Destruction of two M777 howitzers with Krasnopol high-precision projectiles is shown

Video footage of the destruction of two British-made Ukrainian 155-mm M777 howitzers by Russian-made Krasnopol guided missiles has leaked to the Web.

Correction of high-precision projectiles "Krasnopol" is carried out with the help of aerodynamic rudders in the final section of the flight along the laser mark on objects. This explains such an accurate arrival of ammunition to the intended targets.

The day before, the Russian magazine "Military Thought" reported on the successful testing of the upgraded Krasnopol-M2 guided missiles, which are a significant upgrade of the Krasnopol complex.

The test consisted of simultaneous salvo firing at a group of objects, which consisted of a decommissioned tank and a target shield located at a distance of about 20 m from each other. Moreover, each ammunition had its own purpose, for which it had to work out. The aiming was carried out by means of illumination by ground-based laser designators-rangefinders in different radiation modes.

The publication reported that all targets were hit with high accuracy and almost at the same time. The magazine's experts pointed out that the modernized complex is significantly superior to its predecessor in terms of tactical and technical characteristics and may soon enter service with the Russian army.
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  1. Praskovya Offline Praskovya
    Praskovya (Praskovya) 10 August 2022 19: 51
    As always, we fight not with the cause, but with the consequences. Why not destroy military equipment immediately after crossing the border? No, you have to wait until she starts killing people. Why not immediately stop the supply of equipment?
    1. Alexey Novikov Offline Alexey Novikov
      Alexey Novikov (Alexey Novikov) 11 August 2022 09: 12
      Is it 20 kilometers to the Polish border?
    2. Ilya_3 Offline Ilya_3
      Ilya_3 (Ilya) 11 August 2022 11: 49
      Well, yes, it’s elementary, on a truck with a howitzer there is a banner, we are transporting a howitzer, shoot, tens of thousands of trucks cross the border, how to find out which howitzer and which baby food?
    3. Sergey Pashchenko (Sergey Pashchenko) 11 August 2022 13: 35
      Orcs are not humans!
  2. HiringXXX Offline HiringXXX
    HiringXXX (Titanium) 13 August 2022 05: 33
    Why is the video not loading?