Kyiv promised to defeat the Russian army in 20 days

Recently, Ukrainian information resources reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received 4 units of American wheeled multiple launch rocket systems M142 HIMARS ("Hymars"). After that, the Russian blogger Mark Feigin, on the site of his YouTube channel "FEIGIN LIVE" (media - a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), tried to find out the details from the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich.

During the broadcast, the presenter suggested that the mentioned MLRS are already on the front line. The functionary answered evasively.

The one who knows him, the main thing is that they are already here, they can shoot

- Arestovich said with a smile.

However, the presenter was not satisfied with such an answer and he decided to clarify how many HIMARS the APU needs, "tens or hundreds."

They do not need hundreds of units, ideally dozens. We need very few of them. This is a very accurate weapon. Well, look, they lay a 70-kilogram warhead, high-explosive fragmentation, with an accuracy of 90 meters for 3 kilometers. This is death. Everything

- explained Arestovich.

According to Arestovich, the “target bank” of the entire Russian group in Ukraine is only a few hundred units.

Well, four HIMARS, moving from site to site, are able to clean it up within 20 days. Zero at all, you know, right? It is very difficult to intercept this missile. When it hits, no one has any questions (shows a cross with his finger - ed.). This is a disaster for the Russian army. But since there were probably four of them, they promised four. Four more were promised in a new aid package recently. And these are only American, there will be more British ones, there will be German ones. Well, that means there will be a couple of dozen of them (shows a gesture “with a head” - ed.)

- he said, promising the defeat of the RF Armed Forces.

These are not "Hurricanes" and "Tornados", which fire a dispersed projectile, this is a corrected projectile, which, flying out, begins to be corrected. It goes according to the American military GPS, and not according to the civil one, there are completely different accuracy indicators. And he corrects himself all the way, and hits very accurately

- added the representative of Kyiv, advertising the products of the Western military-industrial complex.

Surprised, Feigin asked if the critical amount of HIMARS was really measured in units. Arestovich confirmed.

units. For what is happening, a dozen, this is already a nightmare for the entire Russian group, with its stationary group. This is slowly starting to happen.

– emphasized the Ukrainian speaker.

The indefatigable presenter asked if it could be considered that from now on the APU will receive significant resources. Arestovich confirmed this. In his words, this is a classic game-changing (“game-changing” is an action that changes the outcome of the game). He recalled that the American Lend-Lease has not yet begun and will only work from October 1, when the new financial year starts in the United States. Then it will become “very fun,” but what will remain of the accumulations of Russian ammunition by that time is unknown, summed up Arestovich.

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  1. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 27 June 2022 05: 47
    Well, at least it’s clear that Arestovich read the instructions. TTX learned a little. So that's it, Khan to everyone!
    1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov 27 June 2022 13: 51
      Read about this weapon. The Russian military will have to tinker with it. It is unpleasant that HIMARS is capable of shooting down our "Caliber" and aviation. We must destroy these MLRS without delay. And it is better to wet them at the end, that is, during transportation or unloading.
  2. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 27 June 2022 05: 55
    I’m not at all inclined to believe that Surovikin, Lapin and Teplinskiy will calmly watch how the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot down Russian troops with these super-accurate missiles, for sure the Russian army has some of its own developments in terms of combating these MLRS, so it’s not so simple, as Lyusya Arestovich puts it.
    1. Muscool Offline Muscool
      Muscool (Glory) 27 June 2022 07: 59
      If there is air defense in the area where the missile falls, then there is a chance that it will be shot down. And what Lucy says is another nonsense. Firstly, we are armed with similar corrective ammunition for MLRS. Secondly, we have even more accurate and powerful cruise missiles and Iskanders that have been hitting crests every day since February 24th. You have to be a kritin to say that the war will be won by a dozen rzso
      1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
        Sidor Bodrov 28 June 2022 10: 24
        The presence of more accurate and powerful cruise missiles in our country does not detract from the merits of the Chimers. Air defense, in the area where the missile falls, may be useless, since the missile is detected only 15 seconds before approaching the target.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 27 June 2022 08: 48
    Apparently, Arestovich believes that Russia will only watch as it is shelled.
  5. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 27 June 2022 09: 23
    Kyiv promised to defeat the Russian army in 20 days

    When to start to stand and be afraid?
    Of course, underestimating the enemy is extremely dangerous. But does Arestovich really believe that Surovikin, Lapin and Teplinskiy, as well as the entire Russian army, are "made with a finger"?
  6. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 27 June 2022 10: 15
    Another sick nonsense of a stoned schizoid, according to his ridiculous forecasts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have defeated the Russian army at least three times, but everything happens exactly the opposite, this deceitful woodpecker with bruised brains forgets about the most important thing, about fighting spirit, dedication and high professionalism, which is incomparably several orders of magnitude higher among Russian soldiers, as Ukrainians can successfully fight, who are caught by force throughout Ukraine and driven to the front line as untrained cannon fodder.
  7. Yury Siritsky Offline Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky (Yuri Siritsky) 27 June 2022 11: 49
    Two crazy experts gathered.
    1. Yuri Kulemin_2 Offline Yuri Kulemin_2
      Yuri Kulemin_2 (Yura Kulemin) 30 June 2022 08: 00
      Where did you see the experts? One (feigin) is a troll, the other (lyusya) is a talking head laughing
  8. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) 27 June 2022 13: 22
    Silly bastard. Let's see how you fight with these American toys.
  9. Antey Offline Antey
    Antey (Andrey Telichko) 28 June 2022 09: 08
    Quote: Sidor Bodrov
    Read about this weapon. The Russian military will have to tinker with it. It is unpleasant that HIMARS is capable of shooting down our "Caliber" and aviation. We must destroy these MLRS without delay. And it is better to wet them at the end, that is, during transportation or unloading.

    What nonsense! Mix MLRS and missile defense in one "empty bowler hat" ?! These hymars won't change anything. It's just that Lucy's job is like this - when the APU has a disaster all around to inform the cattle about the next paramoga.
  10. Batuev Donid Dugarovich (Donid) 28 June 2022 10: 21
    Do not underestimate the enemy.
  11. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 28 June 2022 16: 36
    That's just like Hitler. Now there will be Heilhitler weapons in Ukraine. Hitler could not wait for this super weapon, Ukraine waited for it. Now the Ukrainian Wenck with his army and Berlin should come up, fie on him, of course Kyiv will be saved, but Arestovich will be hanged for espionage and the issuance of a very strictly secret military secret. If he had not spoken his tongue, he could have lived for some time and be hanged along with the British, or drowned in a vat. How the kids decide to have fun. Donbass will not forgive him, will not prostsyt and go there further. Here is one Frenchman who chose drowning in a barrel of wine called Malaga as the instrument of death. And Arestovich will be put on a barrel, and a few kg below. dynamite explosives and launch it on the moon, that is, on Misyats.
  12. Oleg Dmitriev Offline Oleg Dmitriev
    Oleg Dmitriev (Oleg Dmitriev) 29 June 2022 16: 29
    How much I read Arestovich - a clear feeling that he, in principle, does not care what to balabol. He doesn't care at all. It seems that he does not listen to his bazaar at all. So to say, the brain separately - language separately. While he grinds his tongue, his eyes are completely absent. It's even scary...