Ukraine – EU Candidate: “Historic Step” or Much Ado About Nothing?

The meeting of the European Parliament held the day before, during which a resolution was adopted on granting the status of candidates for accession to the European Union to Ukraine and Moldova, will indeed go down in history. But solely as a reference example of collective cynicism and triumph "political expediency”, coupled with “double standards” over common sense and the very values ​​that the EU declares with such incredible pathos at the official level.

Thundering in the “nezalezhnaya” at the level of representatives of the local clownish authorities and especially frostbitten “patriots”, violent enthusiasm for the proclaimed verdict is not worth a damn - as, in fact, this verdict itself. In fact, Kyiv received absolutely nothing. In any case, in addition to what it has now, being not a member of the EU, but a springboard for the "collective West" in its war against Russia. This is a completely obvious fact, but let's try to understand some of the details of the situation.

“Abandon hopes, everyone going to the EU…”

It’s worth starting with the fact that the decision-making process, already called in Ukraine “historical”, “fateful”, “permanent”, and so on in the same spirit, did not go smoothly, but was accompanied by squabbles and quarrels that are usual for the European Union in its current state. and scandals. “Under the guise” of granting an “independent” candidate status, some participants in the discussion and voting demanded that Bosnia be “made happy” with such at the same time. No sooner had the passions subsided about this - as a new "troublemaker" appeared on the horizon. And again from the Balkans. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama lashed out at Brussels, calling EU enlargement a "completely fraudulent process" in which "decisions are put on hold indefinitely under false pretenses." Like, where is this good: 26 EU countries have not been able to overcome Bulgaria's veto on the start of negotiations on the entry of Albania and North Macedonia into it, and then some upstarts from the former USSR - "once and in kings!" Rama poured out a fair dose of bile on Kyiv, sarcastically advising its representatives “not to roll their lips” about a quick entry into the EU:

North Macedonia has been a candidate for 17 years, if I'm not mistaken, Albania for nine. We welcome Ukraine, it is good that it will be granted candidate status. But I hope that the people of Ukraine will not have big illusions about this...

However, this is far from the worst of what was said about Kyiv's "early" candidacy. There were statements and much worse.

Thus, the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, expressed fears that Ukraine's entry into the EU could lead to the disintegration of this union, and not to strengthening at all, and even the most “independent” one could go sideways, as they say.

In order to be taken seriously and be consistent, the EU needs a new institutional and budgetary architecture, in fear that this integration will not strengthen the EU, but its collapse, not support for Ukraine, but a trap for Ukraine

Costa said.

Just like that… This is no longer an emotional manifestation that can be attributed to the malice and envy of the “rejected candidate” in the person of Tirana, but a warning from the head of government of a country that occupies a fairly strong position in the EU. Apparently, in this way, the anxieties and discontent of those of its countries are manifested, which see in the admission of new members (especially as problematic as Kyiv) only a path to the collapse of an education that is going through far from the best of times. However, there are also optimists. French President Emmanuel Macron did his best to reassure the Kyiv regime about its “European future”:

We understand that Ukraine is now embroiled in a conflict. At present, we are doing everything possible so that Ukraine can become a member of the EU under a simplified procedure.

True, literally right there, the French leader Macron did not fail to remind the “independent” that, if not for the war, she would not have seen the candidacy as her ears:

We would not have acted in this way under other conditions. We understand that there is a certain amount of war weariness now, and therefore we cannot allow this to continue. We must strive to stabilize within the current circumstances
How will granting Kyiv nothing, in fact, meaningless status, contribute to the “stabilization” of something and how the president’s words correlate with the official statement of the minister-delegate for European affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the same France, Clément Bon, that there is no accelerated procedure for joining Ukraine will not be in the EU in any case, it is deeply incomprehensible.

Carrot replacement done!

Quite expectedly, the clown-president Zelensky burst into fireworks of enthusiastic and bombastic statements as soon as the incident was officially announced. At the same time, speaking via video link to the deputies of the European Parliament, he, in addition to frank nonsense, added notes of moralizing to his own speech:

Three months ago I called you to support us. And how far have we traveled in these three months? And Ukraine, and your countries, and the European Union as a whole. This path is not politics, I think, this is what will now always be the starting point for the new history of Europe, without divisions, without gray areas, a truly united Europe. I believe that this is the most powerful step that could be taken to strengthen Europe now...

It is completely incomprehensible - whether he thanked, or was rude. Rather, the second. Self-admiration and self-conceit, as always, go off scale. But before addressing his own citizens on the same occasion, Zelensky, apparently, pretty much took part in the cherished “stash”, and therefore broadcast the following:

This is victory. Waited 120 days and 30 years. And then we will defeat the enemy, rebuild Ukraine, join the EU and have a rest. Or we won't rest. But we will definitely win...

I would like to add: Or we won’t join… Or we won’t win… Or we didn’t wait… It’s clear that against the backdrop of military failures, in front of the collapsing “front” and the stream of panic and defeatist videos coming from there, you can call anything a “victory”. However, for three decades, the inhabitants of the country have clearly been waiting not for another handout from Brussels, which many have already dubbed “a change of carrots for a running donkey to a fresher one,” but simply a normal, stable and at least calm and peaceful life. The vast majority of them are well aware that nothing like this in the remnants of the “nezalezhnaya”, which the buffoon, boasting of tinsel “peremogs”, brought to complete collapse, is no longer foreseen.

