“We were expelled, we are going to Ukraine”: a brief history of Ukrainian refugees in Europe

After the start of the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory, about 7,5 million Ukrainians became refugees, moving to other countries. The bulk of the people were placed in Europe, but not all of them turned out well.

The thing is that many citizens of Ukraine who remained on the territory of their country began to actively share in social networks the details of their residence. It turned out that a significant number of Ukrainian "refugees" are residents of Western and Central Ukraine, where there were no hostilities at all. They rented out their houses and apartments to residents of other regions of the country, and not cheaply, while they themselves went to the European Union for benefits - a double benefit.

Perhaps this is what influenced hospitality in some European countries. For example, below is a brief story of one refugee from Ukraine in Belgium.

We have already received all the documents. Today cards came from the bank, they said to wait a week. But they came three days later. It remains to wait for the payment and find an apartment, and that's it

- happily said the girl in the video earlier.

We were kicked out of our home today. We are already at the station going to Ukraine

she recently said.

It should be noted that, having an allowance, renting a house in Belgium is not very difficult. Consequently, the girl and everyone with whom she was there were simply deprived of benefits. Therefore, it makes no sense for them to stay there, and they return home.

Note that even in the Czech Republic, which is tolerant of Ukrainians, the authorities have limited the payment of humanitarian benefits to refugees from Ukraine. On June 15, it was announced that the said allowance of 200 euros would not be accrued to those refugees to whom the Czech state provides housing, food and hygiene products free of charge. Moreover, Vice Prime Minister and Interior Minister of the Czech Republic Vit Rakusan informed that on June 16 the center for the reception of Ukrainian refugees will be closed in Prague. The reason is banal - the congestion of the Czech capital. After the said center is closed, refugees from Ukraine will be registered in other Czech regions.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 16 June 2022 13: 20
    The EU is not rubber. And you don't have to feed everyone. Hard times are coming to them right now. Gas is cut off on all routes. They do not want to buy oil and coal themselves. In winter, they will make needles out of snow and heat the houses with parquet. And then another people with their ideas screaming under the windows ...
  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 16 June 2022 13: 40
    Are naive people going to Ukraine?)) They will be caught in Ukraine and sent to slaughter to fight Russian miners of the LDNR, to die for the Jewish state of Zelensky - his dream is to turn Ukraine into Israel
  3. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 16 June 2022 14: 16
    Nobody needs freeloaders. Ukraine ffse.
  4. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 16 June 2022 16: 05
    Got a map. It remains to wait for the payment .... It seems that they were happy with what was happening in the country, otherwise it was not possible to dump it in Europe ... Everything was waiting for the moment !!!! Remember even that on the Maidan they stood for visa-free, sorry ...... ki ... They sold their homeland.
  5. goncharov.62 Offline goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 (Andrei) 16 June 2022 20: 19
    "On the old Smolensk road" Is it hard to realize my uselessness, wretchedness and something wrong in my life? This is just the beginning ... After all, "the whole world" ...
  6. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 16 June 2022 21: 20
    So how is it, how are you? Are Mazepin's boots tight?
  7. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 16 June 2022 22: 04
    As you know, every medal (coin) has two sides.
    How are they in the Czech Republic, Belgium - I personally do not care.
    But the fact that "new Russians" from the Zaporozhye-Kherson and other regions of the outskirts appeared in Russia is a completely different compote. And the "new Russians", who are now storming all Russian social security and pension funds, have retained the citizenship of the outskirts. Consequently, all the locals who have lived in Russia for decades will have to give their social pennies to those who come in large numbers, as it has been verified for centuries that the Russian budget is NOT RUBBER.
    Dear Russians, do you like this compote to taste?
    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 17 June 2022 10: 47
      that the Russian budget is NOT RUBBER.
      And what makes you think that it will not increase with new territories? Add pensioners, but at the same time, add both economic and work space.
      1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
        Pat Rick 17 June 2022 13: 28
        With the new territories, the Russian budget will certainly increase.
        in the expense item. Look at the same Crimea.
        And in terms of adding workspace, it is added so far only in Moscow and the Moscow region.
  8. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 June 2022 08: 48
    Peremoga ....

    earlier on VO they wrote that pensioners from the LDNR managed to receive pensions from both the Republics and Ukraine ... - because. you could go back and forth.

    Here you can see the same story. We received benefits, rented out housing, as everything calmed down - you can travel.
    If you remember - that in Ukraine visa-free (which the media is silent about, how they put it in a puddle with it) - ride back and forth as much as you like. Even organized crime groups seem to have quieted down, they are no longer written about.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 18 June 2022 05: 37
    Good riddance from the EU, in particular from Latvia, from the city of Riga.
  10. Molybdenum Offline Molybdenum
    Molybdenum (Molybdenum) 19 June 2022 21: 03
    Since Europe supplies aid to continue the war, it is obliged to accept the Ukrainians, then that some of them began to earn money on this, it is not surprising, the Syrians are also doing this, and even go on vacation through the Saudis
  11. Opozdavshiy Offline Opozdavshiy
    Opozdavshiy (Sergei) 15 July 2022 22: 14
    Colleagues, Ukrainians for visa-free demolished their statehood in 2014 on the Maidan. Now they have received this very visa-free regime with the help of Russia. What does not just visa-free, but also with benefits, etc. I note that no one in Europe (except, it seems, Poland with its strawberries) no longer talks about the fact that you need to work to stay there.
    This is clear. 7.5 million Ukrainians are not three million migrants from Africa and the Middle East.
    In general, all the way.
    It is only interesting where and how these "refugees" will return? After all, the Americans are taking all of their people out of Ukraine.