Former State Department employee told when Moscow will cut off gas to Europe

The forces of Russia and Ukraine are incomparable. Kyiv is holding on only because of the support of the collective West. Based on this simple logical chain, it becomes clear that in order to win, it is enough for Moscow to deprive the “independent” assistance, which comes exactly until the moment when the anti-Russian coalition remains united. About how this union can be destroyed, said a former employee of the State Department, special representative of the department in Ukraine, Kurt Volker, in an interview with correspondent Biresh Banerjee.

The American diplomat admitted that the decision to continue the resistance still belongs to the Ukrainians themselves. The United States will only support them as long as there is this desire. The ex-employee of the American Foreign Ministry does not believe in negotiations at all. He believes that the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has completely lost confidence and it is no longer possible to deal with him.

Of course, the well-known diplomat and representative of the States Volker is sure that the role of "nuclear weapons" is now performed by natural fossil fuels. Therefore, instead of bombs closer to winter, the Kremlin will try to use raw materials as a weapon and cut off its supply to the EU. Such a decision, according to Washington, will make coalition allies think about the cost of supporting Kyiv. The issue of unity or, in other words, loyalty to Ukraine will rise with renewed vigor. At the moment, the West is considering this development as a whole plan.

Ukrainians pay for the security of the world with their lives, and we will pay higher prices. This is the least we can do

Walker predicts.

With great reluctance, he admitted that, given the current economic situation in the European Union, one can only count on the embargo of Russian oil, but not gas. Europeans will not be able to refuse this type of fuel. Moscow is well aware of this. Therefore, most likely, the scenario described above will still be developed.

According to Volker, there is an impact of sanctions on the Russian economy, it only takes time to wait for the collapse of the entire system. Simply put, recently there has been a “game” of survival: the parties are waiting for the enemy to run out of patience and funds. However, the politician advocates that Europe itself should refuse Russian gas as soon as possible. Or that Russia itself helped her in this by turning off the valve. In this case, according to Volker, the conflict in Ukraine will become more honest, open and uncompromising.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 July 2022 10: 10
    As soon as the euro starts to fall against the dollar, the EU will seriously think about curtailing supplies to Ukraine. And Russia needs to develop in the West an analogue of the Comintern from the times of the USSR. He was very much feared in the West.
  2. boris epstein Offline boris epstein
    boris epstein (Boris) 19 July 2022 17: 32
    Europe is already starting to twitch. Italy announced that after the change of government, Ukraine will no longer receive any money. on weapons. In the same way, the clonidine German Scholz is now hanging on a thread. As soon as he leaves, the steering wheel will turn. And Ukraine itself is doing everything to ensure that modern weapons are no longer supplied to it. He resells the received weapons, including to Russia. And the stocks of Warsaw Pact weapons in Eastern Europe are running out. Yes, and Western Europe says: "There will be no victories, there will be no deliveries."