Why Donbass militia had no chance against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2014

The special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine has been going on for the fourth consecutive month. Heavy positional battles are going on in the Donbass. The Russian army and the People's Militia of the DPR and LPR have to gnaw through the layered defense, built by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2014, step by step. After the cleansing of Avdiivka, the road to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will open, and after Severodonetsk, to Lisichansk. Both sides of the conflict are suffering losses, the infrastructure of cities is being destroyed. It's a shame that 8 years ago everything could have gone according to a completely different scenario.

"Trigger of War"

One of the main symbols of the "Russian Spring" of 2014, after renamed the "Crimean Spring", and the popular idea of ​​"Greater Novorossiya", is undoubtedly Igor Strelkov (Girkin). This ambiguous and extraordinary person subsequently called himself the "trigger of the war", which began in the South-East of the former Nezalezhnaya after he entered the city of Slavyansk with a small group of volunteers.

Because of his harsh remarks about President Putin and harsh criticism of the course of the special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, Strelkov is called as soon as now, but the indisputable fact remains that it was Igor Vsevolodovich who, starting from the spring of 2014, continuously called on the Kremlin to send troops to Ukraine, to solve the problem with little bloodshed while it is still possible. Today, after 8 years, the correctness of the judgments of this person, alas, has been 100% confirmed.

Could something have gone differently if the idea of ​​a total special operation or a limited entry of Russian troops into the territory of historical Novorossia then received support?

"Themselves, all by themselves"

Those who closely followed the events of 2014-2015 in the Donbass should remember how the idea that Russia should in no case interfere in affairs in Ukraine, because this will inevitably lead to the Third World Nuclear War, was actively dispersed in the domestic information space. war, our guys should not die for some kind of “lazy miners”, who themselves should get up from the couch, organize themselves, pick up rifles and machine guns, independently defeat the Ukrainian army and “volunteer battalions”, and then go to liberate Kyiv.

The key leitmotif then was: “yourself, all by yourself”, they say, finally get up from your sofas and get out of the mines, prove that you have the right to be called Russians too, and we will cheer for you remotely from our sofas. The fact that, first in Kyiv, and then in the Donbass, the future fate of Russia itself was decided, did not bother anyone. In this context, it will be very useful for our countless “guardians” to find out under what conditions the people’s militia of the DPR and LPR had to confront the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called volunteer battalions consisting of ideological Ukrainian Nazis in 2014.

Many reproach Strelkov for giving the order to leave Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, and at the same time ordered Alexei Mozgovoy to leave Lisichansk, which were then turned into the most powerful fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Russian troops will soon have to recapture these cities, demolishing them with large-caliber artillery. Regarding how the breakthrough from Slavyansk took place and what caused it, Igor Vsevolodovich gave a great interview military commissar Gennady Dubovoy, who himself was an eyewitness to many events in the Donbass.

According to Strelkov himself, the “Slavic brigade” was armed with 2 serviceable tanks and 1 faulty one, 3 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 1 armored personnel carrier and 3 Nona self-propelled mortars, of which 2 were operational. There were also 11 mortars and 57 mines of ammunition for all of them put together. There was one and a half ammunition for two tanks, with the Nonami it was better - two ammunition for each. There was only enough ammunition for small arms. Of the captured ATGMs stale in Ukrainian warehouses, every third or fourth actually worked. The garrison had enough food supplies for two weeks. All this was smeared with a thin layer on 1200 fighters of the “Slavic brigade”. The power is, frankly, not great. In addition to this, it was necessary to create a garrison in Kramatorsk, which grew to 500 people, in Konstantinovka - 130, in Druzhkovka - as many as 50 people! The modest stream of military assistance that Strelkov received in Slavyansk, he had to share with the fighters of Alexei Mozgovoy in Lisichansk.

The fact that the militia is not able to resist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in open battle was demonstrated by the defeat near Yampol, which Strelkov himself considers his main mistake. There he intended to create a full-fledged battalion and gradually saturate it with weapons in order to launch a counteroffensive from this bridgehead and liberate Krasny Liman and other neighboring settlements. There were indeed some hopes that this could work out, given the general low level of training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But the enemy used numerically many times superior forces, using artillery, MLRS, tanks and even aircraft. There were no chances to resist, the defeat of the militia was complete.

After that, all that was left was to cling to the cities, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves are doing today against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. However, the main problem of the scattered, poorly armed Donbass militia, which did not have a single command center, was that there was simply no one to release them in the besieged cities. According to Strelkov himself, the Ukrainian army would block the garrisons of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, creating a dense encirclement, and starve them out. Therefore, it was decided to break through from Slavyansk, a similar order was received by Mozgovoy in Lysichansk. A forced retreat began, the settlements had to be surrendered, since it was simply impossible to hold them.

