Canada justified itself for the supply of a turbine for Nord Stream

Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson, during a speech in Parliament, said that Germany cannot count on transporting gas through Ukraine as an alternative source of supply of Russian blue fuel instead of Nord Stream.

The bottom line is that the expected flow of gas to Germany via a pipeline from Russia through Ukraine would be significantly less than that which would go through Nord Stream.

- the head of the department emphasized (Bloomberg quote).

Thus, Ottawa is trying to justify itself for sending a Siemens turbine to Germany for Nord Stream in violation of its own sanctions. At the moment, due to the shutdown of two turbines, this pipeline operates at only 20 percent of its capacity, which makes it problematic to pump sufficient volumes of gas into European UGS facilities in the run-up to the winter season.

At the same time, Berlin insists on the possibility of transferring the turbine repaired in Montreal to Gazprom, thereby accusing Moscow of dragging out the situation. However, the Russian gas corporation claims that the repair in Canada did not remove all the technical problems with the turbine maintenance and Siemens did not fully fulfill its contractual obligations.
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  1. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 6 August 2022 19: 34
    And what about Canada? You western boobies of the king of heaven, do you ever think? Or are you all brainless blueness there? , Gazprom entered into a contract for the supply and maintenance of the turbine with Siemens, a herd of sheep! Gazprom is not interested in where Siemens will repair the turbine, even on Mars. The most important thing is who will pay in the event of a turbine breakdown, that is, a repair guarantee from Siemens, since it was Siemens who entrusted repairs to Canada. Are there any guarantee documents from Siemens to Gazprom? There is not. All went three letters. While there are no documents, there are no turbines, which means there are no gas supplies.