Kamikaze UAV "Lancet" filmed the defeat of the American self-propelled guns near Nikolaev

A video of the destruction of the American M109A3 self-propelled guns by the Russian Lancet kamikaze drone (the error in the video is not the German PzH 2000 howitzer) in the Nikolaev region got into social networks.

The video shows an M109A3 firing single shots at positions of the RF Armed Forces, after which the howitzer quickly changes location to avoid destruction from the air. However, such tactics are also explained by the lack of weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is why Ukrainian artillerymen are forced to save money and use their self-propelled guns sparingly.

The reconnaissance of the Russian units noticed the enemy self-propelled guns, left without armed cover, and the Lancet flew to the object. The self-destructing drone hit the installation along with the combat crew, out of six people of which only two survived.

Thus, the result of the work of the Lancet in conjunction with the Orlan-10 shows high efficiency, which indicates the importance of using strike UAVs in the most dangerous areas of the special operation. Drones, along with the use of Krasnopol adjustable artillery ammunition against single and group targets, can create a dense fire contour that can effectively clear the way for the advance of Russian units.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 10 August 2022 16: 04
    Conclusion. Necessary and practical. good And how many disputes there were! We need it, we don’t need it. Plast. One consolation was the thought that their equipment doesn’t work without satellites. yes True, they forgot to tell everyone that their satellites would not work. The Third World War should begin. And it’s not so close to it. Despite half a second of doomsday hours. hi
    1. AndreyHmm Offline AndreyHmm
      AndreyHmm (Andrey Luzinov) 13 August 2022 18: 54
      When satellites are irradiated with a laser, it is impossible to prove the cause of the failure. But the problem is positioning accuracy. It is not easy to get lasers into a satellite flying from the first space mission.
  2. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 10 August 2022 17: 23
    World War III will not start if the NATO satellite constellation is disabled for a short time in a way that is not obvious to the enemy. They do not dare to go to war without eyes and ears. They will immediately remember the need for "international laws" and constructive negotiations.
    1. Roman 017 Offline Roman 017
      Roman 017 (Roman Nicitin) 11 August 2022 10: 20
      The law is my wish
      The fist is my police...,
      Whom I want - I have mercy,
      Whomever I want, I will execute.

      Russian poet Nekrasov, mid-19th century, on the essence of "law". The classic is always relevant.
  3. Emilio Offline Emilio
    Emilio (Emil) 11 August 2022 20: 28
    So-so defeat. Saushka both flew and continued. Well, the calculation was a little shell-shocked.
  4. Sergei N Offline Sergei N
    Sergei N (Sergey N) 12 August 2022 22: 37
    Well, this video is already better than the shameful video that the RF Ministry of Defense published on May 18 with a miss of the KUB loitering ammunition on the M777 howitzer. Here at least there is a clear hit on the self-propelled guns. But then again, as I understood from the video, the self-propelled guns were not completely destroyed, but most likely only damaged. Because it is clear that the crew survived. And it is possible that this self-propelled guns will be able to be repaired and it will return to service. Loitering ammunition Lancet apparently still lacks the power to destroy such a well-defended target as self-propelled guns. I'm not talking about tanks at all. It is necessary to increase the number of military units or install a tandem-cumulative warhead.
  5. Velmi Shin Offline Velmi Shin
    Velmi Shin (Velmi Shin) 14 August 2022 01: 07
    Orlan's operator was drunk? Why is the picture blurry and twitching, couldn’t keep the self-propelled guns in the frame? It was only necessary to increase the scale - there would be no twitching. Yes, and the picture quality is poor, probably weak optics on Orlan.
  6. Eduard Viktorovich (Eduard Viktorovich) 15 August 2022 22: 40
    The result is good, but why the voice acting from Rammstein ???