If you call a spade a spade, the “north wind” that blew in time saved the DPR and LPR from the complete collapse, which did not allow the encirclement of the militia to be completed, cutting it off from the border with Russia, and itself drove the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the “cauldrons”, where they were overcooked. The Ukrainian army of the 2014-2015 model was uncompetitive with the Russian one from the word “absolutely”, but even in this form it would be guaranteed to smash any militia to smithereens. In order to fight on an equal footing with the regular army, you need to have trained personnel, weapons, supplies, communications, a unified command, and, ultimately, funding. This cannot come from nowhere, since only the state has a sufficient resource for the formation of combat-ready armed forces. This is a note to those of our "TV fans" who told the miners of Donbass how it was right for them to get up from the couch and go to war with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2014, the Russian army could pass through Ukraine like a hot knife through butter and enter Kyiv. But then we were afraid of either Western sanctions, or the Third World Nuclear War. Now for some reason we are not afraid of either one or the other. It was possible to begin to fully support the militia of the DPR and LPR, turning it into a really combat-ready force that would itself return its cities and go from Kharkov to Odessa, or even further. But instead, his hands were tied with the Minsk Agreements, and the most motivated field commanders, who dreamed of reaching Kyiv, died one by one at the hands of the DRG. Now in the Donbass, ordinary men have to be mobilized and sent to the front line to plug holes at the front, with little or no training at all.

And now it suddenly turned out that in the Donbas 8 years ago it was necessary to protect not even “lazy miners”, but Russia itself from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It turns out that Strelkov was right with his calls to the Kremlin to send troops to Ukraine in 2014?
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  1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 6 June 2022 16: 12
    Those who closely followed the events of 2014-2015 in Donbas

    Here the author is somewhat wrong. The topic "herself - herself" was heavily promoted until the end of 2016, and then it simply implied by itself. Who does not believe, can look at the archives of resources of the corresponding orientation of those years. You will see how much "righteous anger" aroused among jingoists the very assumption of the possibility of open participation of the RF Armed Forces in hostilities in Ukraine. Another question - did Russia need it then? The answer suggests itself - NO. Russia needed the Crimea ("Who owns the Crimea, he owns the Black Sea" (C)), and nothing more. This is what Vladimir Putin was talking about when he asked Donetsk and Luhansk not to hold referendums on independence. He perfectly understood what this would lead to, he understood that for the total defense of Perekop, the forces of an ordinary motorized rifle division were enough (whoever does not believe, let them read the Combat Charter of the Ground Forces), and getting a smut in the form of blazing several hundred kilometers of the new border is still a pleasure.
    The theme of the partisan movement deserves special consideration. Anyone who is even a little interested in the history of the partisan movement in the Great Patriotic War knows that in the initial period of the war, almost all spontaneous partisan detachments were successfully defeated by the German army. Only those detachments survived that were created in advance, had regular army commanders or intelligent NKVD officers as such, trained personnel and pre-created bases with stocks of weapons, uniforms, food. All this, up to a decimal point, was observed in 2014. in Donetsk and Lugansk. Only with the appearance of regular military "vacationers" in the armed formations of the LDNR, only with the advent of the "voentorg" did things begin to improve.
    The author is right that no matter what the discord in the state, no matter how miserable the army is, it will always cope with the spontaneous partisan movement, which, in fact, was the first paramilitary formations of the LDNR.
    And the fact that Russia missed the moment in 2014-2015 is confirmed even in personal conversations with the Russian military who participated in the NWO.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 6 June 2022 17: 28
    It turns out that Strelkov was right

    Strelkov is an ideological person! His ideology borders on the level of a saint. It is his belief in justice that helps him make the right decisions and predictions. He says what cooks and taxi drivers have long believed. His predictions come true by 80-90%. He was the only one who said that there would be no easy walk in Ukraine. Putin does not need such ideological ones. He removed Glazyev from "out of sight" further. Strelkov's latest forecast. The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin in the numbers from June 15 to June 30. Here we'll see.
    I also think and said about it that in 2014 Putin could take 70% of Ukraine, up to Transnistria. If it were not limited to the Crimea.

    however, even in this form, it would be guaranteed to smash any popular militia to smithereens.

    And with the unarmed, why not fight! Anyone who wants to know the truth about those events, I recommend listening to the Gordon-Girkin interview on YouTube. Three hours of revelations. Gordon sent this interview to The Hague as Strelkov's confession.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 June 2022 17: 54
    If you remember that Strelkov is not some kind of civilian volunteer enthusiast, but a regular FSB colonel who fought in Chechnya, then ...
    You can explain what happened as you like, for him, against him ...

