Shows the massive use of kamikaze UAVs by the Russian army

Russia continues to destroy manpower and machinery APU during a special operation in Ukraine. So, footage of the use of kamikaze combat drones by Russian units got into social networks.

The first video shows the defeat of a stronghold of Ukrainian militants by four Kub-BLA drones in the village of Dobroe.

The second video shows the defeat of a truck with a towed gun by a kamikaze attack drone "Lancet".

Earlier in the Russian military department, journalists RIA News spoke about the beginning of the use in Ukraine of the modernized loitering ammunition "Lancet" with an increased flight duration of one hour and a warhead weighing more than 5 kg. At the same time, to hit targets, the Lancet uses the pre-contact detonation function, as a result of which, when the drone explodes near the object, the shock wave and fragments spread to the maximum area.

Loitering ammunition is capable of staying in the target area for a long time in search mode, after which the kamikaze drone attacks the object and self-destructs above it. To eliminate enemy manpower, UAVs with a high-explosive fragmentation or thermobaric warhead are used, and to destroy armored vehicles - with a cumulative part.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 July 2022 16: 51
    It seems that this is how they will hunt Himarses with foreign crews. And at night with thermal imagers.
    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 22 July 2022 23: 13
      It seems that this is how they will hunt Himarses with foreign crews. And at night with thermal imagers.

      Yeah. And so too. If you're lucky, of course. And everything is as usual. Hard hardcore. Intelligence and agents in the rear. And a missile and bomb strike. Classic.
  2. 89824024836 Offline 89824024836
    89824024836 22 July 2022 19: 11
    Late with the Lancets of Izhevsk. "Izhmash", you give 100 "Lancets" per day!!! Then our troops are not afraid of any Hamers, Caesars, Port wines in three 777 and other foreign iron.
  3. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 22 July 2022 21: 34
    good impact
  4. Avedi Offline Avedi
    Avedi (Ankh) 27 July 2022 06: 35
    somehow a little not exactly on the first video and the charge is small