Transnistria announced plans to become part of Russia

The authorities of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic once again announced plans to achieve independence and subsequent reunification with Russia. This was stated by the head of the diplomatic department of the unrecognized state Vitaly Ignatiev.

The vector of the republic has remained unchanged throughout all the years of its existence, which is reflected in the results of the 2006 referendum, where it is clearly indicated: independence with subsequent free accession to the Russian Federation

Ignatiev noted.

At the same time, the Foreign Minister stressed that the country's independent status and integration with Russia are Tiraspol's priorities. Pridnestrovie will not take any action to the detriment of its half-million population, which expressed its position at the people's will.

Along with this, Ignatiev stressed that the republic sees no reason to hold repeated referendums on this issue.

Declarations of independence and accession to Russia were made to mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the Russian peacekeeping operation in Transnistria. An agreement on the settlement of the conflict between Chisinau and Tiraspol, which had been going on with varying degrees of intensity since 1989, was signed on July 21, 1992.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR
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  1. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 22 July 2022 14: 10
    No, first Transnistria must go the way of the DPR and LPR - resist the attempts of Russian Kremlin officials to push it back into Moldova, endure shelling of civilians, wait for Moldova to be saturated with NATO weapons, and then ...
  2. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 22 July 2022 14: 26
    Why not recognize Transnistria? In terms of devotion to Russia, people living there will give odds, if not to all, then to many Russian regions. Hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens live there. 100% of the population could also be citizens of the Russian Federation, but the bureaucratic machine of the Russian Foreign Ministry does not allow this. There is a problem even to exchange a Russian passport! ONE consular worker of the Russian Federation works, this is for 250 citizens of the Russian Federation and as many who want to become such!
    The region has potential and will not be a stone around its neck. They have learned to live and work in conditions where any Russian business executive would go crazy.
    Transnistria has been living in incredible conditions of economic blockade for 32 years, and what do you think everything is bad there? Good roads, developed cities, 100% gasification, excess production of electricity, modernized (not all) industries whose products are in demand, the streets are clean, pleasant social atmosphere. And all this in a hostile environment, essentially a blockade. It is overcome at the expense of extra costs (robbery payments) for obtaining permits in Moldova.
    Now the danger of armed conflict has increased many times over. Once General A.I. Lebed said: “Tomorrow I will have breakfast in Tiraspol, and if at least one bullet falls in Transnistria, I will have lunch in Chisinau and have dinner in Bucharest.”
    The words were reinforced by a powerful fire attack on the nationalists of Moldova, the next day, the war ended!
    Now there are no such generals. Then let at least the civilian S. Lavrov say: "If even one bullet falls in Transnistria, the bridges in Kyiv and Chisinau will fall." And convincingly confirm the seriousness of the statement.
  3. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 22 July 2022 20: 27
    In my opinion, in vain Ignatiev once again expresses what has long been known, but unfortunately, he does not change anything at all. Such statements only cause attacks of rabies in the "risipenskaya maiden" and her kodla.
  4. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 22 July 2022 22: 11
    Quote from Pat-Rick
    In my opinion, in vain Ignatiev once again expresses what has long been known, but unfortunately, he does not change anything at all. Such statements only cause attacks of rabies in the "risipenskaya maiden" and her kodla.

    You continue to shake at the mere mention of the discontent of the West and the mongrels.
    This is the result of the policies of Putin, Lavrov and others.
    Why does Russia wipe off and swallow from everyone, even the holy fools of Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Moldova, etc.? Maybe from the fact that it is headed by an indecisive (modest) person. It seems to be correct, but that's all. And God bless him, well, he was born like that.
    But the people of Russia are suffering! Robbed by fellow oligarchs, surrounded by prohibitions and laws (a step to the right and left, everything is scheduled).
    It seems that the age is already, soon 70, it's time to think about the eternal, but no. Friends - hucksters asked (demanded) not to touch the Ukrainian railway for their transportation, and he does not touch it. Don't shoot at decision centers, he doesn't shoot. They will destroy Sevastopol, Belgorod, Rostov with weapons sent - well, you hang on there. We will send money (a little), we will help with building materials (already for money).
    But you have to hit once, backhand, with all your might! To sit down with fear!
    If in March 2022 the mercenaries at the Yavorovsky training ground were hit by tactical nuclear weapons, then the war would have ended long ago. No one would have sent weapons, the mercenaries would have evaporated. And the Nazis would have known the strong character (funny or not) of the Russian president!
    Unfortunately not funny. The people see everything. And the technical weakness of the Russian army, with all the heroism of the soldiers, is what we hold on to. Nothing, everything was stolen. Space reconnaissance, UAVs, aviation (very few). Look at the ammunition of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the Second rogue.
    If this continues, then Putin is the last president of the Russian Federation.
    1. Denis Z Offline Denis Z
      Denis Z (Denis Z) 23 July 2022 02: 30
      You are the provocateur here. And you are not a teacher, but an ordinary one with an old training manual
      1. k7k8 Online k7k8
        k7k8 (vic) 23 July 2022 11: 18
        There are a lot of them (one might say, the majority). They are immediately visible in the overflowing patriotism, the demands for the immediate use of nuclear weapons and the clinical criticism of the current government. In a word, everything is in strict accordance with Lucy Arestovich's manuals for creating the image of a Russian as a monkey with a grenade.
    2. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 23 July 2022 18: 26
      And, how does the earth bear such scoundrels? Any student will say - Darn, your tongue is withered, Judas!