    But according to the course of school education in the USSR, one remembers: imperialism must expand, period.
  4. Valery Potapov Offline Valery Potapov
    Valery Potapov (Valery Potapov) 6 June 2022 18: 00
    Thank you for a reasonable assessment of the hostilities in the Donbass in the year 14 ... Otherwise, it was painfully often that they began to commemorate decisive actions in the language of Kurginyan and his customers ... Strelkov is the beginning of our undoubted victory over Ukrainian Nazism ... Only suspiciously, for civilians, rights happens in ratings...
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 6 June 2022 18: 34
    There were chances and there were 7 boilers of Ukraine - Izvarinsky and Ilovaysky, Donetsk airport and Lugansk airport, Debaltsevsky, Amvrosievsky and Yelenovsky. And there was a huge desire to go to Kyiv, but some kind of rubbish ordered to stop 8 years ago. Well, finally name the name and surname of this rubbish.
  6. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 6 June 2022 18: 49
    Soldiers of the National Guard killed the sadists from the Kraken, who were shooting at the knees of prisoners of war
  7. Balin Offline Balin
    Balin 6 June 2022 22: 51
    It turns out that Strelkov was right

    Strelkov is a small pawn, unable to think higher than a battalion, so it is pointless to argue whether he is right or wrong.
    Too many factors for couch "experts".
  8. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 7 June 2022 05: 34
    Here are those times. Strelkov! Yes, this is a man. Just a man. With its shortcomings and advantages.
    He is not a god. As well as any of us. And what they do not forgive him, those who do not forgive have plenty.

    He became a significant figure thanks to his personal act. Turning the course of history. Without him, maybe there would be no Motorola and Givi ... So Strelkov is the progenitor of all current events. Because I could not endure THEN, in 2014. Everything.

    Yes, it’s a pity that they didn’t crush UkroIgil in the bud. It was a mistake. But, perhaps, then NATO would have bombed all the cities up to the Urals. Until now .... What they are clearly afraid to do now.

    But now it’s already a no brainer that this war is not only with the UGIL. Which, like ISIS, was inspired by the Saxons. And with the Saxons themselves and the newly awakened flock of revived Nazi corpses, undead rising from their graves ...

    And with Germany, and guta-percha Bulgaria, and sadistic Norway-Sweden, and with swaggering Poland, dreaming of atrocities and ... even with Switzerland, again trying on the role of a fascist infirmary, a resort for wounded SS men ...
  9. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 7 June 2022 09: 22
    Quote: Balin
    Strelkov is a small pawn, unable to think higher than a battalion

    Of course, you, the marshal of the cavalry sofa-armored troops of a strategic purpose, know better. I wonder where such a wild disrespect for the battalion commander, the commander of the main combat unit in modern warfare, comes from?
  10. For Don and Fatherland (Vladimir) 7 June 2022 10: 50
    But the Russian Federation in 2014 would not need to storm the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, and because of the Banderaites who have dug in in the government of the Russian Federation, who need to be tried for treason and put on bunk beds, the Russian Federation today is deprived of the opportunity to quickly defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  11. Vlad Petrov Offline Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov (Vladimir) 7 June 2022 11: 30
    On September 30, 2015, Russia launched a military operation in Syria, and for five years in the desert, the Russian Armed Forces proved to all Pindos that they are just Pindos. For five years, the Armed Forces of Russia and the country of Russia forged strength and confidence, and shut up the pi-ndos lost their show-offs. It is now that the pi-dos are sneakily throwing in the weapons of mercenaries and do not mess with "abrams" with "raptors" in dill. And what they did in Yugoslavia, in Libya, Iraq, they were not shy about it. So Putin is doing everything right.
  12. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 7 June 2022 14: 00
    Maybe then, in 2014, when Strelkov did not have enough volunteer soldiers and weapons, a new General Lebed was needed in those places?
  13. Lyubov Chikunova (Lyubov Zaleshchenko (Chikunova)) 7 June 2022 19: 17
    Once again I hear the opinion that Russia did not stand up for Donbass in 2014. They would immediately throw hats on the whole of Ukraine! Now over 10 sanctions have been imposed on Russia, but they have prepared for them, even if not 000%, but they have their own payment system, they are ahead of NATO and the United States in the field of weapons, contacts have been built with China and Asian countries, there are communications, albeit not in the right volume, for the transportation of hydrocarbons not only to Europe, the port was built in the Leningrad region, so as not to depend on the Baltic in the Baltic, and much more. Even the funds of the National Welfare Fund were partially saved. And in 100, our economy would definitely collapse under such pressure and there would be no victory.
    1. Awaz Offline Awaz
      Awaz (Walery) 7 June 2022 19: 28
      duck and the sanctions would be different, about the same level as for squeezing out the Crimea ... considering also the fact that most of Ukraine would voluntarily agree to cooperate with the Russian authorities, now everything would have been resolved little by little a long time ago and only this topic is still separately crazy move occasionally...