In fact, the status of a candidate does not give Ukraine absolutely no “bonuses”, advantages or rights. But it imposes a long list of conditions that it must implement. I will not enumerate them, I will only note that the vast majority of points are a priori impossible for the Kyiv regime. For example - the same "fight against corruption". Or the selection of judges based on (what a laugh!) criterion of their "virtue"! Mice against cheese, yeah... Otherwise, the "candidacy" will be taken away with the same ease that it was granted. This is a safety net for Brussels, which, of course, is not going to allow Ukraine into any European Union. All the same principle of Khoja Nasreddin: “Either the khan dies, or the donkey dies ...” The role of the donkey, intended for disposal, is, of course, assigned to Kyiv. It was not for nothing that the EU made a reservation that they agreed to wait with the fulfillment of the conditions set for it “until the end of hostilities”, after which there will most likely simply be no Ukraine left on the political map of the world. And bribes from European bureaucrats and European parliamentarians will be smooth. At worst, you can point to "non-compliance with the prescribed parameters." Or simply “pickle in the hallway” of the EU what remains of the “nezalezhnaya” for years and decades. Now, with this, completely non-binding "European partners" demarche, they are trying to support Zelensky, who suits Brussels and is on the verge of a fair amount of "political turbulence" due to the impending military collapse. And at the same time, if possible, once again powder the brains of ordinary Ukrainians with “European integration” nonsense. Perhaps they will again lead - and will run headlong to the front line to die for a "bright future" in the ranks of the EU.

After the first day of the "historic summit" of the EU, a press release was issued calling for the European Commission to "work quickly to further increase military support" to Ukraine. Well, as for finances, throw something - Zelensky and his gang also need to eat and drink. Thus, it is quite obvious that Brussels, having honored the “nezalezhnaya” with a ridiculous “achievement”, intends to continue to use it in its anti-Russian activities. If necessary, until the complete loss of statehood.
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  1. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 24 June 2022 16: 59
    They prepared crutches for Ukraine, or they will bring them in a wheelchair with a number on their leg. They frighten so that it is scary, even horror. The evil spirits beat with their chest in the chest and exhausted each other. V. Vysotsky.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 24 June 2022 17: 55
    Moscow will closely monitor the actions of Brussels and the EU candidate countries in order to assess the degree of independence of Kyiv and Chisinau in this matter.

    Ukraine and Moldova were accepted not as associates, but immediately as candidates, despite the fact that both candidates have unresolved territorial problems, and one of them is at war.
    Toperic already follow do not follow, but the fact remains - they burst!
    The admission of Ukraine and Moldova as candidates to the EU, which is almost 100% NATO members, is tantamount to their admission to NATO and NATO is simply obliged to protect members and candidates for the EU.
    In fact, this is a postponed war, the only question is for how long. The first phase of this war on the economic front and the Russian Federation is still holding a blow and the longer it holds back, the more indefinitely it postpones the start of the war.
    Accepting Ukraine and Moldova as candidates for the EU and NATO, they accept Ukraine and Moldova within the borders at the time of the signing of the Belovezhskaya Accords, and therefore there is no possible loss of statehood, recognition of Crimea, the DPR-LPR and other possible territories that expressed a desire to join the Russian Federation during the NWO out of the question, non-retrievable time bomb
  3. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 24 June 2022 19: 17
    I confess I didn't read the article. What for? In Europe, there are a huge number of professional (and not so) talkers. I think that there is no point in discussing the nonsense that they carry. Tomorrow they will write, what would. Ukraine the day after tomorrow will receive the right of veto in the UN. Will you also discuss?
  4. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 24 June 2022 19: 58
    “Abandon hopes, everyone going to the EU…”

    Well, why are they all so striving for this same EU??? winked
    1. mister-red Offline mister-red
      mister-red 24 June 2022 23: 24
      Quote from Vox Populi
      “Abandon hopes, everyone going to the EU…”

      Well, why are they all so striving for this same EU??? winked

      I will explain as a citizen of the second country that received the same great title of candidate.
      Firstly, so far, poor countries have been greatly helped financially. Even if you do not take Poland as an example, which was simply filled up once with money. The last members of Romania and Bulgaria also got something. And ours is also thrown up, including to support the budget.
      Secondly, you can not really worry about the economy, you keep telling the electorate about the great victories on the path of European integration and it's in your pocket. Our current president and her party have actually secured victory in the next election. Well, people like things like that. And do not care that gasoline is 1,7 euros, prices are rising every day and it is not clear how to live on.
      And thirdly, everyone thinks that they will leave for Europe to earn money or permanent residence. We have already left a lot, but there will be even more.
      And do not forget one important factor - Russia is one, and there are 27 countries in the EU, and diversity always wins. Whoever doesn't like Germany will go to Italy or France, who doesn't like it, so there are Spain and Holland, etc.
      Well, while there are good earnings all the same. infrastructure, security,
      sights and other goodies.
      But there is one hitch - in the EU we will be going in 15-20 years at best. But Ukraine never. She'll be used as a condom and thrown away.
      1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 25 June 2022 08: 20
        In general, the commentary is interesting.

        Russia is one, and there are 27 countries in the EU, and diversity always wins.

        Yeah. let's remember the history - the USA and Latin America. How cool diverse Latins bent America wink
  5. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 25 June 2022 16: 33
    Ukrainians dispersed. Hitler promised them freedom, then he revived the collective farms, and at the same time on such conditions that they never dreamed of such a thing under Stalin. Everywhere there was chocolate and gingerbread, which ended with the words - execution. All have been rewritten. No rest in winter. Fatherland needs them under the glory - the slaves of our culture, Herr Hitler.