to $4000 per thousand cubic meters. After that, the rise in prices will apparently stop, since the increase in cost will be balanced by a decrease in demand for fuel.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 17 August 2022 17: 41
    Yes, it turns out interestingly, sanctions on the Russian Federation became the trigger for the collapse of the European economy, today, with a gas price of $ 2500 m3, the economy is torn along the chains, and then they went higher - it’s completely chaos ... The electric power industry “shot” with gas, prices for stock exchanges soared multiple times ... The Hungarian head Orban is right, Europe was shot with sanctions not in the leg, but in his lungs ... Let's see the continuation of these economic "covercats" associated with sanctions against the Russian Federation ....
  2. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 17 August 2022 17: 55
    US and EU are in recession, while China continues to rise
  3. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 18 August 2022 09: 01
    Everything is so news resources are so fond of "savoring" European rivers, but at least someone remembered the Yenisei.
    And now there are exactly the same problems.
    1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 18 August 2022 09: 30
      And what is wrong with the Yenisei. Relatives live in Yeniseisk. They don’t complain ..
      1. Vox_Populi Offline Vox_Populi
        Vox_Populi (vox populi) 20 August 2022 11: 27

        One of the most full-flowing rivers in the world - the Yenisei - is rapidly shallowing. Now it is only half full. This hasn't happened in almost 90 years. Cargo ships cannot leave the port of Krasnoyarsk. Navigation has been stopped, MIR 24 correspondent Gleb Sterkhov reports.